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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.

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  • William Guynup(Guinup) b c1750, m Luranna
    • Thomas Guynup, b c1783, m Lucinda
    • Birchard Guinup, b c1784, m Maria
    • John Guynup, b c1786 in Williamstown, MA,
    • William Guynup, b c1803 in Beekmantown, NY, m Aurellia
      • Ebeneezer Guynup, b March 1830 in Beekmantown, NY, m Harriet Eastman
        • Leslie Guynup, b c1865 in Plattsburgh, NY, m Lillie
        • Henry W. Guynup, b June 30, 1866, in Plattsburgh, NY. M Bertha Cowen
          • Merle Guynup, b c1908
          • Henry Carl Guynup, b c1909, m Fannie Foster
          • Harry Guynup, b November 12, 1911, m Margaret Cannon
          • Paul R. Guynup, b c1914, m Catherine
        • Allen Guynup, b c1870, in Plattsburgh, NY
        • Herman Guynup, b October 7, 1880 in Plattsburgh, NY, m Nettie
          • John H. Guynup, b August 15. 1913
        • Orville Guynup, b January 6,1884 in Plattsburgh, NY, m Carrie Cherko
          • Orville Guynup, b July 8, 1908
          • Hector Guynup, b c1928
        • Miles Clay Guynup, b September 16, 1889 in Plattsburgh, NY, m Daisy Walker
          • Myles Clay Guynup, b May 23, 1914, Mechanicville, NY, m Florence Irene Houser
      • William Guynup, b c1834, Beekmantown, NY
      • Lorenzo D. Guynup, b October 1839, Beekmantown NY, m Phebe Ann Comstock 
    • Geoege Guynup, b c 1817, Beekmantown, NY, m Julia G-1



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