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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Luke Faulk b England/Virginia c1735   (
    • George Faulk Sr b c1762 FL/GA 
      • Benjamin Faulk b c1801 LA 
        • Walter Faulk b c1824 Vermillion Parish LA 
          • William Faulk b c1850 Lafayette Parish LA
            • Renald Hilliard Faulk b c1873 St. Landry Parish LA  F-2 20883
        • Luke Faulk b Virginia c 1735
          • George Faulk St,b c 1762 SC 
            • Joseph Faulk b c 1795 
      • Benjamin b c1828 Vermilion Parish LA 
        • Erastus Joseph Sr b c1852 Vermilion Parish LA 
          • Jean Clerphe b c1880 Vermilion Parish LA F-3 23464
  • Richard Foulke (Faulk, Sr.) d 1712/13 Chowan Co., NC m Elizabeth Daniel  - Mitch Faulk [faulkmitch77 AT] 
    • John Faulk Sr. b 1710 Chowan Co., NC d 1780 Johnston Co., NC m Mary Cahoon
      • Thomas Faulk Sr. b 1740 Edgecombe Co., NC d 3 Mar 1807  Johnston Co., NC m Mary Hinnant
        • James Faulk/Folk Sr. b 1752 Johnston Co., NC d 1852 Wilkinson Co., GA m Sarah (Unknown)
          • John Needham "Buck" Faulk b 1792 Johnston Co., NC, d Apr 1860 Laurens Co., GA m Aisley Barber
            • William Greenberry "Green" Faulk b 24 Jul 1843 d 2 Nov 1910 Dublin, Laurens Co., GA m "Sarah" Jane Lou Taylor
              • Enoch Dewey Faulk Sr. b 23 Nov 1878 Dublin, Laurens Co., GA d 31 Jan 1910 Dublin, Laurens Co., GA m "Nettie" Laura Vaughn
                • Enoch "Dewey" Faulk Jr. b 24 May 1910 Dublin, Laurens Co., GA d 31 Jan 1966 m "Martha" Elizabeth Fuqua 266152
  • Phillip Lemuel Faulk b c1796 NC m. Elizabeth Soles (
    • Phillip Marion Faulk b c1833 AL m Mary Jane Routon
      • Marion Tolbert Faulk b c1862 AL m Sarah Elizabeth Baker
        • Jefferson Marion Faulk b c1897 OK m Tessie Belle Davis F-5 26789
  • William Falk b. NC m Unknown Evan (
    • Matthew Falk b c1864 AL m Iduma Nancy Dunson
      • Wiley Dunson Faulk b c1885 m Georgia Ann Lauglen Chitwood F-8 49014
  • Anders Keman b.1689 Finland (
    • Lars Keman b.1727
      • Anders Keman b.1762
        • Lars Keman b.1801  (name changed to Kieman) F-9
  • John Falk b. c1795 NC or SC  m. Unknown  (
    • Alva D. Falk b. 1833 Robeson Co NC m. Melviney Jackson
      • William Henry Faulk b. 06 May 1855 Henry Co AL m Lecie Elmira Pullen
        • Alva Lee Faulk b 07 May 1890 Henry Co AL m Christian Clifford Sasser F-1 20802
  • Robert R Falk b c1824 TN  Hopkins Co KY m Elizabeth M (
    • James Tolbert R M Fork b 19 May 1859 Bedford Co TN Hopkins Co KY m Irene Chappell
      • George Lee Fork b c1884 Hopkins Co Ky m Martha I Antha Baker F-4 23803

  • Mark Faulk b c1799 Twiggs Co GA, m. Nancy Reynolds (
    • George Watkins Faulk Sr  b c1833  m Mary Ann Shine
      • Henry Glenn Faulk b c1858 m Laura Tarver Wimberly
        • Hugh Lawson Faulk b c1907 m Lanette O'Neal F-7 47139
  • Jacob Falk  b. c1872 Austria or Poland F-6 39278 (
  • John Faulk, b. c1732 Germany  (
    • Andrew Faulk b. c1770
      • John A. Faulk b. 11 Jun 1800 USA
        • Anne Elizabeth Faulk, b.18 Sep 1841 Indiana m. William Thomas Brinegar 20802
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.

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