On this page, we will list all family lines by earliest known ancestor, along with contact information for the submitter or Line Leader.  We hope eventually that all families will be listed on this page and that at least one descendant from each line will participate in the DNA project.  Note, however, that participation in the DNA project is not required for a listing on this page.  Family lines which do have a participant in the DNA project are indicated by a M-# (or MX-# in the case of non-FTDNA results) inserted after the ancestor through whom they descend.

If you wish your earliest known ancestor to be listed on this page, please follow this link: Major Family Pedigrees.

Please read and follow the instructions at the beginning of the linked page.  Especially note that this is not the place for a lot of detail or a lot of generations.  If you wish, additional information or detail, you may do so, but an abridged pedigree will be posted to the Patriarchs Page and a link will be provided to your posting for those interested in the additional information.  Also, a link to your genealogy website can be provided.  Such links show the Patriarch's name in olive.

If you dispute the accuracy of a listed family line, please try to resolve your differences with the Line Leader.  If differences still remain, your co-administrators will determine, on a case by case basis, how these differences should be presented.

Listed below are the Patriarchs who have been submitted, organized first by the spelling variation of the surname and then alphabetically by the first name of the Patriarch.