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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Daniel Malone b 1642/43 Westmeath, Ireland d 1688 Charles City, VA m Mary Harrison - Edna Malone Woodward [eddiemm AT]
    • Daniel Malone b Charles City, VA d 1712/13 m Susan
      • Nathaniel Malone b George Co., VA d 1732 Surry Co., VA m Mary Wynne
        • Daniel Malone b 1715 Dinwiddie Co., VA m Sarah Sullivan
          • Drury Malone b 1744 Lunenburg Co., VA m Cicily (Sisley) Johnston
            • Drury Malone Jr. b 1785 Halifax Co., VA d 1852-59 Santa Rosa Co., FL m Sarah Anna Collins/Allen
              • Daniel Malone b 1828-30 Santa Rosa Co., FL d 1895 Baldwin Co., AL m Elizabeth (Betty) Reeder
                • Earl Joseph Malone b 1905 Baldwin Co., AL d 1982 Salem, OR m Ruby Leon Archer 144854
  • Daniel Malone Sr. b c1725 VA m Elizabeth Staples - Timothy Ford Malone [tfordmalone AT]
    • John Malone b c1762 NC m Ann Blackwell
      • James Malone b 1797 NC m Polly Cook
        • Joseph Thomas Malone b c1830 AL m Mary Jane Sparks
          • Edgar Milford Malone b 1858 AL m Mary Eliza Fleming
            • Walter Franklin Malone b 15 Feb 1885 m Hattie Belle Lane
              • Fordie Walter Malone b 16 Mar 1919 AL 23396
  • John Malone, Senior b. abt 1754 Cork, Ireland m. unknownPaul Steven Malone [steveandalea AT]
    • ​James Malone, Senior b. abt 1776 Hampshire County, WV m. Christiana Hunter
      • ​Absalom M. Malone b. 7 Sep 1823 Gibson County, IN m. Permelia H. Williams
        • ​William Thomas Malone b. 30 Jun 1859 Poseyville, Posey County, IN m. Minnie Russell
          • ​Paul Edward Malone b. 21 Jul 1888 Poseyville, Posey County, IN m. Eva Pearl Wiggins B7218
  • Michael Malone bc1769 d1853 Ballycarrido, Co. Tipperary, Ireland - pmalone [pat_malone AT]
    • Mathew b. 1812 Ireland d. Jan 13, 1885 Ballycarrido, Newtown, Nenagh,Co. Tipperary, Ireland m. Mary Gleason
      • John b. 1848
        • William M. b 1859
          • Jeremiah b 1862,
            • Martin b 1863
              • John b. 1848 Ballycarrido, Co. Tipperary, Ireland d 1928 Ballycarrido, Co. Tipperary, Ireland m. Mary
                • Michael b 1903
        • William M. b 1858 Ballycarrido, Co. Tipperary, Ireland d 1945 San Francisco, CA USA m Mary Anne Ryan
          • William Matthew b. 1900 San Francisco, CA USA
            • Joseph Patrick b. 1902 San Francisco, CA USA
              • John Ambrose b. 1906 San Francisco, CA USA
        • Matthew b. 1898 Ballycarrido, Co. Tipperary, Ireland d 1979 Ballycarrido, Co. Tipperary, Ireland m. Bridget
          • William Matthew b. 1900 San Francisco, CA USA d. 1981 San Francisco, CA USA m Camille r. Robbins
            • Joseph Patrick b. 1902 San Francisco, CA USA d 1992 San Francisco, CA USA m. Inez Nicolette
              • John Ambrose b. 1906 San Francisco, CA USA  d. 1987 San Francisco, CA USA m Loretta O’Dea
  • Charles Malone, b. 1775 N.C., d. bet. 1850-1860 MS, m. Unknown -Arthur Malone [ rosart AT]
    • Henry Malone, b. 1807 N.C., d. ca. 1890 MS, m. Frances Unknown
      • Jasper Malone, b. 1839 Winston, MS, d. bet. 1870-1880 MS, m. Sarah Drury
        • William Bonney Malone, b. 1871 MS, d. 1940 Kilgore, Gregg, TX, m Mary Elizabeth Malloy
          • William Roy Malone, b. 1895 Neshoba, MS, d. 1963, Texas City, Galveston, TX, m. Annie Mae Alexander 103610
  • Peter Malone b c 1785 Claggarnaugh/Glenhest, Mayo, Ireland m. Mary O'Donnell  - Tom Malone [tmalone2 AT]
    • John Malone b c 1818 Claggarnagh West, Addergoole, Co. Mayo, Ire. m. Mary Gibbons 
      • Peter Malone Oct. 13 1854 Claggarnagh West, Addergoole, Co. Mayo, Ire. m. Elizabeth O'Dwyer
        • Thomas P. Malone June 9, 1886 Lowell, MA, USA m. Katherine M. Mylott 
          • Paul J. Malone Feb. 16, 1912 Lowell, MA, USA m. Rita M. Condon B3871
  • David Malone, b c1795 - dmalone570 [dave AT]
    • David B. Malone, b 1828/1829, Gibson Co. TN, m Mary Wadsworth
      • Willis David Malone, b 11 Feb 1860,  Perry Co MO, m Cora Weeks
        • Willis David Malone, b. 1 Mar 1895, Labette Co KS, m Ruby Porter M-9 70681
  • Samuel Malone b 1808 OH m Lowretta Hamlen - Alanna Malone [agmalone AT]
    • Alford Loe Malone b 1855 IL m Grace Boyd
      • Louis Malone b 1884 IL m Grace Paulson
        • Robert Louis Malone b 1915 CA m Valerie Read 214488
  • Adolphus S. Malone b: 1815  (or 1825 conflicting dates) in either Va or MS -d: 1920 in Trinidad, Las Animas Co., Col - jrhatshepsut [jrhatshepsut AT]
  • Leonard Malone, b c1818 Hardeman Co, TN  d. c1860  m  Mary "Molly' Shinault - Malone Admin [MaloneAdmin AT]
    • Leonard Polk Malone, b c1844 Fayette Co, TN, d I Aug 1877 Hardeman Co, TN,  m Elizabeth V. Puckett
      • Oscar Edward Malone, b. 31 July 1865 LaGrange, Fayette Co, TN, d. 20 July 1941 North Little Rock, AR,  m  Lula Jane Dobbs
        • Leonard Polk Malone, b. 5 May 1914, Stigler, Haskell Co, Ok, d. 8 Mar 1973, Muskogee, OK  M-8 69804
  • Michael Malone b c 1820 Ireland d c 1855 New York, NY m. Margaret Castle - Carol Malone Walker - [gcamwalker AT]
    • John Malone
    • Elizabeth
    • Martin M Malone b New York, NY 1 Jul 1853 d. Ionia Michigan 30 Mar 1929 m. Harriet Eliza Wedge 19 Oct 1873
      • John George Malone b.Ionia Michigan 24 May 1874 d. Detroit Michigan 6 June 1939 m. Mary Cordelia Sherman 1 Oct 1902 2c Maynard J, Maurice Noble
        • Maynard J Malone b. Ionia Mchigan 27 July 1903 d. Detrot Michigan 2 Sept 1927 m. Lotte Vera Parsons 2 May 1925 311636
          • James Martin
        • Maurice Noble
      • Mary Ann
      • Bert Malone
  • Jesse Malone b. abt 1835 in GA d. abt 1900 in Ball, Rapides Parish, LA m. Elizabeth Malisa Bodie. - maloneb3108 [bryan_d_malone AT]
    • Noah Walter Malone b. 14 April 1873 in MS d. 5 Dec 1938 in Grant Parish, LA m. Amarintha Jane Gray.
      • Ellis Malone b. 13 Dec. 1899 in LA d. 13 Nov. 1998 in Pineville, Rapides Parish, LA m. Armer Roseane Boyt. 245328

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