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Lineage I
Personal Pedigree - C-1 (dclifton AT
 William W. Clifton, b1800, KY?, m Margaret Wilbarger
Personal Pedigree - C-12 (csclifton AT
 William Clifton, b1745, Kent, DE, m Elizabeth Wheeler Hale
Lineage II
 Personal Pedigree - C-3 (lytham AT
Sir William de Clifton, b1216, Lancashire, England
        NOTE: William Clifton, b c 1453 is repeated and descendants continued below due to indent limitations
        NOTE: Burdette Clifton, b1736 is repeated and descendants continued below due to indent limitations
   Personal Pedigree - C-9 (scs919 AT
John Clifton, Sr., b c1770, Henry Co.,VA/Rockingham Co., NC, m Unknown Lewis
  Personal Pedigree - C-11 (chatykat AT
John Clifton, b c1770, Patrick Co,VA, m Nancy Unknown
 Lineage III
 Personal Pedigree - C-10 (hiwayman AT
Bosman Clifton, b19July1790, DE, m Sarah Zumwalt
Unassigned Cliftons
  Personal Pedigree - C-4 (davidclifton AT
Bosman Clifton, b1756/74, Unknown, m Dicy Unknown 
   Personal Pedigree - ?? (rdhatfield AT
John F. Clifton,  b18Feb1835, Unknown, m Martha Stutzman
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