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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Hugh McWilliams abt 1738 Albemarle, VA? Mary Ann Taggart - McSharon [sharonmcwill AT]
    • James Taggart McWilliams 1 Jun 1762 Orange County, NC Martha Dickey Jameson
      • James McWilliams, Jr 12 Jul 1791 Henry, Franklin, VA Susannah Viers
        • David McWilliams 23 Nov 1828 Elizabethtown, Hardin, KY Millicent Jane Sorrell
          • Orlando Clinton McWilliams 20 Jan 1861 Colony, Knox, MO Catherine Ann Lingenfelter
            • Robert Elmer McWilliams 6 Sep 1898 Weld, CO Gertrude Ella Price B8693
  • John McWilliams b 1800 IL m Annie Ashworth - Ken Williams [kgw35 AT]
    • John Moses McWilliams b 1833 LA m Melinda Condra
      • Oliver Pinkney McWilliams b 1878 Giddings, TX m Evie Effie McKinney/Mooney 75189
  • James Preston McWilliams b 1814 TN/KY d 1894 m Eliza Jane McCoy - Michael McWilliams [mikel AT] M-5 76640 
    • Muscadore McWilliams b 1838 d 1915 MO m William Thomas Love - Linda Love [LindaLoveRN AT]
  • Miles b 1821 GA d 1891 Simpson Co., MS m Winnifred Ball - bell6496 [bell.jane44 AT]
    • Enoch Wiley b 1858 Simpson Co., MS d 1903 Jasper Co., MS m Ann Hosey
      • James Franklin b 1884 Jasper Co., MS d 1952 m Julia Victoria McIntosh 165059
  • John McWilliams b c1835 Bancran Glebe, Derry, Ireland m Rose Donnelley - johnmcwilliams [john.l.mcwilliamsiv AT]
    • Patrick McWilliams b c1855 Bancran Glebe, Derry, Ireland m Catherine Bradley N91328

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