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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
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  • Charles Heard, b. 1691, Ulster, Northern Ireland; d. 1748, Albemarle Co. VA m Isabella ? 
    • Stephen Heard, b. c1715, Ulster, Northern Ireland; m. Mary Faulkner
      • John Heard, b. 1744, Albemarle Co. VA; m. Mary Meador
        • ​Jesse Heard b 1774 d 1835 VA m Margaret Hayes - Erich Heard [genealogy AT]
          • ​Jesse M Heard b 1801 d 1846 TN m Nancy Elliott
            • ​John Heard b 1824 d 1865 TN m Emily Frances Clement
              • ​Francis Marion Heard b 1863 d 1900 AK m Violet Mary Seamanes
                • ​George Elmer Heard b 1889 d 1949 AK m Grace Beulah Roberts 328800
        • James Heard, b. May 19, 1776, Henry Co. VA; m. Elizabeth Holloway - Frances Heard [francesfreeman7 AT]
          • Jessie Holloway Heard, b.11/26/1818, Greene Co., GA; m. Mary Susan Hewell
            • John Thomas Heard, b. 1/21/1845, Dry Creek, LA; m. Sarah Adeline Lindsey
              • James Addison Heard, b. 3/14/1870, Dry Creek, LA; m. Clora Frances Nolen 183418
  • Robert Hird b unk. m Agnes Clerk Kennoway, Fife, Scotland - Peter Herd [herd_peter AT]
    • Walter Herd b 1709 Kennoway Fife m Christian Millar?
      • David Hird b 1747 Kennoway, Fife m Jean Greave
        • Peter Herd b c 1781 Narkinch, Fife m Margaret Milne 1807
          • James Herd b 1828 Auchterderran, Fife m Agnes Wymess 1854
            • Walter Herd b 1874, Australia m Alice McDonald 1900
              • Ronald Clive Herd b 1918, Wallsend, Australia m Jennie Elsie Fraser 1942 336268
  • John Heard  b. c1738, Hartland, Devon, England - Nickheard [heardn AT]
    • John Heard b.1766 Hartland Devon, England d.1802 Sandford, Devon England
      • John Heard b.1798 Sandford, d.1879, East Village, Sandford, Devon ,England
        • James Heard b. 1829 Sandford, Devon England d.1897, Crediton, Devon, England
          • William Heard b.1854, East Village, Sandford,England, d.1925, Crediton , Devon,England
            • Walter Heard b.1887, Crediton, Devon, England.d.1957, Crediton, Devon, England 154915
  • George Heard/Herd b c1749 d c1839 - Jerry Herd [jerherd AT]
    • Jesse Herd b c1791 Hawkins Co., TN d 17 Sep 1855 m Amelia Walling
      • George W. Herd b c1818 Hawkins Co., TN d c1861 Red River Co., TX m Lucy Roller
        • James Lacy Heard b 6 Sep 1848 Hancock Co., TN d 10 Dec 1919 Jack Co., TX m Pearilee Hughes
          • Charlie B. Herd b 4 Apr 1896 Parker Co., TX d 19 Mary 1989 Jefferson Co., OK m Edna Loree Wood 195999
  • Charles Heard, d 1748 Albemarle VA, m 1695 Isabella - Nannette Serra [pilgrimchaser AT]
    • Charles Heard, b 1718  d Wilkes CO, GA, m Elizabeth
      • William Henry Heard, b 1751 GA, m Nancy McClendon
        • Charles Heard, b 1791, m Sarah Whitman
          • Samuel A. Heard, b 1823, m Sarah Elizabeth Steward
            • Martha Elizabeth Heard, b 1861, m Henry Edwin LeVert H-3 N19721
  • Samuel Herd, m Euphemia Johnston 8 May 1812, Markinch, Fife, Scotland - kathleen [katmas AT] H-5 N26452
    • Samuel Herd, b 1813, Markinch, Fife, m Christian Miller
    • John Herd, b 29 February 1822 Markinch, Fife
    • Alexander MacGregor Herd, b 10 October 1828, Fife, m Jean Donaldson
      • Samuel Herd, m Catherine Adams1858  in Markinch, Fife
        • Alec Herd, m Ellen "Nellie" Lockhead
          • Jane, b 5 February 1882
          • Alexander, b 22 October 1883 Edinburgh
          • Mary, b 31 August 1885
          • Helen, b 9 February 1888
        • David Wilson Herd, b 22 September 1877, Lasswade, Scotland, m Bessie Carrie Reynolds
        • James
        • John
        • Sam
    • David Herd, b 20 February 1831 Fife
  • William H. Heard b 1823 unknown (lived in Warren County, TN before moving to Alabama)-d. 1889 Wayne County,TN -Sherry Peters [chichi.1965 At]
    • James "Jim" Henry Heard b. 1847 Hancock (now Winston) County, AL-d. 1909 Wayne County, TN
      • Henry Walter Heard b. 1878 Wayne County, TN -d. 1909 Wayne County, TN
        • Walter Mervin Heard b. 1910 Wayne County, TN-d. 1992 Wayne County, TN 571876
  • Alsay/Alcee Heard, March 1863, Kentucky, Mary Capras - Clemonce Heard [cmh8166 AT]
    • Alcide Imogene Heard, August 26, 1886, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, Maude Madeline Wills
      • Clemonce Raymond Heard, December 27, 1919, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, Mary Ellen North 340493

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