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Project Surnames:

airback Airbeck Arbaugh arbeck
Earbaugh ebert Ehrbach erb
erbach erback Erbaugh Erbeck
erbick ERDBACK ERDBECK erlick
erweg erwick Eubank Urbick




To join this study, use these links depending on which company you wish to use for your testing:

                Family Tree DNA:

                DNA Heritage:




The name is commonly pronounced "Air-beckt" with a hard T in German.  If you say it real fast it comes out as ERBECK.  For some the name changed after immigration likely because this is what other non-german persons understood.




Very little is known about the ERBECK surname. So far we have found that there does not appear to be a single common root for the name. There are several areas in Germany with this name, including one named after a well known NOBEL family. It is possible that in some lines that this surname was adopted based on location, a practice which was common, as was choosing surnames based on occupation, but some lines are likely to be the result of spelling or language changes.


Participants are required to submit a pedigree (or gedcom file) to the project administrator, please send to

Uploading a gedcom file to FTDNA, YSEARCH, and YBASE sites are highly recommended. If needed the project administrator will be glad to assist the participant in this process.

Because of the limited participant base that with this surname, the participants and potential participants of this study are requested to help in finding new participants when possible. This would be greatly appreciated.

It is known that the name existed in America prior to the revolutionary war, 2 brothers came about 1749 and settled in Pennsylvania, after the war it is unknown what became of these brothers except we do know that decendants remained and served during the war, it is possible the original brothers returned to europe. One of the brothers was involved with the church and records indicate he help establish a branch of the church in Carroll County Maryland.  Once participant in this study has an ancestor who is one of those brothers. 

We have found in practice that 25 marker tests are not practical for the needs of this study and therefore now require 37 markers or more.  We do allow participants to participate using either Family Tree DNA or DNA Heritage and have a study setup with both companies.Aggregate  DNA Results from both will be presented on this site. 

If after your initital testing you are found to be in the R Haplogroup you should consider ordering an SNP Test because there is considerable refinement of your haplogroup available. However doing so is completely redundant if someone else who is related to you has already done so as you both will share the same haplogroup SNP results. 

If after your initital testing you are found to be in the I Haplogroup you please order a Kittler Test because there is considerable refinement of your haplogroup available (Available at FTDNA as an advanced test at a fairly low cost).

What you should know about these DNA Testing companies:


FAMILY TREE DNA:  The DNA extraction time is often over a month, and often has to be repeated because FTDNA extents the sample by diluting it, and then does each test ordered on the diluted sample. Historically the results from thier testing have taken as long as 6 weeks or more. We have seen repeated cases where the result info posted online by FTDNA was in error due to faulty data entry proceedures, and changed without notice or explaination, sometimes this occured early in the process and sometimes it occured months or a year or more later. It appears the actually lab work is reliable and accurate, so if you use this company you should verify the online results they report with the certificate they mail you. FTDNA does not do dual testing like FTDNA so if you suspect an error you have to request "retesting" your sample, and pay a $50 fee if the retesting shows the same results as the original testing. FTDNA appears to use mostly an administrative staff management approach. They tend to concentrate thier contacts with the public via EMAIL.

DNA HERITAGE:   They are at present the only company doing dual testing,  they also test all 43 markers they offer regardless of what you order, but only report to you the markers you pay for. This also means upgrading your markers results in immediate results as the testing was already done. Thier results are often available within 3 weeks or less. It appears a scientist is involved in contacts with the public, and they appear to be one of the few if not the only company willing to talk with thier customers about thier testing and the science of interpreting thier results. Retesting with this company is never required because they do dual testing provide a control on testing samples. If the results from the dual testing disagree they redo the extraction from your extra sample, and submit for testing using the results from the two samples that agree.

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