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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Caron / Carrow
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Edward Carrow b 1812-1845 m Gracie Tripp Boyd
    • Henry Carrow b 1888 Chocowhinty, NC d 1946 m Margarett Staton 181135

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Louis (Ludovico) Carron b c1816 France, Rennes-Pto Rico C1840, m Agustina - Rosa (Carron) Petrovich [trpetrov AT]
    • Luis Enrique Carron, b Jan 17, 1840 Pto Rico, d Mar 22, 1925, Dominican Republic
      • Alfredo Enrique Carron, b Cartagena, Colombia, d ?
      • Armando Luis Carron, b Colombia, SA, d Feb 17, 1963 Dominican Republic
      • Enrique Carron, b & d Puerto Rico
      • Hector Manuel Carron, b Dec 11, 1884 Pto. Rico, d Jul 1970 Pto. Rico
      • Luis Arturo Carron, b Oct 12, 1886, Pto. Rico, d Jun 1983 Pto. Rico
      • Claudio Carron, Sr., b C1905 Dominican Republic, d ?
      • Luis Enrique Carron, b Sep 9, 1907 Dom. Rep, d Sep 4, 1984 Dom. Rep.
    • Clovis Policarpo Carron, b c1842 Pto Rico, d 1928, Dominican Republic
      • Hector Carron, b Mar 1, 1888 Mayaguez, Pto. Rico, d ?

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