Please send any queries or pedigrees for this project to:  jayfcarson AT

We will list include submitted Carson family trees on this Patriarch page (an abbreviated version of the first three or four generations). You may submit your family tree using the Pedigree link on the Carson project website. Please notify the volunteer project. With the family tree, we will list the kit number (if applicable) and the contact name and email address for that kit. Doing a DNA test is not a requirement for having a family tree posted on the Patriarch page.


If you are a DNA test participant with Family Tree DNA, it is important that you provide your Most Distant Ancestor in your profile so that it is exported with the YDNA Results chart. Include your earliest Carson paternal ancestor’s name, location, and dates of birth and death. If your YDNA test was performed by another lab, you will need to send that information directly to the volunteer project information for it to be included on the Results chart.

R Haplogroup Carson patriarchs (R1b1b2)














I Haplogroup Carsons (I2b1)












Asian Carsons (T, formerly K2)

Unassigned Carson Lines

















C-1, C-7, C-26, C-33, C-36, C-41, C-42: No pedigree information for this DNA test

C-32, C-37, C-40: No pedigree information and DNA test has not been sent to the lab.

C-25, C-30, C-31: Mitochondrial Test (maternal line, not a Carson surname test)

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