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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • John Crandall b 1618 Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, England m (1) unknown - David Carlisle [davidcar96 AT]
    • Joseph Crandall b c1661 Newport, RI m Deborah Burdick
      • John Crandall b c1682 Newport, RI m1 Mrs. Mary Crandall m2 Hannah
        • John Crandall b c1710 Hopkinton, RI m Mary Crandall
          • Nathan Crandall b c1737 Hopkinton, RI m Bathsheba Pierce
            • Pardon Crandall b 8 Jan 1761 Hopkinton, RI m Susannah Wells
              • David Crandall b 1792 Washington Co., NY m Margaret McBride
                • Myron Nathan Crandall b 17 Aug 1818 York, Genesee Co., NY 174435
                • Spicer Wells Crandall b 31 Dec 1822 prob York, Genesee Co., NY 188003
        • Elijah Crandall b 17 Sep 1734 Hopkinton, RI m Mary Auchmuty
          • Oliver Crandall b 29 Jul 1759 Hopkinton, RI m Patience Nichols
            • Beriah Crandall b 14 May 1782 Richmond, RI m Mary Clark
              • David Crandall b 9 Jul 1817 Stonington, CT m Elizabeth Hartley Gove N54219
      • Joseph Crandall b 1684 Westerly, RI m Ann Langworthy
        • Simeon Crandall b 1724 Westerly, RI m Mary Anna Sweet
          • Caleb Crandall b 1747 Westerly, RI m Patience Potter
            • Benjamin Crandall b 1769 Charlestown, RI m Margaret (Peggy) Franklin
              • Stephen Franklin Crandall b 1803 New Shoreham, RI m Susan Perry Kenyon 198942
      • Peter Crandall b c1685 Newport, Newport, RI m Susannah Tefft
        • Samuel Crandall b 1707 North Kingston, Washington, RI m Mary
          • Laban Crandall b c1729 North East, Dutchess, NY m Molly Seein
            • Laban Benjamin Crandall b c1771 Pine Planes, Dutchess, NY m Betsey Cook
              • Albert Joseph Crandell b 21 Jul 1801 North East, Dutchess, NY m Rachel Rebecca Cole 226615
  • William Crandall m Jane Merhurst 1759 Tonbridge, Kent, England - Carolene Norgate-Crandall [c.norgate AT]
    • William Crandall b 1763 Leigh, Kent, England m Elizabeth Streatfield
      • William Crandall b 1792 Leigh, Kent, England m Sarah Pearne
        • William Crandall b c1834 Maidstone, Kent, England m Caroline Sadler
          • William Richard Crandall b 1875 Leigh, Kent, England m Mary McElwain in New Zealand 157366
  • Samuel Alvah Crandall b 7 May 1802 NY m Adah Goodrich - Gary Robert Crandall [garycrandall AT]
    • Tyrannus Holden Crandall b 13 Jul 1825 NY m Clarice Common
      • Alpha Robert Crandall b 5 Aug 1852 McKean Co., PA m Jane Jones
        • Arthur Robert Crandall b 23 Sep 1887 Sanborn Co., SD m Juno Deming 210347
  • Orin Beadle Crandell, b 13 Aug 1806, Hamilton, Madison, NY,  m Eliza Jane Kerr - Roger Crandell [rwc00160 AT]
    • Richard Kerr Crandell, b 18 June 1835, Dearborn County, IN,  m Iowa Nebraska Pinkley
      • Richard Grant Crandell, b 30 May 1870, Dunbar, Otoe, NB,  m Laura Bogenreif
        • Melville Earl Crandell, b 21 Sep 1894, Otoe County, NB,  m1 Florence Francis Stutt, m2 Buena Lee Lewis 674065

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