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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Charles Coulter b c. 1675, County Louth, Ireland m Mary McEvers - Elaine Anderson [laineymac At]
    • James Coulter b c1695, County Louth, Ireland m ?
      • Henry Coulter b c1730, Carrickastuck, Hackballs Cross, County Louth, Ireland m Elizabeth
        • Ralph Coulter b c1785, Carrickastuck, Hackballs Cross, County Louth, Ireland m Agnes Anne “Anne” Hamilton
          • John Charles Coulter b 18 Nov 1836, Carrickastuck, Hackballs Cross, County Louth, Ireland m Margret aka Margaret Gordon
            • John Gordon Coulter b 7 Jul 1871, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA m Lempi Maria Peterson aka Jokela 572415­­­­­
  • Rodger Coulter b c1725 Scotland - jcoulter []
    • Walter b Clabby Co., Fermanagh, Ireland m ? McKinney
      • Henry b 1769 Ireland d 1845 Wexford, PA m Sarah Carson
        • Carson b 1807 Ireland d 1886 Wold Creek Twp., PA m Fannie Hunter
          • John Alexander b 1854 d 1921 near Grove City, PA m Ellen Miller
            • Joseph R. Coulter b 1893 d 1988 Grove City, PA m Viola Emery N76639
  • James Coulter b. c. 1770, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland m. Agnes Scott, d. Ireland -Kelly Colter [peter AT]
    • James Coulter b. 1808, Belfast, Ireland m. Jane Mayallon, d. Bruce, Ontario, Canada
      • James Colter b. 1838, Belfast, Ireland m. Agnes Hawthorne, d. Bruce, Ontario, Canada
        • Herbert Clarence Colter b. Feb 1876 Greenock, Bruce, Ontario, Canada, m. Barbara Anne McKitrick
          • Orville McKitrick Colter b. 1907 Crystal City, Manitoba, Canada.  M. Edith Margaret Dalgarno  519239

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