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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.

Send your pedigrees for this surname by email to the Project Administrator.  Click the link "Pedigrees" above for instructions.

We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader (Researcher) who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project.)



Gach Family in Silesia (Please test!)

1, Valentin Gach, b 1752, Roswadza, Silesia (now Rozwadza, Poland), m Helene Koziolek 

2, Franz Gach, b 1773, Mechnitz, Silesia (now Mechnica, Poland), m Agnes Raszczyk

3, Marianna Gach, b 1801, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Franziskus Gach, b 1803, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), m Johanna Mainusch

4, Franziskus Gach, b 1828, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), m Katharina Wyszka

5, Franziska Gach, b 1857, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

5, Julius Gach, b 1859, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), m Paulina Bergmann

6, Georg Gach, b c 1885, Czirsowitz, Silesia (now Czyzowice, Poland)

6, Fritz W. K. Gach, b 1887, Czirsowitz (now Czyzowice), m Gertrud Josefine Flach

7, Hilma Gach, b 1923, Ratibor, Silesia (now Raciborz, Poland), dsp

5, Monika Gach, b 1861, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

5, Amalie Gach, b 1863, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Johannes Gach, b 1804, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), dsp

3, Leopold Adam Gach, b 1806, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), m (name?)

4, Magdalena Gach, b 1837, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Constantin Gach, b 1847, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), dsp

4, Johannes Gach, b 1848, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), dsp

4, Mariana Gach, b 1849, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Franz Gach, b 1850, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Julius Gach, b 1852, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Agnes Anastasia Gach, b 1853, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Stanislaus Isidor Gach, b 1855, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), dsp

4, Catherina Gach, b 1857, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Paul Peter Gach, b 1859, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Anna Gach, b 1860, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Matheus Gach, b 1808, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), m (name?)

4, Carl Gach, b 1851, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Josef Gach, b 1853, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Franz Gach, b 1855, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Valentin Gach, b 1858, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Johann Gach, b 1810, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Carl Gach, b 1814, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Agnes Gach, b 1816, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Wilhelmus Gach, b 1820, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), m (name?)

4, Carl Gach, b 1848, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Caroline Gach, b 1849, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Julia Gach, b 1851, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Franz Gach, b January 1853, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Johann Gach, b December 1853, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Adam Gach, b 1855, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Marianna Gach, b 1857, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

4, Franziska Gach, b 1859, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Karl Gach, b 1821, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Marianna Gach, b 1824, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

3, Franziska Gach, b 1827, Mechnitz (now Mechnica)

2, Joseph Gach, b 1779, Mechnitz (now Mechnica), m (name?)

3, Anton Gach, b 1816, Komorno, Silesia (now Poland), m Franziska (surname?) 

4, Marianna Gach, b 1845, Reinschdorf, Silesia (now Renska Wies, Poland)

4, Johann Gach, b 1846, Reinschdorf (now Renska Wies)

4, Franz Gach, b 1848, Reinschdorf (now Renska Wies), dsp

4, Joseph Gach, b 1850, Reinschdorf (now Renska Wies)

4, Franz Gach, b 1853, Reinschdorf (now Renska Wies), m Magdalena Morawietz

5, Karl Gach, b 1893, Poborschau, Silesia (now Poborszow, Poland), Maria Magdalena Muller

6, Magdalena Gach, b 1915, Munsterburg, Silesia (now Ziebice, Poland)

6, Gerhard Gach, b 1922, Munsterburg (now Ziebice), dsp

6, Karl Gach, b 1923, Munsterburg (now Ziebice) – Please test!

6, Walter Gach, b 1924, Munsterburg (now Ziebice)

6, (stillborn daughter) Gach, b 1929, Munsterburg (now Ziebice)

6, Hildegard Gach, b 1931, Munsterburg (now Ziebice)

4, Maria Gach, b 1855,  Reinschdorf (now Renska Wies)

4, Carl Anton Gach, b 1857, Reinschdorf (now Renska Wies)

4, Peter Paul Gach, b 1860, Reinschdorf (now Renska Wies) 


Gach Family in Bohemia (Haplogroup E1b1b1)

1, (given name?) Gach, b c 1780, Bohemia (now Czech Republic), m (name?)

2, (son) Gach, b c 1800, Bohemia (now Czech Republic), m (name?)

3, Josef Gach, b 1826, Pisek, Bohemia (now Czech Republic), farmer, m Anna Cohn

4, Josephine Gach, b 1868, Pisek

4, Marie Gach, b 1869, Pisek

4, Regina Gach, b 1870, Pisek

4, Lena Gach, b c 1871, Pisek

4, Ludwig Gach, b 1872, Pisek, dsp

4, Emma Gach, b c 1873, Pisek

4, Herman Gach, b 1877, Pisek, m Sadie Herman

5, Charles Gach, b c 1899, Chicago, IL, m Esther (surname?) – Please test!

5, Eleanor Gach, b c 1902, Chicago, IL

5, Mildred Gach, b c 1905, Chicago, IL

4, Johanna Gach, b 1878, Pisek

4, Adolph Louis Gach, b 1879, Pisek, m Maude (surname?)

5, Florence M. Gach, b 1905, Chicago, IL

5, John Gach, b 1912, Chicago, IL – Please test!

4, Julius Jacob/Jasper Gach, b 1882/83, Pisek, m Emma Eva Kodicek

5, Lillian Elizabeth Gach, b 1904, Chicago, IL

5, Margaret Gach, b 1906, Chicago, IL

5, Elmer J. Gach, b 1908, Chicago, IL – Please test!

5, Ruth Esther Gach, b 1910, Chicago, IL

5, Mary Gach, b 1912, Chicago, IL

5, Joseph Sigmund Gach, b 1916, Chicago, IL – Please test!

5, Jacob Louis Gach, b 1919, Chicago, IL – Please test!

2, (son) Gach, b c 1810, Bohemia (now Czech Republic), m (name?)

3, Ignatz Gach, b 1839, Bohemia (now Czech Republic), architect, m Berta Weil

4, Julia Gach, b  1868, Bohemia (now Czech Republic)

4, Karolina Gach, b 1871, Bohemia (now Czech Republic)

4, Karl Gach, b 1875, Hrejkowitz, Bohemia (now Hrejkovice, Czech Republic) importer, m Rose Sonnenschein

5, Joseph Bradley Gach (later Gage), b 1911, Chicago, IL – 110925

5, Eugene Gach, b 1913, Chicago, IL – S-1

5, Jerome Gerald Gach, b 1915, Chicago, IL, dsp

5, (living) Gach, – 110710

4, Alfred Gach, b 1880, Bohemia (now Czech Republic) inventor, m Hilda Lichtenstein

5, Robert Louis Gach, b 1915, MI – Please test!

5, Paul Gach, b 1918, Detroit, MI – 114615

5, (living) Gach, – 155597

4, Ernestina Gach, b 1882, Bohemia (now Czech Republic)

2, (son) Gach, b c 1820, Bohemia (now Czech Republic), m (name?)

3, Adolf Gach, b c1846, Bohemia (now Czech Republic), feather merchant, m (name?)

4, Julius Gach, b c 1879, Pribram, Bohemia (now Czech Republic)

4, Paula Gach, b c 1881, Pribram

4, Karl Gach, b c 1883, Pribram

4, Ernest Gach, b 1885, Pribram, importer

4, Ambassador Maximilian Gach, b 1886, Pribram, lawyer and Czech diplomat, m Margaret Joseph

5, Robert Gach, b 1913, Berlin, Deutschland – 87064

4, Otto Gach, b c 1888, Pribram, feather merchant

4, Maj. Victor Gach, b c 1890, Pribram, Austrian Army officer (WWI) and lawyer, dspm

4, Maria Gach, b c 1892, Pribram


Gatch Family in South Carolina (Haplogroup R1a1)

1, John Gatch, Sr., b c 1725, Charleston, South Carolina, m (name?)

            2, John Gatch, Jr., b c 1748, Beaufort District, South Carolina, m (name?)

                        3, John Gatch, (III), b c 1770, Beaufort District, m (name?)

                                    4, James William Gatch, b c 1804, South Carolina, m Sarah B. Smith

5, William Henry Gatch, b 1829, South Carolina, m Isabelle Shattuck

6, Eldred Colson Gatch, b c 1855, South Carolina, by Amanda Warren

7, Arthur Willie Warren, b c 1876, South Carolina, m Sara Ann Fralix

8, Elmer Willie Warren, b c 1899, South Carolina, m Joe Henry Strickland (named after her father who died before her birth)

8, Howell Rudolph Warren, Sr., b 1906, d 1950, Colleton County, South Carolina, m Mildred Lee Anderson – 167487 & 167488

5, Franklin Durant Gatch, b 1840, Colleton County, m (name?)

6, Charles Berry Gatch, b 1861, Round O, Colleton County, m (name?)

7, Edward Lamar Gatch, b 1886, Charleston, m (name?)

8, Charles Edward Gatch, Sr., b 1914 Hollywood, Charleston County, South Carolina – 139564



Gach Family in Galicia (Haplogroup R1a1)

1, Maciej Gach, b c 1810, m Zofia (surname?)

2, Wojciech Gach, b c 1830, Neumarkt, Galicia (now Nowy Targ, Poland), Burgermeister, m1 Katarzyna Brenyeska (with issue below), m2 Catherine Komperdeau (without issue)

3, Jakub Gach, b c 1851, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Walter Gach, b c 1853, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Andrzej Gach, b c 1855, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Franciszek Gach, b c 1857, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Helena Gach, b c 1859, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Anna Gach, b c 1861, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Jan Gach, b c 1863, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ), dsp

3, Michal Gach, b c 1865, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Ludwik Gach, b 1867, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ), m1 Ewa Kuchta (with issue below), m2 Caroline Gazderka (without issue)

4, Maria F. Gach, b 1894, PA

4, Carolina Gach, b 1898, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Anna Gach, b c 1900, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Agnes Gach, b c 1902, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Mildred L. Gach, b 1903, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Margaret Gach, b c 1904, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Michael Gach, b c 1906, Glen Campbell, PA, dsp

4, Helen Gach (Sister Daniel), b c 1907, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Albina Winifred Gach, b 1909, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Sophia M. Gach, b 1911, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Josephine Gach, b 1913, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Magdalene Gach, b 1915, Glen Campbell, PA

4, Stanley Anthony George Gach, b 1917, Glen Campbell, PA

            5, Ronald Stanley Gach, b 1950, Detroit, MI – 111245

3, Jan Gach, b c 1868, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Jozef Gach, b c 1870, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ), dsp

3, Stanislaw Gach, b c 1872, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ), m Maria Kubicz

4, Walter Gach, b 1900, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ) – Please test!

3, Tekla Gach, b c 1876, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Maria Magdalena Gach, b 1881, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Kazimierz Gach, b c 1883, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ) – Please test!

2, Walenty Gach, b c 1840, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ), m Tekla Fitok

3, Jan Gach, b 1868, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ), m Anna Ryska

4, John J. Gach, b 1888, Shennandoah, PA – Please test!

4, Mary Gach, b c 1890, PA

4, Jacob Gach, b c 1892, PA, dsp

4, Joseph Gach, b 1897, PA – Please test!

4, Caroline Gach, b 1901, PA

4, William Gach, b 1903, PA – Please test!

3, Agnata Gach, b c 1874, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Jozef Gach, b c 1880, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

2, Jan Gach, b c 1850, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ), m (given name?) Partzobon

3, Jan Gach, b 1889, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ), m Amelia Duda

4, Frank Gach, b c 1911, NY

4, Anthony J. Gach, b 1913, Buffalo, NY – Please test!

4, Magdeline Gach, b c 1915, PA

4, Catherine Gach, b c 1917, PA

4, Helen Gach, b c 1920, PA

4, John Gach, b c 1921, PA

4, Agnes Gach, b c 1924, PA

4, Veronica Gach, b c 1925, PA

4, Joseph Gach, b c 1927, PA

3, Ignatz Gach, b c1891, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ)

3, Anna Gach, b c1893, Neumarkt (now Nowy Targ) 


 Gach Family in Poland (Haplogroup R1a1)

1, (Jan?) Gach, b c 1820, Korchow, Poland, m (name?)

2, Franciszek Gach, b c 1840, Korchow, Poland, m (name?)

3, (Andrzej?) Gach, b c 1860, Korchow, Poland, m (name?)

4, Marcin Gach, b c 1880, Korchow, Poland

4, Andrzej Gach, b c 1882, Korchow, Poland, m Ewa (surname?)

3, Iwan Gach, b c 1872, Korchow, Poland, m Anna (surname?)

2, Antoni Gach, b before 1862, Korchow, Poland, m Ewa Saweczko

3, Mikol~aj Gach, b 1884, Korchow, Poland, m Katarzyna Masicz

4, Helena Gach, b 1909, Marianka, Poland

4, Nicholas Gach, b 1913, Scranton, PA – Please test!

4, John Gach, b 1915, Scranton, PA, dspm

4, Chevalier Michael Bernard Gach, b 1916, Hamtramck, MI – 87919

4, Mary Gach, b 1919, PA

4, Joseph Gach, b 1921, Hamtramck, MI – Please test!

3, Jan Gach, b 1894, Korchow, Poland, m1 Katarzyna (surname?), m2 Jozefyna Mroczek

4, Tadeusz Gach, b 1918, MI (by 1st wife)

4, John Gach, b 1935, Hamtramck, MI (by 2nd wife) – Please test!



Please note that a pedigree includes little if any marriage information, death information, or details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.

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