By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
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Surnames believed to have originated with Everhard von Lieck include Lieck, Von Lieck, Vanderlick, Leckie and more.
Arms of Everhard von LieckArms of Everhard von Lieck
Descendants of Everhard von Lieck (14th century), son of Everhard von Heinsberg and Lyse von Rentwaden
Everhard von Lieck b c1340
Martin von Lieck zu Oberlieck b c1380
Dietrich I von Lieck zu Oberlieck b c1430
Dietrich II von Lieck zu Oberlieck und Muschenbroich b c1470
Daem II von Lieck zu Oberlieck b c1522
Daem III von Lieck zu Oberlieck b c1564
Wilhelmus van der Lieck b 1591
Adamus von der Lieck b c1625
Arnoldus von der Lieck b 1664
Christianus Lieck b 1704
Adamus ?Dominicus? Lieck b 1741
Gottfried August Lieck b 1804
Lieck families with DNA testing
Gottfried August Lieck b 1804 Dremmen, Prussia d 1885 San Antonio, TX m Sophia Augusta Hubertina Huppertz
?   Maria Sibilla Antonia Lieck b 1827 Prussia
?   Gottfried Karl Josef Lieck b 1829 Prussia
?   August Herman Lieck b 1830 d 1906 m Bertha Stapper
o    Augusta Lieck b 1857 TX
o    Theodore Lieck? b 1859 TX
o    Carl Lieck b 1860 TX
o    Julius August Lieck b 1862 d 1912 m Margaretha Strahalm
o    Sophia Lieck b 1864 TX
o    Robert Lieck b 1865 d 1898
o    Clara Lieck b 1868 d 1897
o    August Lieck b 1870 d 1896
o    Carlos Lieck b 1876 d 1944 m Dora Brotze
o    Adelheit R. Lieck b 1884 d 1977 m John R. Stapper
o    Alvina Lieck b 1902 d 1971 m Walter Palmer
?   Lambertus Eduardus Lieck b 1834 Prussia
?   Teresia Emilia Pauline Lieck b 1838 Prussia
?   Julius Augustus Lieck b 1840 Prussia 1922 Bexar Co., TX m Anna Brotze
o    Robert Lieck b 1875 d 1944 m Frieda Leichtmann
?  Vera Lieck b 1905
?  Lillie Lieck b 1909
?   Franziska Gertrud Lieck b 1842 Prussia
?   Karl Edmund August Lieck b 1845 Heinsberg, Prussia d 1907 San Antonio, TX m Catharine Friedricka Gembler
o    Eduard Fritz Lieck b 1875 d 1954 Bexar Co., TX
o    Rudolph Adolph Lieck b 1877 Martinez, TX 1962 San Antonio, TX m Evade Mansfield
?  Florence Lillian Lieck b 1902 San Antonio, TX d 1995 Fort Worth, TX m Edward Meckel
?  Tommie Betrice Lieck b 1905 Converse, TX d 1993 San Antonio, TX m Levy Arthur Jacoby
?  Ella Lieck b 1907 TX
?  Dorothy Lieck b 1908 TX
?  Marian "Aunt Mamie" Lieck b 1909 San Antonio, TX d 2001 Universal City, TX
?  Reuben Arthur "Ruby" Lieck b 1911 TX d 1988 Bay City, TX
?  David Leroy Lieck b 1921 Bexar Co., TX d 1989 Ballinger, TX m Evelyn Juanita Shaffer???
o    Anna Sophia Lieck b 1879 TX d 1932 San Antonio, TX m Alfred Voight
o    Albert Hubert Lieck b 1883 Guadalupe Co., TX d 1958 San Antonio, TX m Emma Bertha Pauline Schroeder S-1 DanSSwing [dansingleton AT]
?  Daughter Lieck? b 1907 d 1907
?  Edmund August Lieck b 1908 Castorville, TX 1973 d San Antonio, TX m Margurite Goewe
?  Melvin Edmund Lieck b 1933 San Antonio, TX d 1987 San Antonio, TX
?  James Edward Lieck b San Antonio, TX 1939 d 1994 Lubbock, TX
?  Irvin Harvey Lieck b 1944 San Antonio, TX d 1981 San Antonio, TX
?  Daughter Lieck b 1909 d1909
?  Elsa Johanna "Elsie" Lieck b 1910 San Antonio, TX d 2005 San Antonio, TX m Fredrick Anton "Fritz" Woller
o    Louis Emil Lieck b 1886 TX d 1962 San Antonio, TX m Augusta Schroeder
?  Adolph Arthur Lieck b 1909 TX d 1982 San Antonio, TX m Johnnie Mac Denson
?  Meta Lieck b 1916 Bexar Co., TX d 2007 m Clemence P. Schuh
?  Ora Louise Lieck b 1919 San Antonio, TX d 2000 McCoy, TX m Pierce Phillip Frerich
o    Alexander Felix Lieck b 1889 Guadalupe Co., TX d 1961 San Antonio, TX m T. Walters
o    Otto Julius Lieck b 1892 TX d 1977 San Antonio, TX m Emma Lou Griffin, Florence B. Mansfield
?  Robert Carl Lieck b 1914 TX d 2004 Dripping Springs, TX m Hedwig Anne Brandt
?  Geraldine Theresa Lieck 1940 - 1990??????
?   Karoline Auguste Lieck b 1847 Dremmen, Prussia d 1926 San Antonio, TX
?   Alexander Robert Lieck b 1850 Prussia
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.