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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
These Dykes family pedigrees represent the latest we have from our research, and should be considered works in progress.  Please contact Mitzi Bateman at the address below to add your tree!
  • Andrew Dykes b 1665 Avondale Scotland d 1713 m Isobel Meikle- Gordon Dykes, [gdykes AT]
    • William Dykes b Jun 11 1681 Avondale Sco d ? m Isabella Steel
      • Andrew Dykes b Jan 11 1716 Avondale Sco d 1799 m Agnes Cochran
        • Andrew Dykes b Apr 29 1757 Avondale Sco d Mar 18 1842 m Helen Finlay
          • Andrew Dykes b Apr 6 1786 Avondale Sco d Sept 29 1861 m Margaret Aiton
            • John Dykes b Jun 29 1827 Avondale Sco dDec 3 1893 m Margaret Brownlie
              • John Dykes b Feb 16 1868 Avondale Sco d Jan 17 1926 m Jessie Meikle
                • John Dykes b Apr 15 1902 Glasgow Sco d Aug 11 1962 m Catherine Mary Turner 390492
  • Johan Nickolas Deck b 1695 Germany d County Penn n Anna Barbara - Connie Mason Bennett [masonbennettcj AT]
    • Johan Heinrick Deck (Henry) b 1725 Germany d 17 Feb 1774 Will, Rockingham, VA
      • Heironymous Deck b 9 Mar 1750/51 d Jul 1811 TN m Anna Margaret Ruller
        • Henry Dyche b c1775 d c1845 m Jane McCally
          • Benjamin James Dyke b 4 Jan 1823 Greene Co., TN d 28 Dec 1906 MO m Margaret Miller
            • Sarah F. Dyke b 5 Dec 1848 d 15 Jan 1932 m John Smith
  • George Dykes b c1700 Alexandria, VA d c1777 Pitt Co., NC m Elizabeth - bobak1 [bobak1 AT]
    • William Dykes Sr. b c1725 SC d Barnswell District, SC m Susannah
      • George Dykes b c1750 SC d c1817 Pulaski Co., GA m Mary
        • Elias Dykes b c1794 SC d c1879 Jackson Co., FL
          • Robert J Dykes b c1810 d c1870 prob Lee Co.,GA m Amanda
            • Senie, Ceny, Zeny Amanda Dykes b Dec 1854 d 28 Oct 1897 Irwin Co., GA
              • William Robert Dykes Sr. b 4 Apr 1876 Irwin Co., GA d 11 Jan 1942 Ben Hill Co., GA m Francis
                • William Robert "Bud" Dykes b 4 Mar 1907 Irwin Co., GA d 13 Dec 1986 Vidalia, GA m Adelia D-4 114023
  • John Elijah Dykes b 1801 Orangeburg Co, SC m Rebecca Truluck d Dooly Co., GA  - [mitzi AT] 119267
    • William M Dykes b c1823
    • Achash Dykes b c1825
    • Mary Elizabeth Dykes b 13 June 1827 m Henry James Askew
    • Daniel Dykes b c1832

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