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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Baltasar da Costa m Maria Caethana - Rosemary Pereira [gbbz4u AT]
    • Domingos Costa Leal m Maria Machado
      • Jose Manuel Costa Leal b 1 Jul 1805 Portugal m Justina da Costa
        • Jose Maria Costa Leal b 22 Jun 1839 Portugal d 2 Feb 1919 m Maria Ludovina da Eira
          • Manuel Joaquim Costa Leal b 4 Sep 1884 Pontido, Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Vila Real, Portugal m Isaura de Jesus Rodrigues 175416
  • Cruz Leal - enzonl [enzonl008 AT]
    • Cenon Leal Pardo, b in Ubague, Colombia
      • Eudoro Leal Gruevara, b 2 July 1886 Chuachi, Colombia
        • Eudoro Leal Garcia, b 27 June 1909  Bogotá, Colombia, d August 1996 Bogotá, Colombia
  • William Leal m Christine Crawford- bleal
    • John Leal b.1881 m Jessie Davidson
      • John Leal b. 20/04/1909 d. 12/12/81 m Beartrice McEnzie

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