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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • James Christie b 16 Aug 1758 Lancaster Co., PA m Sarah Lemmon - Gail Christie [gail.e.christie AT]
    • William Christie b 25 Aug 1786 Franklin Co., VA m Elizabeth Miles
      • Israel Christie b 24 Feb 1848 Shelby Co., KY m Sarah Ann West
        • Franklin Grant Christie b 14 Aug 1866 Miami Co., KS m Cora May Bond
          • John Israel Christie b 20 Sep 1894 Miami Co., KS m Mabel Ellen Essig
            • James Robert Christie b 24 May 1920 m Mable Lezette Gates 216060
  • William Christie  b 13 Oct.1774, New Jersey  m Mary Snook - Criss [rcefus AT]
    • Amos Christy, b 24, Nov. 1819 Newton, Sussex, N.Jersey, m Belinda Shively
      • Mary E. Christy b 26 Dec. 1856. Warren Trumbull Co. Ohio .m Frank Ernst B3314
  • Robert Christie, unk birthdate, unk birthplace, d. 1823 in Edgefield, SC, Spouse1 (est) Mary Allen, Spouse2 Susanah Gorman -Scott Christie [schristie AT]
    • Josiah Allen Christie  1790   Ninety-Six, SC m. Nancy Cureton
      • Josiah Albert Christie   21 Nov 1822   Thomason, GA m.  Martha Ann Griffith
        • John Monroe Christie  27 Apr 1856   Christie’s Chapel, AR  m. Marion Eula McCalmon
          • Scott Thomas Christie, Sr. 20 Feb 1891   Chillicothe, TX   m. Milbra Pafford B95943
    William Christie, b. 15 Sept. 1803, Aberdeen, Scotland; m. Isabella Stott - Kathleen Brooks [kandabrooks AT]
    • William Roger Christie, b. 6 January 1841, Aberdeen, Scotland; m. Margaret Watt
      • James Simpson Watt Christie, b. 30 November 1882, Aberdeen, Scotland; m. Harriett Henderson Grant Pirie
        • Henry Pirie Christie, b. 3 Aug 1914, Rhode Island; m. Christine L. Hopkins B55718
  • Robert Christie b 1820 GA or SC d 1907 Columbia Co., FL m c1864 in GA Elizabeth Wheeler - Cookiely [gopepper1 AT]
    • Charles J. Christie b 1866 GA d 1935 Hamilton Co., FL m  c1884 Martha A. Davis
      • Robert Charles Christie b 1886 Columbia Co., FL d1936 Gadsden Co., FL m 1926 Sallie Allen  C-3 51825

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Jesse Christie b c1750 Halifax, NC m Julia Dorthia James - Cathie Crawford [catcraw AT]
    • Thomas Christie b c1772 Halifax, NC m Kathleen Hervey
      • Zachariah Christie b c1794 NC m Mourning Drake
        • Thomas Hervey Christie b Oct 1834 Halifax, NC m Martha Barfield
          • Russell Aubrey Christie b 26 Nov 1867 Halifax, NC m Ethel Mary Adams
            • Russell Aubrey Christie b 7 Apr 1900 Newport News, VA m Reba Mozingo
  • James Christy b. 01-1782 d. 04-26-1869 Westmoreland Pa. wife Polly Harper- Maureen Starr Christy  [mchristy52 AT]
    • David Christy b. 01-28-1810 pa. d. 1861 wife Jane Christy born Hamilton
      • James W. Christy b. 1850 Pa. wife Eliza Jane Christy born Clark
        • Thompson Hamilton Christy b. 07-14-1882 Allegheny, Pa. d. 07-22-1955 wife Lettie Ethel Christy

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