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On this page, we will list all family lines by earliest known ancestor, along with contact information for the submitter or Line Leader.  We hope eventually that all families will be listed on this page and that at least one descendant from each line will participate in the DNA project.  Note, however, that participation in the DNA project is not required for a listing on this page.  Family lines which do have a participant in the DNA project are indicated by a M-# (or MX-# in the case of non-FTDNA results) inserted after the ancestor through whom they descend.


Please read and follow the instructions at the beginning of the linked page.  Especially note that this is not the place for a lot of detail or a lot of generations.  If you wish, additional information, within reason, and/or more generations can be submitted separately by e-mailing your co-administrators, in which case your Patriarch's name will be linked to another page containing such information as can be copied and pasted or to your web site should you have one.  Such links show the Patriarch's name in olive.


If you dispute the accuracy of a listed family line, please try to resolve your differences with the Line Leader.  If differences still remain, your co-administrators will determine, on a case by case basis, how these differences should be presented.


Listed below are the Patriarchs who have been submitted, organized first by the spelling variation of the surname and then alphabetically by the first name of the Patriarch.




·         {C}David P Major, b abt 1770, d bef 1850 Jessamine Co KY, m Sarah Masoner – Melanie Major Washburn [lala-1 AT]

o   Christopher Mason Major, b abt 1819 Jessamine Co KY, m Emily Carroll

§  {C}Joseph Christopher Major, b 6 May 1850 Jessamine Co KY, d 11 Dec 1924 Randolph Co MO, m Sarah Louisa Morris

·         {C}Arch Scott Major, b 27 Nov 1882 Howard Co MO, d 16 Dec 1956 MO, m Annie Maude Davis

o   Tony Brown Major, b 9 Jan 1918 Randolph Co MO, d 11 Apr 1989 Council Bluffs IA, m Ruth Engebretson

§  {C}Living

·         {C}Living  M-12


  • Edward Major, b England bef 1615, m Martha Butler - Herb Hendricks [Herb_316 AT]
    • William Major, b bef 1639, d 4 Oct 1716, m Eliz Mason
      • William Major, b bef 1667
        • John Major, b c1677 York Co VA, d c1737 Charles City, m Anne Ballard
          • James Major, b 1720, d 1789 RW wounds, m Mary Ballard
            • John Major, b 1740-50, m Rebecca Chandler M-1
              • Epps Major, b 1772 VA, m Susanna Teague
              • Sarah Major, b 1773 VA, m David Hendricks Sr
              • John Perry Major, b 1775 VA, m Mary Marshall
              • Kitura Major, b 1776 VA, m Joseph Nimmons
              • Nancy Major, b 1778 VA, m Henry Hendricks Sr
              • Mary Chandler Major, b 1788 NC, m Waymon Holland
              • Barnett and Joseph died young Family Tradition
              • Female? <10 years old in 1810 Census of Newberry Dist., SC


  • George Major, bap(?) 14 Mar 1773 Swindon, England(?), m. Mary - Louise Hassell [LSHassell AT]
    • George Major, b c1814 Bristol, England, m. Sarah Lye
    • Lucy Major, b 1817 Frome, England
    • Charles Major, b 11 Sep 1819 Swindon, England, m1 Elizabeth Bendry, m2 Ann Thomas
      • Elizabeth Major, b 17 Dec 1846 England
      • Charles Major, b 17 Dec 1847 Swindon, England, m1 Mary E., m2 Emma
      • Mary Major, b 25 May 1849 Sault Ste. Marie, MI
      • Baby boy Major b c1851 Sault Ste. Marie, MI
      • George William Major, b 4 May 1854 Sault Ste. Marie, MI, m Grace Augusta Burnham
        • Charles A. Major, b Aug-Sep 1890 Helena, MT
        • Glenn Burnham Major, b 18 Mar 1896 Helena, MT, m Helen Louise Willis
      • Edmund Major, b 20 Oct 1855 Baraga side of L'Anse, MI
      • Lucy A. Major, b 11 Aug 1857 L'Anse, MI
      • John Franklin Major, b 10 Oct 1859 L'Anse, MI, m1 Emma Harris, m2 Ida Haller
        • Edward Frank Major, b 15 Nov 1890 Houghton, MI, m Alice Lowney
        • Edith H. Major, b before 1892, m Fremont Garrett
      • Joseph Harvey Major, b 7 Oct 1861 Hancock, MI
      • Ruth Major, b 30 or 31 Oct 1863 Houghton, MI, m Joseph Rashleigh
        • Charles John Rashleigh, b 5 Apr 1892 Houghton, MI
      • Harry Grant Major, b 18 Oct 1865 Houghton, MI, m Emma Reis
        • Ruth Elizabeth Major, b 1896
        • Harry Reis Major, b 6 Jan 1899, m Angeline M. Suino
      • Ella Major, b 13 Nov 1867 Houghton, MI, m1 William H. Rinehart, m2 Frank Getchell
        • R. M. "Bert" Getchell
        • Alice Winifred Getchell, b 17 Aug 1892 Chassell, MI
        • Marion Getchell
      • Baby boy Major, b 31 Oct 1869 Houghton, MI
      • Amy Major, b 15 Aug 1871 Houghton, MI, m Dr. Edward B. Nelson
      • Arthur Major, b 24 Jan 1874 Houghton, MI
      • Eugene Major, b 17 Oct 1876 Atlantic Mine, MI
      • James 'Jamie' Thomas Major, b 23 Jan 1880 Houghton, MI
    • Edmund Major, chr 1 Sep 1822 Swindon, England
    • John Major, b c1826 England


  • Henry Major, b c1735(?), m Mary Darville - [ernestine.hopkins AT]
    • Michael Henry Major, b 1768 Long Island Bahamas, d 1836, m Lilliah Paten
      • Mary Newton Major, b 1804
      • Rebecca Green Major, b 12 Nov 1809 Long Island Bahamas
      • Catherine Jane Major, b 1813 Long Island Bahamas
      • James Rigby Major, b 13 Jan 1816 Long Island Bahamas
      • John Rose Major, b 1818
      • Charlotte Major, b 11 Apr 1818 Long Island Bahamas
      • Richard Say Major, b 26 Dec 1819 Long Island Bahamas, d 1892, m Harriet Eliza McLeod M-7


  • Istvan (Stephen) Major, b 1849 Szepsi, Abauj-Torna, Hungary (now Moldava nod Bodvou, Slovakia), d 16 Sep 1916 Szepsi – Gene Major [grmajor AT]
    • Istvan Major
    • Jozef Major
    • Jeno (Eugene) Major, b 11 Apr 1895 Szepsi, d 3 Dec 1952 Stamford CT
      • Eugene Major Jr, b 20 Jan 1921 Stamford CT, d 28 Aug 1994 South Dennis MA
        • M-22


  • James Major, m Mary Ballard – Susan Norris [moonlightsusan AT]
    • Bernard Major Sr
      • Bernard Major Jr (sometimes III), b 1769, d 1826 Charles City Co VA.  Per his will, he was the father of William Major West, born out of wedlock to Sarah West (b 1775, d 23 Sep 1831), who herself was also descended from James Major through his daughter (her mother), Joice Major, d 1779, m Stephen West.  Bernard Jr and Sarah were thus first cousins.
        • William Major West, b 25 Dec 1806, d 1866, m Lucy Caroline Warren
          • Samuel Edwin West, b 20 Jul 1838 Surrey Co VA, d 15 Dec 1879, m Oceana Winifred Gwaltney
            • James Thomas West, b 7 Nov 1867, d 8 Oct 1956, m Margaret Elizabeth Amna Jones
              • Thomas Wylie West, b 30 Sep 1924, d 8 Jun 2000, m Mildred Lucille Griffin
                • M-24


  • Thomas Major, b c 1707 Londonderry IRE, d 1789 Guilford Co NC, m Margaret McLean
    • Robert Major, b c1740 Montgomery Co PA, d 1820 Montgomery Co OH, m Rebecca Todd - Kris Codling [kmc429 AT]
      • William Major, b 28 Jul 1790, d 15 Jan 1853 Adam Co OH, m Rachel Watkins
        • Daniel W Major, b 28 Dec 1816 Montgomery Co OH, d 22 Nov 1904 Newton Co MO, m Margaret Brittaen
          • Jesse S Major, b 2 Nov 1842 Adams Co IN, d 21 Mar 1907 Newton Co MO, m Julia Ann Wagoner
    • Thomas Majors, b c1745 Montgomery Co PA, d 1807 Blount Co TN, m Ann - [homebody88 AT]
      • Robert Majors, b c1764 NC or PA, d aft 1833 KY, m Milly (possibly Rogers)
        • Thomas Majors, b 1794 VA, d c1860 KY, m Mary Polly Keltner
          • Elza Majors, b 1826 KY, d c1904 NE, m Elizabeth Patterson
            • Elmer Majors, b 1873 IL, d 1949 NE, m Alice McMahon
      • Samuel Majors (b. 1765, d. Feb 1801, Blount Co TN, m. Mary "Polly" (possibly Rogers)
      • James Majors (b. 1766, d. c1805, Blount Co TN)
      • Margret Majors (b. c1774, m. Jacob Willis, d. c1810, Blount Co TN)
      • Mary Majors  (b. 1779, m. James Maxwell, 1802, Blount Co TN)
      • Rebecca Majors (b. 1780, Wythe Co VA, m. Esom Franklin 1797 Blount Co TN, d. c1801)
      • Jenney Majors (b. 1784, m. Thomas Lake 1800 Blount Co TN)
      • Abner Majors
      • Joel Majors



  • Aaron Majors, b Jun 1796 Pendleton Dist SC, d 2 Dec 1869 Wilcox Co AL, m Catherine Minser - Gary Majors [GAMajorsOD AT]
    • Divcey Majors, 1825-1861, b in KY
    • Thomas Wiate Majors, 1826-1859
    • Sarah Ann Majors, 1832-1896
    • Elizabeth Majors, 1834-1889
    • Mary Jane Majors, 1834-1871
    • Edward Majors, 1836-?
    • Aaron Majors, 1838-?
    • Benjamin J Majors, 1840-1916, b Dallas Co AL M-5 M-10


  • Benjamin Majors, b 1761, d 1835 - Shane Majors [shanemichaelphoto AT]
    • Jonathan Majors, b 1793, d 1863, m Mary Marilda Mathews
      • John Majors, b 1816, d bef 1880, m Serena Matilda Cook
        • Daniel M Majors, b 1836, d 1918, m Susan Ann Frances Majors
          • Henry S Majors, b 1875, d 1933, m Eva ?
            • Joseph Reese Majors, b 1904, d 1971, m Helen Ward
              • Alfred Lee Majors, b 1933, d 1999, m Sybeal Stafford
                • Michael Obadiah Majors
                  • Shane Michael Majors M-8


  • Berry Majors, b 2 Feb 1802 VA, d 11 Apr 1883 Franklin Co TX, m Martha Branham - Cindy Stamps [cstamps AT]
    • (Daughter), b 1827 TN, d bef 1840 Marion Co TN
    • Mary (Polly) Majors, b 1828 TN, d c1864 TX, m Samuel C. Cowan
    • Nelson Majors, b 1830 TN, d 14 Dec 1862 (CSA soldier), m Rebecca Caroline Holbert
    • Riley Majors, b 1833 TN, d aft Dec 1892, m Nancy Caroline Brumley
    • Ephraim Majors, b Jan 1835 TN, d 1908 TX, m Amanda C Satterfield
    • John Alexander Majors, b 1837 TN, m Mary Elizabeth Hill
    • William Majors, b 1839 TN, d bef Aug 1879
    • Pleasant Calvin Majors, b Feb 1842 TN, d 24 Nov 1904 TX, m Permelia Nichols
    • James H Majors, b 11 Apr 1844, d 23 Dec 1909 TX, m Mary Elizabeth Hill Majors
    • Elizabeth Majors, b Mar 1847 TN, d aft May 1910, m William P Carson
    • Sarah J Majors, b 1849 TN, d bef June 1900 TX, m John M Candish
    • Andrew J Majors, b 21 Nov 1851, d 22 Apr 1936 TX, m1 Mollie Lenora Smith, m2 Genie Morris, m3 Leta Musck Blassingame


  • John Samuel Majors b 1716 Scotland, d 1810 Stokes Co NC, m Rebecca Pollard - Laura Majors [LKMAJORS AT]
    • Susanna Majors
    • John Samuel Majors Jr., b 22 Apr 1759 Baltimore Co MD, d 22 Dec 1844 Clay Co MO, m Nancy Wright
    • Robert (Howell?) Majors, b 14 Mar 1761 Dorcester Co MD, d 29 Aug 1829 Bedford Co TN, m Hulda Ladd M-4
    • Alexander Wilson Majors, b 16 May 1766 Surry Co NC, d 27 Jul 1846 Simpson Co KY, m Katherine
    • Benjamin Pollard Majors, b 1775 NC, d 1840 NC, m Elizabeth Newton


  •  Osborn (Ausborne) Majors, b c1810 TN, m Nancy(?)
    • Addison W Majors, b c1829 MS, m1 Sarah, m2 Martha Phelps – David Majors [dave.majors AT]
      • D Majors, b c1850 MS
      • Robert Majors, b c1852 MS
      • M L Majors, b c1854 MS
      • L Majors, b c1856 MS
      • Cornelius Hawkins Majors, b 1866, d 1932  M-25
    • Mary Elizabeth Majors, b c1835 MS, m James Bennett
    • Martha Majors, b 1836 MS, m Alford Boren
    • William H Majors, b c1839 MS, m Elizabeth Murphy
      • William Hawkins Majors, b 1863 MS, m Helon P Murphy
        • Coleman Ezra Majors, b 1888 MS, m Jessie Gilmore
          • Marcel Majors
        • William Perry Majors, b c 1898
        • Cora Majors
        • Marion Dee Majors, b c1900 MS, m Josie V Gilmore
        • William Artemus (Teemie) Majors, b c1902 MS, m Elsie Mae Tubbs
    • Burl Broome Magers, b 1840 MS, m Elmina Ruininey Sullivan - Phillis Magers [pmpmorgan AT]
      • Austin L Magers, b 1861 MS
      • William Auskie Magers, b 1864 MS, m Martha Neomi Maxwell
        • Milford Magers MX-1
      • Lawson Eldridge Magers, b 1866 MS, m Annie Merchant
      • Elgin Rosson Magers, b 1869 MS, m Rosie Lytal
      • Doctor Perry Magers, b 1870 MS, m Lula Delma Maxwell
      • Robert M Magers, b 1871 MS, m Effie Mahon
      • Olivia C Magers, b 1874 MS
      • J W Magers, b 1877 MS
      • Leton Magers, b 1879 MS
      • Eugene Magers, b 1879 MS
      • Lonie Magers, b 1883 MS
    • John Arthur Majors, b 1843 MS, m Malissa Jane Crouch
      • Dock Majors
    • Ezekial Majors, b 1848 MS


  • Peter Majors, d bef Mar 1750/1751, Baltimore Co MD, m Mary Slider - Robert Strong [ackstrongs AT]
    • Esther Majors, b 3 Apr 1729, Baltimore Co MD, m William Organ
    • Peter Majors II, b 5 Feb 1731/1732, Baltimore Co MD, m Ann M-2, M-26
    • Rachel Majors, b 29 October 1735, Baltimore Co MD
    • Elias Majors, b 1739 Baltimore Co MD, d 1820 Frederick Co MD, m Diane Bosley
    • Thomas Majors, b 1732-1744, Baltimore Co MD, d Aug 1832 Rhea Co TN, m1 Jemima Fuller, m2 Sarah Fuller 
      • Margaret Majors, b c1761, d 5 Apr 1826 Union Co IN, m Richard Haynes
      • Thomas Majors (possibly), b 12 Mar 1764 Halifax Co VA, d Apr 1857 Madison Co KY, m Rebecca
      • Abner Majors, b c1770, d aft 1840 prob Rhea Co TN, m Rachel Roddye
      • Absalom Majors, b c1770 VA, d aft 1850 prob Cass Co M
      • Peter J Majors, b c1772 NC, d 23 Nov 1844 Rhea Co TN, m Mary Wright M-3, M-11, M-19
      • Mary Majors, b c1774, m Jeremiah Riddle
      • John Majors, b c 1776, d c1809 Grainger Co TN, m Keziah Duncan
      • Elias Majors, b c1780 prob Washington Co NC/TN, m Margaret Floyd
      • Nancy Majors, b c1783, d c1827 Giles Co TN, m Asa McGee
      • William Majors, b c1785, d 1849 White Co IL, m Rachel McGee M-15
      • Dicey Majors,b c1787, m James Doherty
      • Isaac Majors, b c1790, m Mary


·  Pleasant Philip Walker Majors, b 1 Nov 1824 Weakley Co TN, d 27 May 1907 Stoddard Co MO

Samuel Parmore Majors, b May 1859 Stoddard Co MO, d bef 1919 Stoddard Co MO – Debbie Taff [debtaff AT]

Claudius Edwin Majors, b 10 Mar 1893 Stoddard Co MO, d 2 Oct 1969 Johnson Co TX M-14

James Thomas Majors, b 15 Jan 1864 Stoddard Co MO, d 9 Apr 1949 Orange Co CA -- Christine Majors [majorsster AT]

John Plesant Majors, b 14 Sep 1886 Stoddard Co MO, d 26 Jan 1940 Cumberland Co ME

}Joseph James Majors, b 1919 Cumberland Co ME, d 2010  M-16


  • William Riley Majors, b 23 Jul 1818 AL, d 6 Jan 1881 Cowley Co KS, m Martha Icophena Farmer - Randy Majors [randy_majors AT]
    • William Andrew Majors, b 12 Jan 1854 IL, d 23 Sep 1940 Montezuma Co CO, m Emmaline Louisa Black
      • Perry Lemuel Majors, b 13 Jan 1880 Cowley Co KS, d 6 Apr 1930 Montezuma Co CO, m Pearley Lenore Stinson
        • Perry Glenn Majors, b 25 Nov 1907 Montezuma Co CO, d 19 Mar 1945 Montezuma Co CO, m Mildred Ione Carter M-6
  • John Major, b 1802 Banbridge, Co Down, Ireland; d 1882 Wayne Co OH -Randy [randymajors AT]
    • David Major, b 1828 Banbridge, Co Down, Ireland; d 1897 Gosper Co NE
      • James Andrew Major, b 1867 Jefferson Co IA; d 1938 Keith Co NE
        • Leslie James Major, b 1893 Gosper Co NE; d 1968 450579
  • Oscar Benjamin Major,  b. 20 July 1875 (pos 1873), Anderson County, SC?, d. 19 November 1909, Greenville County, SC, m. Emma Caroline Kellet -Keith Major [keith.m.major At]
    • Frank Benjamin Major, b. 27 July 1906, Greenville County, SC, d. 17 November 1951, Aiken, SC, m. Ollie Mae Kellet B172552




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