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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.


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   Families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project are indicated in red J-n. 
Patriarchs:  Jolly   Jolley   Jolli   Jollie Jolliff   Jolliffe
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Locations:             VA  MD  NY  CT  NJ  PA   NC  SC  TN  KY
                                  OH   IN   IL  MO  GA  MS  TX  KA  IA  NE  MN
                              Canada     England     France    Ireland   Scotland 
- Canada -   ( back )
Jolly      J-10   
- England -   ( back )
William Jolly          b c 1738   d 1817 Cornelly Cornwall England  m Jane Harris
{C}{C}{C}{C}· {C}{C}{C}{C}John Harris Jolly   b 1794 Kea Cornwall England   m Susanna Reed
{C}{C}{C}{C}o {C}{C}{C}{C}William Jolly      b 1834 Carharrack St. Day England  m Eliza Bond
{C}{C}{C}{C}§ {C}{C}{C}{C}John Jolly        b c 1862  ? Camborne England  d MI USA   J-9
- France -   ( back )
Jolley         J-13
- Scotland  ( back )

  • THOMAS’ JOLLY m ELIZABETH WILL 31 January 1829 in Edzell, Angus, Scotland - Thomas Jolly [tomjollyAT]
    • JOHN2 JOLLY3, b. 30 January 1830. Baptism: 30 January 1830, Ethel!, Angus, Scotland  
    • TFIOMAS JOLLY3, b. 1 June 1831 Baptism: 1 June 1831, Edzell, Angus, Scotland
    • ALEXANDER JOLLY, b. 22 March 1833. Baptism: 6 April 1833, Edzell, Angus, Scotland
    • JAMES JOLLY, b. 15 April 1835, County of Angus, Parish of Edzell, Angus d. 5 October 1928, Sarnia, Lambton, County, Ontario, Canada.
    • DAVID JOLLY, b. 1838.
    • ELIZABETH JOLLY, b. Abt. 1840~.  143227
 - VA -   ( back )
Joseph Jolly  r 1636  Chas. Riv. Co VA    - (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Nugent )
Thomas Jollie   b c 1617 England  r 1651 VA   m Margaret Skinner  - DNorman
· 7}John Jolliffe  b 1642  England  m Mary Rigglesworth
8}John    Jolliffe  b c  1665 Norfolk Co VA    m Susanna
9}Joseph Jolliffe   b 1663 Norfolk Co VA   m Ruth Bishop
10}William  Jolliffe   b c 1700 Norfolk Co VA   m Phoebe
11}James Jolliffe  b c 1735   m Hannah Springer
12}William Jolliffe  b 1761 Frederick Co VA  m Catherine Collins
13}John Jolliffe b 1768  m Eleanor Hoult
John Jolloff  b c1660  will 1717 Norfolk County VA  - jollyadmin
· 14}John Jolloff
Dudley Joll(e)y  b 1736 VA  d 1821 TN  Carpenter  Rev War  - jollyadmin
15}William J Jolly  b 1765 VA   m Nancy Wheeler
16}James Jolly  b 1800 Greene Co TN   m Mary Bragg
17}William Jolly  b 1820 TN
18}William Jolly  b 1802 Meigs Co TN   m Nancy Deatherage
19}James Wilson Jolly b 1824 Meigs Co TN  m Martha Rayborn
20}Dudley Jolly  b 1807 Greene Co TN
George Jolley b Ireland   - jollyadmin
21}Dudley A Jolley  b c1800 ? VA
- MD -   ( back )
James Jolley  img 1655 MD  r 1663 Old Somerset ? MD  m Elizabeth ?  -Skordas
22}William Jolly img 1655 MD
Edward Jolly img 1662 St. Marys Co MD  m Margret ?  -Skordas
George Jolly  img 1673  Talbot Co MD  m Isabella ?  -Skordas
Benja. Jolly Tax List 1783  Washington Co MD  m ?  - jollyadmin
James Jolly Tax List 1783  Washington Co MD  - jollyadmin
Alexander Jolly Tax List 1783  Washington Co MD  - jollyadmin
Thomas Jolly Tax List 1783  Washington Co MD  - jollyadmin
23}· {24} ? John, Thomas, Martha, William, David, Susannah, Elizabeth, Henry, Catherine
- NY -  ( back )
John J. Jolly   d  c1820 Fayette Seneca Co NY - kwh
25}·26}Isaac Jolley   b c1770  d 1839 Fayette NY   m Elizabeth Hagen/Hogen
27}· 28}William Jolley  b c1777  d 1863 Parkman Geauga Co OH  m Elizabeth
29}· 30}John Jolley  d Barrington Yates Co NY?
31}· 32}Philip Jolley   b c1773  d 1830 Fayette NY  m Margaret Nottingham
33}o 34}Charles Nottingham Jolley  b 1808 Seneca Co., NY  m Nancy Bishop? & Triphena Pulfrey
35} 36}Andrew Schott Jolley b 1835 Fayette NY  m Mary Jane Brown & Mary Janet Cook   J-8
Hugh Jolly   b <1748 Galway Scotland  cen1790 & d 1805 Albany Co NY  m Elenore  - kwh
37}· 38}James Jolly  b <1766 Galway Scotland  cen1790 Albany NY d >1805  Saratoga Co? NY   m  Ann?
39}· 40}Samuel Jolly  b c1764 Galway Scotland  d c1851 Coeymans Albany Co NY
41}· 42}Rev Hugh Jolly II  b c1771 Galway Scotland  d >1855 Coeymans Albany Co NY
43}o 44}Henry Jolly  b 1807 Albany Co NY  m Elizabeth Ten Eyck   m Ruth,
45}o 46}James W Jolly  b c1816 Albany Co NY  m Mary
47}o 48}Hugh B Jolly III  b 1811  d Wayne Co NY  m Elvira Pratt
49} 50}Theodore H Jolly  b Albany Co NY
51} 52}Augustus J Jolly  b NY  m Josephine
53} 54}Charles M Jolly  b Wayne Co NY
- CT -  ( back )
unknown (Martha) Jolly  cen1790  New Haven, CT - jollyadmin   
Elizah Jolly  cen1790  Harford, CT   - jollyadmin
- NJ -   ( back )
John Jolley b 1640 Scotland   r 1675 Monmouth NJ   m (a LENAPE Unami woman) - PWasheleski
· {55}James Jolley  b 1676 Monmouth NJ
· {56}Charles Jolley b 1677 Monmouth NJ  d 1728 Perth Amboy NJ  m Jane Leonard
John J. Jolly   b c1775 Amboy, Middlesex Co NJ  d Erie Co NY in 1812  m Deborah Tompkins  - kwh
o {57}John James Jolly   b 1811 NY  m Mary & Sarah - Richard E. Jolly
58}James Wilson Jolly  b 1852 Savannah, NY  m Rowenna Harrison
· {59}William Eugene Jolly  b 1879  Keeler, MI  m Mabel Helen Wescott  J-6
James Jolly   b Middlesex Co NJ  d 1831  m Mary Roler - jajolly
· William Jolly  b Middlesex Co NJ  d 1828  m Phoebe Sharp
o 60}John Disborough Jolly b 1824 Middlesex Co NJ  m Anne Ellingham
James Donaldson Jolly  b 1848 Middlesex Co NJ  m Elizabeth Henry
· 61}George Washington Jolly  b 1878 Middlesex Co NJ  m Winifred Moylan  J-5
Charles A. Jolley   b NJ  c1800  d c1885  m Alice Timberlake  - mattjolley
62}William Bartine Jolley  b OH  c1831  m Nancy Mounts  J-15
Charles Jolley, b. 1677, Middlesex Co., NJ, m. Jane Leonard - Daniel E. Jolley
 John W. Jolley, b. 1710, Middlesex Co., NJ, m. Jean Helton
  John W. Jolley, Jr., b. 1735, Middlesex Co., NJ, m. Elizabeth Bisset
   John Jolley, b. 1761,Middlesex Co., NJ, m. Hannah Titus
    Charles Jolley, b. 1796, PA, m. Mary ?
      Titus Jolley, b. 1827, PA, m. Rebecca Morris
       Francis Marion Jolley, b. 1851, Greene Co., PA, m. Rhoda Anne VanCleave
        Belford Ansel Jolley, b. 30 Jul 1881, Almena, Norton Co., KS, m. Iva LaClare Goff
         Carl Edgar Jolley, b. 3 Aug 1907, Logansport, Cass Co., IN, m. Mary Alice Fry Kit # 216154, J-19,

- OH -   ( back )
Daniel Jolly b 1796 PA  d 1860 Vinton Co. OH  m Mary Marple -cjj
63}Van Buren Jolly
64}David Jolly
65}George Jolly
66}Wiliam Jolly
67}John Jolly
68}James Ray Jolly
69}Robert Jolly
70}Levi Jolly
71}Allen Jolly
72}Daniel Jolly   
- PA -   ( back )
James Jolly 1688 or 1710  Ulster Ireland  or Devon. England  d1750 or 1793 Bucks Co PA  m Sarah Taylor
73}Samuel JOLLY  b 1710 in Middletown Bucks County, PA m Leticia Nelson  - Vaught
74}Nelson JOLLY  b 1741 Bucks County PA   m Mary Graham
Alexander Joll(e)y  b 1764? PA  cen1790  Fayette PA  d 1833 Brown Co. OH  m Sarah Kay (Key)
75}William Jolly b 1796 Mason Co KY  m Elizabeth Cuswell  - wjolly13
o Alexander Jolly b 1819 Brown Co OH  m Mary Jane Delay
76}Tipton Jolly b 1849 Jennings Co IN  m Lydia Jane Hulse
77}Walter Everett Jolly b 1881 Jennings Co IN  m Lillian Edna Wink  J-3
78}Thomas Jolly b 1785 Bedford Co PA  m Lucinda Gardner   - Tom Jolly
79}Samuel Jolly b 1808 Brown Co OH  m Cynthia Molot  m Anna McGuire
80}William P. Jolley b 1854 Ripley Co IN  m Anna Simmons
81}William Samuel Jolly b 1880  m Anna Armilda Lucas    J-4
James Jolly  b 1730 Nottingham, PA  d 1803 PA  m 1749  - jollyadmin
Peter Jolly  b 1735 Belse Alsace France  d 1786 PA  - jollyadmin
John Jolly  cen1790  Fayette PA  - jollyadmin
Charles Jolly  cen1790  Bucks, PA   - jollyadmin
Robert Jolly  cen1790  Bucks, PA   - jollyadmin
Hugh Jolly  cen1790  Dauphin, PA   - jollyadmin
John Jolly  cen1790  Dauphin, PA   - jollyadmin
John Jolly  cen1790  Luzerne, PA   - jollyadmin
Elisha Jolly  cen1790  Washington, PA - jollyadmin
James Jolly  cen1790  Washington, PA- jollyadmin
- NC –   ( back )
Jesse Jolley  b c1730  cen1790  Pitt NC   d c1817  m Martha Bryant   -RonaldJolley
82}· 83}Bryan Jolley  b c1769  Bethel Pitt NC
84}· 85}John Jolley  b c1761 NC  cen1790    d c1796 Bethel Pitt NC   m Louisa Bryan  
86}o 87}Henry Jolley  b1789 Pitt NC  d Pleasant Grove Utah  m Frances Manning  X-1
Joseph Jolley Sr  r 1762 Pitt County NC - jollyadmin
88}· 89}? Joseph Jolley Jr    Tax List 1755 Beaufort County NC - jollyadmin
Solomon Jolly cen1790  Beaufort, NC   - jollyadmin
James Jolly  cen1790  Cumberland, NC - jollyadmin
Jonathan Jolly  cen1790  Pitt, NC   - jollyadmin
Peter Jolly  cen1790  Pitt, NC  jollyadmin
Jalf Jolley  cen1790  Chatham, NC   - jollyadmin
John Jolley   cen1790  Chatham, NC  - jollyadmin
Charles Jolley  cen1790  Iredell, NC   - jollyadmin
William Jolley  cen1790  Iredell, NC - jollyadmin
James Jolley  cen1790  Nash, NC   - jollyadmin
- SC -    ( back )
Joseph Jolly   b 1718  d 1788 Union Co SC  m Mary ?  - grjolly
90}Joseph Jolly Jr b c1740 Union Co SC  m Mary  SC   - jollyadmin
· Benjamin Jolly b c1748 Union Co SC
91}John Jolly b c1750 Union Co SC  m Sarah Palmer
92}Benjamin Jolly  b 1773 Union SC  m Mary Ann Ritchey
93} Mary Jane Jolly b 1776 Union SC 
94}James Jolly Sr  b c1752 Union Co SC  - grjolly
· William Jolly  b 1741 Union Co SC  m Frances Herring
95}James Lewis Jolly  b 1765 Anderson Dist. SC  m Widow Johnson/ston
James Jolly  b 1798 Anderson Dist. SC   m Anne Worrell
96}James Jolly  Jr  b 1824 Anderson Dist. SC   m Mary Leis
o Robert Taylor Jolly  b 1847 KY  m Rachel Jane Jones
97}James Horatio Jolly  b 1875 Fleming Co KY m Elizabeth Jane Mers  J-11
Joseph Jolly  b 1745   d 1833 Anderson Co. SC  m Elizabeth SMITH   -RiddleS
98}Henry Levi JOLLY b c1760 VA  m Milly JONES
99}Henry Levi JOLLY, Jr. b Apr 1785  Old 96th Dist. SC  m Casandra DICKERSON  -RussJ
· 100}Robert Henry "Robin" JOLLY b c1808 Anderson Dist. SC  m Mary CAMPBELL
101}Joseph Lewis JOLLY, (Capt.) b 1837 Anderson Dist. SC d TX   m Margaret RICHEY
102}Joseph Thomas JOLLY b 4 May 1787  Old 96th Dist. SC  d 1861 GA
Joseph Jolly  b c1780  d 1849 AL
·103}James Robert Jolly  b c1814
104}Simeon Jolly  b 1843
105}Samuel Lee Jolly  b 1875  J-12
John Jonah Jolly     - rubyjj
106}John Bradley Jolly  b 1854  AL
107}Rufus Allender Jolly  b 1888  AL
Joseph Jolley  cen1790  Union Co SC   - jollyadmin
Willson Jolley  cen1790  Union Co SC  - jollyadmin
William Jolly  cen1790  Pendleton Co SC - jollyadmin
Daniel Jolly  cen1790  Charleston, SC   - jollyadmin
Mabury Jolly  cen1790  Charleston, SC   - jollyadmin
James Jolly  cen1790  Georgetown, SC  - jollyadmin
Archibald Jolly  cen1790  Georgetown, SC - jollyadmin
Joseph Jolly  cen1790  Georgetown, SC jollyadmin
- TN -   ( back )
Dudley Jolly  b c1770  d 1807 Smith Co TN  m Susanna Porter - JaneCJ4
· William D/H Jolly b 1803 Smith Co TN   m Matilda Watkins
108}William M/D Jolly b 1840  McOupin Co IL  m Mary Ann Palmer
109}Joseph H Jolly b 1880  McOupin Co IL  m Viola Lee Faulconer   J-1 
110}Henry Jolly b 1800 SC  d 1853  McOupin Co IL  m unknown  m  Miriam Haycraft - warren347
111}John Thomas Jolly b 1825 Grayson KY  m Abby Jane Anthis
112}Charles Wentworth Jolly b 1854 MacOupin IL  m Hettie Rhoads
113}Samuel Thomas Jolly b 1870 MacOupin IL  m Nettie Sophia Bass    J-2
Wiley J. Jolly  b1832 Montgomery Co TN  m Margret A. Mobley Mayeve
· 114}Peter B. Jolly b1875 Todd Co KY  m Rosebud Calvina   J-18
Please note that a pedigree does not include any death information, marriage details, or any details on the wife.   HOWEVER, a detail or death may be provided for the first generation, as usually little is known about him.    A Patriarch pedigree is intended to allow a researcher to quickly identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. 
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