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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.

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Pedigree for Dean T. Glover (contact: whendyquin(at)

George Glover b 1775 SC md c 1801 Pendleton SC to Rebecca Bynum b c 1782(to Franklin Co TN about 1806; to Blount Co AL about 1822

        Isaac Glover b 1817 Franklin Co TN md 1839  AL to Dicy Ellis

Greenberry Glover b 1846 AL md 1865 AL to Eliza Jane Bynum  (to Ellis Co TX)

Charles W. Glover b 1873 TX md c 1894 TX  to Mary Adeline Bynum b 1876 AL

Homer Glover b 1895 TX md c 1920 AZ to Lucy Day McClanahan b 1897 TN    (to CA)

William Carter Glover b 1925 CA  md   Vera Medel

DT GLover b CA Haplogroup I2a


Pedigree for Melvin Odell Glover (contact: dwelch(AT)
Jessie J. Glover b ca 1815 SC d 1890 Aiken Co SC  m. Mary Mixon
Andrew F. Glover b 12 Jan 1858 GA d 2 Mar 1922 Aiken Co SC m. Mary Ann Durham
William Durham Glover b  1884 Aiken Co SC d  1928 Richmond Co GA m Julia L. Faulkner
Melvin Odell Glover Sr b 1918 Aiken Co SC d 1979 Lexington Co SC
Drew Glover  kit #31888

Pedigree for Joe Beal Glover (contact: jeskratovil (at)
Preston Hampton Glover b. ca. 1780 in SC, married Elizabeth
Augustus L. Glover b. 13 April 1823 in Gwinnett Co., GA, m. Evaline Bagley
Francis (Frank)  M. Glover, b. 6 March 1856 in GA, m. Odessa (Dessie) Sims
Sam. F. Glover b. 11 Jan. 1889 in Faulkner Co., AR, m.  Florence L. Montgomery
    Imogene Glover (sister of tester Joe B. Glover) m. A. Tom Swaim
        Judy Swaim (niece of tester Joe B. Glover ) m. Robert A. Kratovi
 Kit #155237
Pedigree for Harold Bruce Glover (contact: btglover(AT)
William Kent Glover b. 1792 Edgefield, SC, d. 1873 Augusta, GA. m. Susan McGill 1794
John Franklin Glover b. 1828 Augusta, GA d. 1877 Douglas, GA. m. Margaret Brown 1850
Joseph Hillary Glover b. 1852 Campbell Co, GA d. 1929 Gainesville, GA m. Octavia Burton
Joseph Emory Glover b. 1884 Jackson Co, GA d. 1937 Gainesville, GA m. Fannie Davis 1905
Harold Frank Glover b. 1910 Jackson Co, GA d. 1975 Millen, GA m. Allene M Martin
Harold Bruce Glover b. 1935 Gainesville, GA m. Sara Terhune 1961 Kit # 1070470
Pedigree for Timothy Glover
Drury Glover b 1825 SC md circa 1845 to Louisa
     William Jasper Glover b 1846 GA d. 1918 Elgin TX md Rebecca Caroline McDonald
         Joseph Monroe Glover b 1896 Robertson Co TX md Dollie Bishop
                Earl Ray Glover b 1930 TX md Mildred Alene Christensen Lloyd (2nd)
                        Timothy J. Glover    kit #188286
Pedigree for Walter Glover
William Glover + Mary Norwood
  William Glover b circa 1715 Surry Co VA  d 1782 Camden Dist SC+ Chatarine
     Isham Glover b circa 1748  NC + Elizabeth
       Frederick Glover b circa 1777 Camden Dist SC + Nancy Jones; md 1799 Warren Co GA
         Sterling Glover b 1813 Warren County GA + Sarah P
           Joseph D Glover  b 1833  Sumter Co GA + Margaret Jane
            John S Glover b 1867 Sumter Co GA + Lillie A Logan
              Joseph Earl Glover b 1893 Sumter Co GA + Blanche
               Walter G Glover
                kit # 204677
Pedigree for Robert Edward Glover (contact: dwelch(AT)
Samuel Glover b. ca 1741 d. before 1802 Edgefield Dist., SC m. Lydia Rountree
Job Glover b. ca 1779 SC d. about 1853 Sumter Co. GA m. Sarah Applewhite (2nd
John Bailey Glover b. 1839 d. 1926 Aiken Co. SC m. Barbara Elizabeth Westbrook
William Morgan Glover b 1873 d. 1951 Aiken Co. SC m. Sarah
Robert Edward Glover b. after 1900
Pedigree for Carl L. Glover  (contact: carl.glover(at)
Ransom Glover b NC 1767-1859 m.  Mary Barnett b 1777,  m 25 Nov. 1792
        Migrated from  Granville Co., NC to Giles Co., TN 1814, Lawrence Co., TN 1840
     William Glover b. NC  1797-1862/ 3rd wife Delilah Melton b 1825, m Mar. 1848
            Moved from Lawrence Co., TN to Stoddard Co., MO abt 1854 [
Francis C. Glover b. MO 1856-1922/ Margaret Thrower b 1864, m 1885
     Ira D. Glover b. MO 1886-1960/ Louisa Book b IL, 1886-1961, m 1904
Roy L. Glover b. MO 1905-1987/ Velda Brown b IL, 1906-1989, m 1926
Carl L. Glover b MO  1927    kit #40016
Pedigree for Charles O. Glover  (contact: charlie-o(at)
      Ransom Glover b NC 1767-1859 m.  Mary Barnett b 1777,  m 25 Nov. 1792
John Glover b. NC 1806  m. Caroline Lumpkins  to Stoddard Co., MO 1850s
William James Glover b. TN 1835 m. Mariah L. Glover Duffy
Charles T. Glover b. MO 1869 m. Altha Smith
Ural Glover b. MO 1900  m. Mamie Gordon
Charlie O. Glover kit #167821
Pedigree for Cynthia Glover  (contact:
Ransom Glover b NC 1768-1859 TN m.  Mary Barnett b 1777,  m 25 Nov. 1792
      Jesse B. Glover b 1805 NC d aft 1861TN;  mc Eliza Frances Lumpkins
         John G. Glover b 1829 TN d 1909 Pontotoc Co OK; md Martha Barnett
           John Marion Glover: b 1863, TX; d 1929 Pontotoc Co OK md Sarah Hulda Gates
             John Henry Glover b 1888 Wise Co TX d 1967 Stephens Co OK md Mary Ethel Ward
Henry Floyd Glover b 1925, Pontotoc Co OK; d 2008 Oklahoma CoOK md Ida Mae Conley
                     Cynthia Glover Henderson Family Finder kit #B7137
Pedigree for Ken Glover (contact:  gkenglover (at )
Thomas Glover SR d 1791 Nash Co NC
              Thomas Glover Jr b c1775 NC; d c1855 Cumberland Co NC;  m1 Unknown c1802; m2 1824 Sarah (Sally) Hair 1824;
                   Calvin Thomas Glover b 1829 Cumberland Co  NC; d 1911 Sampson Co NC; m1 1860 Sarah (Betsie) Moore ; m2 circa 1885 Emily Ryals
                           Calvin Onslow (Lonnie) Glover b 1888 Cumberland Co; d 1981 Harnett Co NC; m 1911 Ruberti (Bertie) Strickland
                                  Elbert E. Glover b 1915 Sampson Co NC; d 1988 Sampson Co NC; m 1938 Annie C. Winstead
                                   kit # 152625

Pedigree for Charles Glover (contact: cvglover at –  

Thomas Glover, Sr. (of Nash Co. NC) d 1791 Nash Co. NC

    Benjamin Glover b c1791 Nash Co. NC m Martha Finch c1815 NC d c1875 NC

        Yancy Glover b 1823 Nash co. NC m Temperance (Tempie) Baines 1851 Nash Co. NC d 1891 Nash Co NC

            George Glover b 1862 Nash Co. NC m Polly S. Boykin 1882 Wilson Co. NC d 1928 Wilson Co. NC

                  Loomis F. Glover b 1896 Wilson Co. NC m Pearl Liles c1923 d 1984 Wilson Co. NC

kit # 189056

Pedigree for William James Glover (contact: scarlett58(at)
      Samuel Glover b. c.1769, Lewes, Sussex Co., Del, d. 2 Apr 1850 Noble Co., Ohio, m. Margaret ?Dodd
     Levi Glover abt. 6 Feb 1807 PA, d. 18 Dec 1888 Ava, Noble, OH, m. Louisa F. Meighen
John George Glover b. 2  Mar 1848 Ava, Noble, OH, d. 30 Aug 1929 Nisland, Butte, SD, m. Maria Jane Lyons
William Raymond Glover b. 25 Oct 1877 Ringgold Co., IA, d. 10 Nov 1925 Rapid City, Pennington, SD ,m Carolina"Lena" Wilson
James Halvor Glover b. 1 Oct 1905 Vale, Butte, SD, d. 30 Mar 1975 Newell, Butte, SD, m. Elma Selina Sampila
Pedigree for James Scott Glover (contact: Kanawha(at)

John Glover (born abt 1736 in Ireland; died 1782 in Delaware)

          Nehemiah Glover Sr. (Born before 1770 in Delaware; died 1845 in Marion County (WVa)

               Nehemiah Glover Jr. (b1811 in Marion Co (WVa); died 1879 in Marion Co, WVa

                     Albern C. Glover (born 1871 in WV; died 1948 in WV

                           William Spencer Glover (born 1900 in WV: died 1955 in WV).



Pedigree for Calvin Glover (contact: Kanawha(at)

Amos Glover (1762-1843) Born in Sussex County, Delaware; died Van Buren, Iowa)


               David Glover (1788-1871)

                                William W. Glover (1822-1897)

                                                John W. Glover (1854-1911)

                                                                Calvin R. Glover (1891-1940)

                                                                                Glenn Aubrey Glover (1916-1980)

                                                                                                Calvin Glover

                                kit # 257822


Pedigree for Ronald Glover  .(contact: Kanawha(at)

Amos Glover (1776-1849)

                Richard Glover (1799-1886)

                                Harrison Glover (1838-1932)

                                                William Stephen Glover (1887-1963)

                                                                Charles Edward Glover (1911-1978)

                                                                                Ronald Glover Kit #259555





Pedigree for Charles Edward Glover (contact: ceglover(at)
   Richard Glover b circa 1760 VA m unknown migrated to Madison Twp..Licking Co. OH
Alfred Glover b 1802 VA m Jane Finch lived in Mary Ann Twp.,Licking Co. OH
Augustus Glover b. 25, March 1823 VA m Martha Ann Drumm lived in Mary Ann Twp. Licking Co. OH
John Calvin Glover b 27, May 1862 Licking Co.,OH m Iciphene Adaline Stewart lived in Mary Ann Twp. Licking Co.OH
Delmar Harold Glover b 20, Sept. 1906 m Gladys Ruth Wince lived in Homer, Licking Co., OH
Kit # 64348
Pedigree for J. Denis Glover (contact: jd-glover(at) 
    Richard Glover bc 1765 md (2nd) Millie Shackelford 1795 Culpeper Co VA
                    to Hardy Co VA 1820's; to Licking Co OH by 1830
  Benjamin Glover b 1792 Fairfax Co VA md Dorcas Alexander 1815 Shenendoah Co VA
                        lived Shenendoah, Hardy, Rockingham Co VA
      John W. Glover b 1837 VA md 1864 Malissia H.C. Armentrout
                 lived Rockingham Co VA
Paul Jennings Glover b 1880 Rockingham Co VA to Baltimore MD
J.C. Glover b 1905 PA md 1826 Dorothy Frances Hummel lived Baltimore MD kit # 26464 ...
Pedigree for Glover line of Rockbridge Co Virginia (contact patbrown6(at)
Alexander Glover b 10 Nov 1801 VA, d 3 Apr 1863 Ritchie Co, WV; m Elizabeth Hostetter 31 Dec 1832 Rockbridge Co, VA
        William Campbell Glover b 10 Feb 1841 Lewis (now Ritchie) Co, VA, d 29 Jan 1904, Jackson CoAR; m Josephine   McCorkhill   25 Jul 1881 Jackson Co, AR
                 Asa Flandry Glover b 21 Jan 1892 Jackson Co, AR, d 6 Apr 1967 AR; m Mary Lyles Combs
                      Ruth Julia Glover b 27 Feb 1917 Crittenden Co, AR, d 5 Apr 1991 AR; m Irving Marshall Isabel
                           Joan Patricia Isabel b 9 Dec 1935 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN; m Charles Franklin Brown
FTDNA done by Steven Edward Glover whose ancestor was also Alexander Glover kit # 79724

Pedigree for Lawson Edward Glover

David Delaney Glover  b 1816 TN md Perlina Glover

      William Harrison Glover b 27 Oct 1836 Jefferson Co TN, d 25 Dec 1906 Grant Co Arkansas, m Margaret Caroline Crowson

        David Delano Glover b 1868 Belfast Saline Co Arkansas, d. 1954 Malvern, Hot Springs Co Arkansas, md Roberta Theodosia Quinn

          Lawson Edward Glover b 12 Aug 1912 Malvern,Hot Springs Co Ark, d July 1987 Malvern, Hot Springs Co Arkansas, md. Fannie Maxine McGee on 30 Jan 1941

             Lawson Edward Glover JR b 4 Jan 1943 Ft Worth Tarrant Co TX, md Judith Gail Sesser on 6 Jun 1964

kit #113918




Pedigree for Tom Glover line of England pre-1900 to Montana post-1900
(contact email: tomglover(at)
Frederick Henry Glover (b 4 July 1872) King County England md Mary Alma Lozeau (b 3 June 1862) Superior Montana
   William Frederick Dutch Glover b 15 June 1891 Polson MT md Alice Cecelia Glover (b 4 Nov 1899) St. Ignatius Montana
        Gene Lindy Glover b 20 July 1927 St. Ignatius MT, d 23 Sep 1999 Kalispell MT
            Thomas Ashley Glover of Great Falls Montanta
kit 204483


Pedigree for Gerald Simmons   (contact: gsimmons(at)nwi)

    Unknown Glover b. ca 1795  + Susanna Simmons 1795-1827

                in Hawkins - Sullivan,  TN area 1801-1827

John Hiram Simmons 1826-1885 + Mary Francisco 1832-1888    in Hawkins, TN area 1826-1885

Thomas Jefferson Simmons 1856-1934 + Rosa Anna Cripe 1867-1950 in Osceola, MO area 1882-1934

Thomas James Simmons 1889-1974 + Lena Eva Gonser 1895-1972

in Seattle WA area 1923-1974

Clyde Oliver Simmons 1917-1993 + M. Ernestine Whipp 1920-1985

in Seattle WA area 1923 - 1993

Gerald Clyde Simmons 1940 + Darlene Bennett 1941  in East Wenatchee, WA 2001-present




Pedigree for Rickie Paul Glover (contact: vglover AT

   Joseph Glover

William James Glover (b. ca. 1848 Robeson Co., NC -    )

Edward Franklin Glover (b. 17 Nov. 1891, Dunn, NC- d. 18 Sept. 1959, Cumberland Co., NC.

Jasper Paul Glover- born Harnett Co., NC.

Rickie Paul Glover- born Harnett Co., NC.   *not yet tested





Pedigree for Micheal Scott Glover (contact:

Drury Glover  SC md 2nd Bedy Ford in Decatur Co GA

        John Glover b 1820  md  Nancy Ludelia Cooper

Zachary (Zack) Taylor Glover b 1853 Mitchell Co GA md Julia Ann Lashley

John Richmond Glover b Mar 28 1893 Bainbridge Decatur Co GA md Lottie Rosette Holt

"Living" Glover b 1934 Cairo, Grady  Co GA md "Living" Helmick

Micheal Scott Glover b 1962 Virginia  md   "Living" Parks

kit # 221094












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