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The Mater DNA Project may help your research by:

  • Eliminating or confirming relationships Focusing research on related families Directing research in a geographic area Directing research in a specific timeframe Establishing country or region of origin Confirming variant surnames are family Identifing pre-surname migration Strengthening weak paper trails Avoid pursuing false connections

The Mater Family Project is started to:

1. Compile all known families by earliest ancestor, including contact info for researchers of the line.  (See the Patriarch Page)

  • The purpose of this effort is to help families find their branches and work together to find their common heritage

2. Identify and compile the separate families through DNA Testing (See the DNA Recruitment Page)

  • Mater, Matter
  • Moter, Motter, Mötter
  • Mader
  • and others that may be related


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For more information on the relationship between DNA testing and traditional genealogy, visit World Families Network.


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