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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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We will list all Families by Earliest Ancestor.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project.)
Lineage I
Personal Pedigree - C-1 (dclifton AT
 William W. Clifton, b1800, KY?, m Margaret Wilbarger
  • Josiah Clifton, b1824, KY, m1 Marg. Atkinson, m2 Elizabeth Carpenter
    • Daniel W Clifton, b1861, TX, m Martha C Bickle 
      • Quigg B Clifton, b1899, Indian Terr., OK, m LaThonia Beaver
Personal Pedigree - C-12 (csclifton AT
 William Clifton, b1745, Kent, DE, m Elizabeth Wheeler Hale
  • Thomas Clifton, b 5May1787, NC, m1 Polly Daughtry, m2 Mary Ann Williams
    • William Clifton. b c1819, Screven County, GA, m Mary "Polly" Scarborough
      • Reddick S Clifton, b c1846, Baker County, GA, m Elizabeth Bullock
        • John Samuel Clifton, b 4Mar1876, Woodville, Tyler, TX, m Ina Ethel Duke
Lineage II
 Personal Pedigree - C-3 (lytham AT
Sir William de Clifton, b1216, Lancashire, England
  • Gilbert de Clifton, d1344, Lancashire, England
    • Sir William de Clifton, living in 1329, Lancashire, England
      • Sir William de Clifton, b c1305, Lancashire, England, m Margaret Sherburne
        • Sir Nicholas de Clifton, b c1330, Lancashire, England, m Eleanor West
          • Sir Robert de Clifton, b c1353, Lancashire, England
            • Sir Thomas de Clifton, b c1378, Lancashire, England, m Agnes Molyneux
              • Sir Richard de Clifton, b c1402, Lancashire, England, m Alice Butler
                • James Clifton, b c1428, Lancashire, England, m Alice Lancaster
                  • Robert Clifton, b c1437, Lancashire, England, m Margaret Butler
                    • William Clifton, b c1453, Westby, Lancashire, England, m Isabel Thornborough
        NOTE: William Clifton, b c 1453 is repeated and descendants continued below due to indent limitations
  • William Clifton, b c1453, Westby, Lancashire, England, m Isabel Thornborough
    • Thomas Clifton, b c1475, Westby, Lancashire, England, m Ellen Osbaldiston
      • Cuthbert Clifton, b c1510, Westby, Lancashire, England, m Catherine Hoghton
        • Thomas Clifton, b c1545, Westby, Lancashire, England, m Mary Norris
          • Sir Cuthbert Clifton, b c1586, Westby and Lytham, Lancashire, England, m1 Ann Tildesley, m2 Dorothy Thomas Smith
            • Sir Thomas Clifton, b c1606, Westby and Lytham, Lancashire, England, m Anne Halsall
              • James Clifton, b 1633, in MD in 1663, m Anne Brent
                • Thomas Clifton, b 1675, VA, m Sarah Ashton
                  • Burdette Clifton, b 1708, VA, m1 Francis Hill, m2 Grace Seaton, m3 Mildred Field
                    • Burdette Clifton, b 1736, VA, m Rebecca Kenner
        NOTE: Burdette Clifton, b1736 is repeated and descendants continued below due to indent limitations
  • Burdette Clifton, b1736, VA, m Rebecca Kenner
    • Thomas Clifton, b1779, KY, m Ann Unknown
      • Cordy Clifton, d1882
        • William Clifton, b1815, KY, m Lucinda Brack
          • William Worth Clifton, b1859, Crofton, KY, m Sarah Fowler
            • Frank Allen Clifton, b1892, Crofton, KY, m Alberta Kelly
              • Frank Robert Clifton, b1920, Louisville, KY, m Donnafae Ellen Gish
   Personal Pedigree - C-9 (scs919 AT
John Clifton, Sr., b c1770, Henry Co.,VA/Rockingham Co., NC, m Unknown Lewis
  • Elias Clifton, b1809, Henry Co.,VA, m Elisa A. Unknown
    • John Clifton, b c1836, NC, m Louise Jane Wright
      • James William Clifton, b10Sept1860, Rockingham Co.,NC, m Mary Kelly
        • Henry Grant Clifton, b7Jul1893, Henry Co.,VA, m Glenna King
  Personal Pedigree - C-11 (chatykat AT
John Clifton, b c1770, Patrick Co,VA, m Nancy Unknown
  • Martin J. Clifton, b22Dec1810, Henry Co,VA, m Suannah Barrett
    • James Ervin Clifton, b13Jun1854, Russell Co,VA, m Susan Carrie Privett
      • Claude Granvill Clifton, b13Mar1888, Washington Co,VA, m Nuni Carrie St. John
 Lineage III
 Personal Pedigree - C-10 (hiwayman AT
Bosman Clifton, b19July1790, DE, m Sarah Zumwalt
  • William Clifton, b Saint Charles Coy, MO, d1892
    • Bosman S. Clifton
    •  Harry Clifton
    •  John Dewitt Clinton Clifton, b1840, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
      • Edward Fremont Clifton, b1861
    • Elihu Watson Clifton, b1841,Clifton, Grant Co, WI
      • Archie Roy Clifton, b1874, Muscoda, Grant Co, WI
        • Orrin Watson Clifton, b1906, South Lancaster, Grant Co, WI
      • Lester E.  Clifton, b c1878, Muscoda, Grant Co, WI
        • Melvin L. Clifton, b1904, Platteville, Grant Co, WI
          • LaVerne Lester Clifton, b Beetown, Grant Co, WI d2005
        • Stanley T. Clifton, b1907, Grant Co, WI
        • Leland E. Clifton, b1909, Grant Co, WI
        • George L. Clifton, b1919, Woodman, Grant Co, WI
    • Isaac Newton Clifton, b1844, Platteville, Grant Co, WI
      • Marvin Luland Clifton, b1870, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
        • Joseph Claude Clifton, b1895, Lima, Grant Co, WI
          • Clayton Elmore Clifton, b1921, Mount Hope, Grant Co, WI
            • Terry Duane Clifton, b1948, Dodgeville, Iowa Co, WI
        • Luland Claire Clifton, b1897, Lima, Grant Co, WI
        • Isaac Reuben Clifton, b Lima, Grant Co, WI
        • Theodore Gerald Clifton, b1903, Lima, Grant Co, WI
      • James W. Clifton, b c.1872
      • Harry G. Clifton, b1879, Lima, Grant Co, WI
      • Floyd Garfield Clifton, b1881, Grant Co, WI
    •  James Theodore Clifton, b1845, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
      • Fred Clifton
      • Philip G. Clifton, b1886, IL
        •  Fred T. Clifton, b c.1912
    • Joseph Jackson Clifton, b1847, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
      • Frank E. Clifton, b1872,  WI
      • George F. Clifton, b c.1877, WI
      • Guy Harold Clifton, b1896, Marathon, Buena Vista Co, IA
        • Bruce Harold Clifton, b1918, Sioux City, Woodbury Co, IA
        • Jack Roger Clifton
        • Duane Hugh Clifton
    • Edward Lull Clifton, b1856
  • Andrew Clifton, b1820, Saint Charles Co, MO
    • John B. Clifton, b c.1845, Grant Co, WI
      • Clarence Terry Clifton, b1898, Arkanas City, Cowley Co, KS
    • Charles Alexander Clifton, b1847, Wingville, Grant Co, WI
      • Alvin D. Clifton, b c,1873, WI
      • Perle Willard Clifton, b1875, Arkansas City, Cowley Co, KS
      • Harry O. Clifton, b c.1878, KS
    • Andrew E. Clifton, b1860
  • Granville Thomas Lewis Clifton, b1825, Saint Charles Co, MO
    • Elias Clifton, b1850, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
    • Elmore Thomas Clifton, b1855, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
      • George Albert Clifton, b1875, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
        • Raymond Clifton, b1902, Platteville, Grant Co, WI
          • Raymond S. Clifton, Jr., b1925, Madison, Dane Co, WI
      •  Edward Almon(d) Clifton, b1879, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
    • James Clifton, b1856, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
      • James Howard Clifton, b1891, WI
    • Lewis Dewitt Clifton, b1858, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
      • Elliot Elisha Clifton, b1885, Montfort, Grant Co, WI
        • Keith Willard Clifton, b1920, Lincoln, Lancaster Co, NE
    • Eddy E. Clifton, b1860, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
    • Nelson A. Clifton, b1862, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
    • Curtis Clifton, b1866, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
  • James Brown Clifton, b1827, MO
  • Albert Fletcher Clifton, b c.1836, Clifton, Grant Co, WI
Unassigned Cliftons
  Personal Pedigree - C-4 (davidclifton AT
Bosman Clifton, b1756/74, Unknown, m Dicy Unknown 
  • Ralph Clifton, b c1788, Bladen Co, NC
  • Rhoda Clifton, b cJan1790, Bladen Co, NC
  • Daniel Clifton, b cNov1790, Bladen Co, NC, m Sabra McGee
  • Isaiah Clifton, b c.1793, Bladen Co, NC
  • Mary Clifton, b c1797, Bladen Co, NC
  • John Clifton, b cJuly1799, Bladen Co, NC, m Tincy McGee
    • Helen Clifton, b5Jul1828, Bladen Co, NC
    • Martha Jane Clifton, b1Oct1829, Bladen Co, NC
    • Rhoda Clifton, b25Mar1832, Bladen Co, NC
    • Emeline/Anneline Clifton, b12Jul1834, Bladen Co, NC, m Isaiah Clifton
    • Watson Troy Clifton, b19Sept1838, Bladen Co, NC, m Mary Ann Edwards
      • John Edwin Clifton Sr, b28May1869, Bladen Co, NC, m Martha Ladoska
      • Dennis T Clifton, b25 Sep1870, Bladen Co, NC
      • Mary W Clifton, b c1872, Cumberland County, NC
      • David Armstead Clifton, b27Aug1874, Cumberland County, NC, m Harriet Strickland Blanchard
      • Hosea C Clifton, b 21Jan1879, Cumberland County, NC
    • Wade Hampton Clifton aka Daniel Parker, b30Sep1841, Bladen Co NC, m Martha Jane Long
    • John W Clifton, b c1845, Bladen Co NC, m Adelaide/Valeria Hinton
    •  Carlton Taylor Clifton, bApr1847, Bladen Co NC, m Florence Turner 
   Personal Pedigree - ?? (rdhatfield AT
John F. Clifton,  b18Feb1835, Unknown, m Martha Stutzman
  • Edwin William Clifton, b7Jul1867, Lavaca Co,TX, m Sarah Katherine May
    • Clarence Joseph Clifton, b3Mar1902,Yoakum,TX, m Gert Byers & Grace Stansifer


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