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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Thomas Halbert: b. abt 1711 in VA; m. abt 1740 Lydia Dulin -David J. Holbert [djholbert AT]
    • Michael Jacob Halbert: b. abt 1741 in Fairfax Co., VA; m. abt 1777 Rosanna Buckley
      • William Buckley Holbert: b. 1780 in Loudoun Co., VA; m. 11 Mar 1809 Harrison Co., Virginia Jane Evans
        • Samuel Holbert: b. 31 Jan 1812 in Harrison Co., VA; m. 16 Sep 1835 in Harrison Co., Virginia Sarah Hedges King
          • William Buckley Holbert: b. 12 Jul 1836 in Harrison Co., VA; m. 23 Feb 1862 Margaret Nixon
            • Samuel Ray Holbert: b. 24 May 1863 in Marion Co., VA; m. 27 Aug 1891 in Taylor Co., West Virginia Zana Belle Jane
              • Carroll Nixon Holbert: b. 24 Apr 1903 in Fairmont, Marion, WV; m. 13 Oct 1923 in Cumberland, Maryland Helen Jolliff B236558
  • John Holbert b abt 1765 married 16 Jan 1792 Amherst County, VA Sarah Steel - Gene Douglas Holbert [Bob736 AT]
    • ​Joseph Holbert born 1790 Rutherford County, NC married 12 June 1812 Lucinda Ellison
      • ​Unknown Holbert married Lourana Jane Holbert born 1830
        • Shade H. Holbert, born 12 Feb 1874 Jefferson Co., TN m 1901 Delphia Alice Stephenson
          • ​Frank Orville Holbert, b 28 Sept 1907 Ellis Co., TX m Blance Bee Jaco 337678
  • John Halbert; bc 1770; VA; m Sarah Steel 1792, Amherst Ct, VA -- Vernon R Holbert [vrh1940 AT]
    • Benjamin Holbert; bc 1880 NC; m Charity Stover; d after 1870, Polk Cty, NC
      • John Holbert; bc 1825 NC; m unknown 1st, Maden Foster 2nd; d 1892 Pickens
        • Monterville G Holbert; bc 1850 NC; m Mary Richards; dc 1835, Pickens County, GA
          • Thadeous Pickett Holbert; b 1880 GA; m Minnie Tomberlin; d c 1946; Pickens CTY,
            • Aldon A Holbert; b 12/11/1906; m Esther Mealer; d 1971 Pickens CTY, GA  171210
  • Eleazer Hillebert b: 25 Mar 1782, Onandoga County, New York, USA m Elizabeth Eggleston - Kenneth Hillebert [ken251 AT]
    • Eleazer John Hillebert b: 19 Sep 1807, Genesee, Allegany, New York, USA m Laura Roxanne Comstock
      • Allen Luther Hillebert b: 15 Jun 1845, Marcellus, New York, USA m Mary Ella Churchman – 2nd
        • Frank “Francis” Hillebert b: 1 Mar 1887, Kansas, USA m Mabel Esther Ely 311811
  • Lourana Jane Holbert b 1830 NC or Jefferson Co., TN m unk 
    • ​Christopher Columbus Holbert b 29 Dec 1867 Jefferson Cty., TN m Ola Avlean Loflin Davis m2 Mollie Reneau - Joe Charles Holbert [Bob736 AT] 339301
    • Shade H. Holbert b 12 Feb 1874 Jefferson Co., TN m Alice Stephenson - Gene Douglas Holbert [Bob736 AT]
      • ​Frank Orville Holbert b 28 Sep 1907 Waxahachie, TX m Blanche Bee Jaco 337678

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