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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  •  Francis, rocf. Marsden M. M., Tracaden, England 1690 by Falls M. M. PA m Pleasant Pawlin Milnor - Bishop Hague [bfhague AT]
    • Francis b 11 Sep 1701 Bucks Co., PA m Jane Yeardley
      • John b 6 Nay 1734 Bucks Co., PA m Ann Schooley
        • Samuel b 1763 Loudon Co., VA m Hannah Bishop
          • Francis H. b c1796 Culpepper Co., VA m Harriett Cocke
            • Francis B. b c1838 Goochland Co., VA m Emily Stratton
              • Everitt S. b 19 Sep 1884 Powhatan Co., VA m Nettie Heath 205529
  • John George Haag b. ? German-speaking country, d. 1784, Berks Co, Pa, USA-Jerry L. Haag [haagj AT]
    • John Nicholas Haag, b. 1733, ? German speaking country, d. 1796, Berks Co, Pa
      • Johannes Haag, b. Berks Co, Pa, d. Berks Co, Pa
        • Daniel Haag, b. Berks Co, Pa, d. Berks Co, Pa
  • Lorenz Haag, b. about 1824, Baden Germany, spouse Maria C. -A E Haag [moirahaag At]
  • John Haag, b. 14 Sep 1852, Montgomery Co., PA, m. Mary Louisa Hartmann
    • John Samuel Haag, b. 20 Aug 1883, Phila,. PA, m Anna Eliza McCambridge B50820


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