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Fothergill Pedigrees updated June 3, 2013

Lineage I - email genealogy AT

  • Michael Fothergill, b.1763 (Reeth, Yorkshire), d.1837 (Stannington, England), m.1784 - Hannah Law

    • Michael Fothergill, b.1787 (Auckland, Durham), d.1869 (Gorton, Manchester), m.1812 - Isabella Arthur

      • Michael Fothergill, b.1813 (Newcastle, Lancashire), d.1859 (Sagua la Grande, Cuba), m.1839 - Charlotte Smith

        • Michael Alonzo Fothergill, b.1840 (Liverpool, Lancashire), d.1920 (Greenwich, Kent), m.1863 - Ann Clemmison

          • Alonzo Benjamin Fothergill, b.1867 (Devonport, Devon), d.1947, m.1887 - Catherine Elizabeth Bailey

            • Lloyd George Fothergill, b.1913 (Rugby, Warwickshire), d.1993 (Rugby, Warwickshire), m.1940 - Dorothy Mary Crawley -XZN4V

Lineage I - managed by JSWwebmail-wfn AT

  • George Featheringill b c 1715 England/VA ? m. Elizabeth

    • John David Featheringill b 1750 VA m Elizabeth Weybelle

      • William Featheringill b 1785 Frederick Co VA m Letitia Forsyth

        • William "Andy" Featheringill b 15 Mar 1818 Jefferson Co KY m Mary Ellen Feathingill his 1st cousin daughter of Reuben Featheringill

          • William Henry Featheringill b 20 Feb 1855 Vicksburg MS m Sarah Mary Randleman

            • Walter Featheringill b 5 Nov 1890 Willow Spring Howell Co MO m Gladys Emaa Gibson

              • Living Featheringill -F06

    • George Featheringill b 1750 VA m Mary

      • Thomas Featheringill b 1785 Frederick or Shenandoah Co VA m Elizabeth Maria Settlemire

        • Elias Featheringill b 8 Sep 1809 Shenandoah Co VA m Hannah Bogart

          • George Washington Featheringill b 20 nov 1831 Franklin Co OH m Elvira Fruchey

            • Marion Featheringill b 25 Dec 1853 Columbus Grove, Putnam Co. OH m Clara Augusta Holmes

              • Albert M Featheringill b 7 Aug 1883 Putnam Co OH m Edith Maude Orwig

                • Living Featheringill -F02

Lineage I - from

  • John Fothergill b. abt 1819 Morley, Yorkshire, England m Susannah Harling

    • Thomas Fothergill b. 12 Nov 1852 Hunslet, Yorkshire, England m Rachel Foster

      • Lewis Thomas Foster Fothergill b. 20 Nov 1879 Knottingley, Yorkshire, England m Ada Grove

        • Norman Fothergill b 1906 Prescot, Lancashire, Eng. d 1976 m Getrude Asquith

          • Son of Fothergill & Asquith m Dunn

            • Son of Fothergill & Dunn -F01

Lineage Ia - managed by archerdulac AT

  • Benjamin Archer b c 1727 England m. Charity

    • Phillip Pain Archer b 1777 Morris Co NJ m Mary Strobridge

      • John A Archer b 1816 Greene Co PA m Mary Rinehart

        • Thomas J Archer b 21 Oct 1839 [W]VA m Emily Dille

          • John L Archer b 26 Sep 1861 Washington PA m Mary Richmond

            • William A Archer b. 4 Apr 1893 Washington, PA m Nellie Buchanan

            • William A Archer Jr. b 1 Feb 1921 WVA m Mabel Barney

              • Living Archer -A01


Lineage II - managed by JSWwebmail-wfn AT

Note the oldest known ancestor in this line is the same as F02 Lineage I, and yet the Y-DNA does not match.
Yet there is a match through John David's son William so we know John David is the son of George.
Thus there must be a Non-Parental Event (NPE) in the line from, and including, Reuben to F03.
Just where this NPE happened is still being researched.

  • George Featheringill b c 1715 England/VA ? m. Elizabeth

    • John David Featheringill b 1750 VA m Elizabeth Weybelle

      • Reuben Featheringill b 1788 Frederick Co VA m Nancy Rucksby

        • Reuben Featheringill Jr. b Jefferson Co KY m Frances F Branham

          • George M Featheringill b 1846 Floyd Co IN m Ida C Taylor

            • Ora Iddo Featheringill b 13 Mar 1869 Johnson Co. IN m Anna Katherine Hammer

              • Harry Herman Featheringill 15 Jul 1900 Indianapolis IN m Mary Pearl Pell/Sanders

                • Living Featheringill -F03

Lineage III - from, managed by JSWwebmail-wfn AT

  • James Fothergill [but NOT the James born 1717 s/o Wm; Speculation: he could be gson/o James, b 1653, through son John]

    • Robert Fothergill b 1743 Mallerstang, Westmorland m Agnes

      • John Fothergill b 1780, Mallerstang, Westmorland, d 1831/1832 m Ann Harrison b. 1785 d 1840

        • John Fothergill b 1812, Mallerstang, Westmorland, d 1891 Westmorland m Margaret b 1811 d 1891

          • John Fothergill b 1837 Warcop, Westmorland m Ann Atkinson b 1838

            • Joseph Fothergill b. 8 Jun 1862 Warcop, Westmorland England m Nancy Wilson b 1865

              • Joseph Wilson Fothergill b. 22 Dec 1890 Edenhall Cumberland, England d 1918 Davidson Co SD m Mary Ethel Kindleysides

                • Son of Fothergill & Kindleysides m Kucnick

                  • Son of Fothergill & Kucnick m Hurley -F04

                    • Son of Fothergill & Hurley -F05


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