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William Faircloth (b. ca. 1644, England; d. ca. 1710, VA; m. Jane -----)          
  William Faircloth (b. ca. 1663, Northumberland Co., VA; d. 1728, Isle of Wight Co., VA; m. Mary -----)      
    William Faircloth (b. ca. 1690, Isle of Wight Co., VA)              
      William Faircloth (b. 1723, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. 1793, Edgecombe Co., NC; m. Mary Johnson)    
        William Faircloth (b. 1741-1751, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. 1799-1800, Greene Co., NC; m. Mary Newsome)  
          William Faircloth (b. 1771; d. 1823; m. Mary Taylor)            
            Kinchen Faircloth (b. 1808-1810, Greene Co., NC; d. 1848-1849, Randolph Co., GA; m. Matilda Jane -----)  
              William Wesley Faircloth (b. 1829, Pulaski Co., GA; d. 1915; m. Fredonia Harrison) (ID A)    
        Thomas Faircloth (b. before 1755, ([Greene Co.], NC)?; d. after 1820, (Surry Co., NC)?; m. Sarah -----)    
          William Faircloth (b. 1789, (Surry Co.)?, NC; d. 1848, (Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC)?; m. Dicie Hendrix)    
            James Hendrix Faircloth (b. 1824, (Surry Co.)?, NC; d. 1907, Marshall Co., KY; m. Minerva Jane Lowe)  
              Andrew Silver Faircloth (b. 1864, (Mercer Co.)?, KY; d. 1931, Marshall Co., KY; m. Nemata Letitia Cleaver) (ID 73075)
      Benjamin Franklin Faircloth (b. ca. 1730-1735, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. Sampson Co., NC; m. Letitia Garner)  
        John Faircloth (b. ca. 1753, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. ca. 1830, Decatur Co., GA; m. ?)      
          Thomas Faircloth (b. ca. 1773, Sampson Co., NC; d. ca. 1831, Baker Co., GA; m. Mary Thornton)    
            Matthew Faircloth (b. 1803-1804, (Screven Co.)?, GA; d. 1870-1879, (Decatur Co., GA)?; m. Clarissa Sasser)  
              Sessoms Faircloth (b. 1839-1840, (Baker Co., GA)?; m. Luracy -----)        
                Clarence B. Faircloth (b. 1865, (Decatur Co.)?, GA; m. Ella Y. Coleman) (ID 69136)      
William Faircloth (d. (Sampson Co., NC)?; m. Sarah -----)            
  Hardwick Faircloth (b. ca. 1754, Duplin [Sampson] Co., NC; m. Sarah Suggs)          
    Arthur Faircloth (b. ca. 1775, Duplin [Sampson] Co., NC; m. Mary Ann McDaniel)        
      Theopheles Faircloth (b. ca. 1812; m. Rebecca Cashwell)            
        David C. Faircloth (b. ca. 1852; m. Elizabeth Lewis)              
          Thomas James Faircloth (b. 1897; m. Fannie Mae Smith) (ID 88572)          
  [Note: The relationships of the various William Faircloths in early America are tentative. Hopefully DNA will help us sort them out.]