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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.

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  • John Henkele, b c1455 Lenham, Kent, England, m Mrs. Margaret Henkele                  See WorldConnect Databases for more info.
    • John Hynckleye, b c1479 Lenham, Kent, England,
      • John Hynckleye, b c1512 Harrietsham, Kent, England,  m Mrs. Johane Hynckleye
        • Robert Hinckley, b c1537 Harrietsham, Kent, England, m Katherine Leese
          • Samuel Hinckley , Sr., b c25 May 1589 Kent, England, m1 Sarah Soule, m2 Bridget Bodfish  Samuel and his family arrived in America in 1635. =>
            • Thomas Hinckley, b 1618 Edgerton, England, m1 Mary Richards, m2 Mary Smith    Governor of Plymouth Colony.
              • Samuel Hinckley, b 14 Feb 1652/53 Barnstable, MA, m Sarah Jenney Pope
              • Thomas Hinckley , Jr., b 5 Dec 1654 Barnstable, MA
              • John Hinckley , Sr., b 9 Jun 1667 Barnstable, MA, m Thankful Trott
              • Ebenezer Hinckley, b 23 Sep 1673 Barnstable, MA, m Mary Stone
            • Samuel Hinckley, b 24 Jul 1642 Barnstable, MA, m Mary Goodspeed, m Mary Fitzrandolph
              • Benjamin Hinckley, b 6 Dec 1666 Barnstable, MA,  m Sarah Cobb
              • Joseph Hinckley, b 15 May 1672 Barnstable, MA,  m Mary Gorham
              • Isaac Hinckley, b 20 Aug 1674 Barnstable, MA, d 22 Aug 1762, m Elizabeth Gookin
              • Ebenezer Hinckley, b 2 Aug 1685 Barnstable, MA, m Thankful Miller
              • Thomas Hinckley, b 1 Jan 1688/89 Barnstable, MA, m Temperance Crocker
            • John Hinckley, b 24 May 1644 Barnstable, MA, m Bethia Lathrop
              • Samuel Hinckley , Sr, b 2 Feb 1670/71 Barnstable, MA, m Martha Lathrop
              • Jonathan Hinckley, b 15 Feb 1676/77 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, MA
              • Ichabod Hinckley, b 28 Aug 1680 Barnstable, MA, m Mary Goodspeed
              • Gershom Hinckley, b 2 Apr 1682 Barnstable, MA, m Mary Buell
              • Job Hinckley, b c1684 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, MA, m Sarah Lumbert

Hinckley         See   (LDS) and WorldConnect Databases for more info.

Hinckley  +  Hinkley      Contact: Dan Hinkley [danielhinkley "at"]         See WorldConnect Databases for more info.  database by Dan Hinkley

Hinckley  + Hinkley  + Hinkle


  • Smith P Hinckley b 1813 New York, m Fanny M Maples
    • Herbert Sidney Hinckley b 18 Jan 1851 Pike, Wyoming Co, NY, m Anna E Veash
      • Sidney Veitch Hinckley b 17 Apr 1883 Missouri, m Nettie ___ H-2

Hinkley          Contact: Paul Hinkley [hinkley "at"]       

John  Hinkley  b England, m Mary               

Hinkley          .....  

  • David Hinkley b 1848 Floyd County, VA, m  Mary Jane Lookado
    • John David Hinkley b 14 Sep 1877 Montgomery Co, VA, m Lula Ann King 
      • Johnie Lee Hinkley b 22 July 1902 Vicker, VA,  m Margaret Elizabeth Wood   H-8 
        • ...

Hinckley           Contact:  Linda Tate (lindatate0824 "at"                    

  • Samuel Hinckley  b  bef 25 May 1589 Tenterden, Kent, England, m Sarah Soule                              
    • John Hinckley b 24 May 1644 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, MA, m Bethia Lathrop
      • Samuel Hinckley b 2 Feb 1670/71 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, MA, m Martha Lathrop
        • John Hinckley b 28 Jul 1700 Stonington, New London Co, CT,  m Elizabeth Breed 
          • Gershom Breed Hinckley b 4 Sep 1730 North Stonington, New London Co, CT, m Catherine Wightman
            • Samuel Hinckley b 2 May 1770 Pittstown, Rensselaer County, NY,  m Mary Brown
              • Rodney Hinckley b 20 Aug 1798 Pittstown, Monroe County, NY,  m Jane Buys
                • Isaac Coleman Hinckley, b 9 May 1832 Paw Paw, Van Buren, MI,  m Henrietta Campbell

Hinckley  + Hinkley      Contact:  Jill Hinkley DeFelice (yankeesabroad "at" WorldConnect Databases for more info.  database by Dan Hinkley

Hinckley                 See WorldConnect Databases for more info.    Hinckley databases      database by David Weaver      database by Chris Hinckley

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