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Welcome to the Little Surname DNA Project

For all families with related spellings

Little, Liddle, Litle, Littel, Littell, Littles, Lytle, Lyttle, Klein



The Little DNA Project was initiated in 2001 and has grown to include over 300 members. Our project is open to any male Little (of any spelling) or any man believing he may be descended through his paternal line from a Little male.  Because only men carry the Y-chromosome, women may participate primarily by funding or managing the kit for a male relative.  However, we are also now accepting FamilyFinder and mtDNA members of our Little family and posting their Little surname pedigree.

The Little DNA project now has family groups with British, Viking, Scottish, Irish, German, African, and Mediterranean roots. We have major haplogroups of E, G, I1, I2a and I2b, J, R1a, and R1b.

Across the top of this page you will find tabs for the DNA  y-Results, Little Pedigrees, Discussion, and a tab for placing an order.  The y-Results page currently displays up to 67 markers, grouped by Haplogroup and further subdivided into Lineages based on comparison of the marker values.  These data can be copied onto a spreadsheet if you wish to view it in different ways and draw your own comparisons.  Many members have now also tested 111 markers and these results are published to a FamilyTreeDNA public web page at  At that site, you may also see the SNP results of those members who have ordered Deep Clade or SNP tests. 

The Little Pedigree page is an important part of our project.  We strongly encourage you to submit your pedigree data for inclusion, review what is there, and contact members who may share a common ancestor with your line.  Please submit your pedigree or patriarch data with an email to Jane, David, Leake or Tom.   

  • There are many resources available to you to get the most out of your investment in DNA testing. has an excellent tutorial called DNA The Smart Way: .  FTDNA has a comprehensive FAQ where you can find information on any DNA topic.  The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG ) has information, tutorials, and forums for newbies and experts:  There are also numerous forums available for learning more about DNA, including many excellent forums here on the WorldFamiliesNet site.   

In addition to our Little Surname project, there are numerous DNA Projects, Surname Projects, and Scottish and Scot-Irish Ancestry sites that may be of interest and aid the family researcher.  

  • Our Littles of Haplogroup R1b Lineage I (our largest group) have found particular benefit in exploring the Scottish Clan Societies. Through the Clan Little Society North America and Clan Little Society New Zealand & Australia, members have discovered their family ties to Scot, Scot-Irish and Ulster-Scot immigrants. In addition, the Clan societies have extensive genealogy resources and family information to aid the researcher in completing his or her family ancestral tree. The clan societies are open to Littles of all spellings and/or descendants of Littles, and are welcoming to new members.  The Clan societies maintain a group sites on Facebook, accessible by searching for "clan little" in the search box.  Simply request membership and you will be in touch with Littles worldwide, in real-time.
  • L. David Roper’s Little/Klein/Cline/Kline subproject focuses on the descendants of Capt. Daniel Little and his German Klein ancestors.  Dave presents a wealth of DNA material on his site at  That line is represented on our site as R1b – Lineage III
  • The R-L21 and R-L513 projects have discovered a large core of Little/Lytle surnamed people with a paternal genetic signature that indicates a common ancestor back to the Scottish Borders region during the times of the Reivers or shortly before.  For more on this project, go to .  You can find more information on the Borders Reivers at
  • Various Y-Haplogroup Projects:   The project administrators for these projects are very knowledgeable and can help you determine what SNP testing would be appropriate for you. 
  • Scottish DNA Project:
  • Old Maps of England and Scotland (19th century and later), National Library of Scotland:,-2.8439; also see the Christopher Saxton 1576 map of Cumberland:


We welcome all Little's to participate in our project!




Click here to order a DNA test in the Little Surname DNA Project project.