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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Peter Klopfenstein b. 1703 m. Ann Lugbuhl  [marylouclegg at]
    • Jean Klopfenstein b. 8 Sep 1729 Niederville m. Anna Graber
      • ​Michael Klopfenstein b. 6 Oct1762 Rougemont, Belfort, France m. Elisabeth Stauffer
        • John Klopfenstein b. 10 Dec 1785 Belfort, France m. Catherine Linder
          • John Klopfenstein b. 17 Dec 1813 Florimont, Belfort, France m. Catherine Sommer
            • Joseph A. Klopfenstein b. 1 Dec 1838 Stark Co., H m. Verena Schlatter
              • John Henry Klopfenstein b. 3 Jun 1871 Adams Co. IN m. Susan Hochstettler
                • Weldon O. Klopfenstein b 19 Sep 1899 Putnam Co., OH m. Celina Amsutz Kit #99862

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