Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage date or any details on wives. If a family finder test was taken, a “FF” will be listed behind the kit number.  No daughters’ information will be included but if there is a female who has taken a Family Finder test, the kit number will be listed and there will be a “FFF” listed.   It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all the information that is known on a family.

This page is divided into three sections

Y-DNA Tested Lines

Family Finder Tested Lines – with no Y-DNA tested line

Lines Not Yet Tested



We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed. We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a Brotherton or any variant spelling male representing them in the DNA Project. We invite you to join the project. For best results, you will need to either be a male Brotherton or any variant spelling, or have a father, brother, uncle, or cousin who can be tested for you. It's easy, and there's no blood involved. Just a cotton swipe on the inside of your cheek.

DNA Tested Lines

Lineage 1 –  Brothers/Harrison - It is not clear if there was an early adoption between these lines or if the common ancestor was a Brothers or a Harrison

Brothers – No information provided 428903 FF

Richard "the Elder" Harrison b. abt 1745 prob. Virginia, d. abt 20 Feb 1816, Columbia Co., GA, m. Elizabeth "Betsy"-Stephanie Ray [Stephanie.ray90 AT]

·         Berryman Shepherd Harrison b. 1770 Georgia, d. Mar 1830 Warren Co., GA

o   Richard Franklin Harrison b. 1792 GA, 1816 GA

o   Benoni Terrell Harrison b. 1801 Wilkes Co., GA, d. 12 Aug 1853 Cass Co., GA, m. Nancy    

·         Clement King Harrison b. 1772 Columbia Co., GA, d. 31 Aug 1808 Richmond Co., GA, m. Elizabeth Williams

o   Matthew Harrison (name changed to Matthew Jouett Williams) b. 1805 Elbert Co., GA, d. 23 Jul 1873 Marietta, Cobb Co., GA

·         Gadwell Raines Harrison b. 1775 Columbia Co., GA, d. bef 18 Jul 1818 Columbia Co., GA

·         Dunwoody Renn Harrison b. 1783 Columbia Co., GA, d. 1817 Warren Co., GA

·         Terrill or Tyrel Cook Harrison b. abt 1784 Columbia Co., GA, d. Jan 1823 Columbia Co., GA, m. Martha

o   Richard Russell Harrison b. bet abt 1814 Tennessee or Georgia, d. 25 Jun 1887 Crawford Co., GA, m. Harriett Mary Toole

o   Sullivan Richard Harrison b. 26 Sep 1841, Columbia Co., GA, d. 29 Sep 1903, Crawford Co., GA, m. Sarah Ann Frances Webb

o   Richard Benjamin Harrison b. 10 Aug 1867 Crawford Co., GA, d. 8 Jul 1913 GA, m. Lillian Clyde Allen

o   Reliance Harrison b. 1867 Crawford Co., GA

o   Charles Edward Harrison b. 1874 Crawford Co., GA, d. 25 Sep 1906 Crawford Co., GA, m. Rosa Lee Sharpe

o   Eldridge Sullivan Harrison, Sr. b. 19 Sep 1877, Crawford Co., GA, d. 28 Jan 1952, Crawford Co., GA, m. Frances Maude Stroud

o   Terrell Thomas Harrison b. 1844 Columbia Co., GA, d. 1880

o   William Cook Harrison b. 1846 Columbia Co., GA, d. 29 Aug 1887 Linden, LA, m. Georgia Webb

o   John Lampkin Harrison b. 2 Mar 1848 Crawford Co., GA, d. 4 Jun 1925 Musella, Crawford Co., GA, m. Elizabeth Camilla Dent

§  Sidney Dent Harrison b. 1882 Crawford Co., GA, d. 1960, m. Etta Sandefer

§  John Weathersbee Harrison b. 1884 Crawford Co., GA, d. 1966, m. Mary Castlen, Willa McNeill, Jewel Butler

§  William Terrell Hoy Harrison b. 1887 Crawford Co., GA, d. 1965, m. Susan Rollins

§  Albyn Lampkin Harrison b. 1896 Crawford Co., GA, d. 1968, m. Helen Brownson

·         George Edward Harrison b. 4 Oct 1854 Columbia Co., GA, d. 28 Sep 1929 Corinth, Haralson Co., GA, m. Lela Tessa Felker

o   Edward Lidell Harrison b. 23 Jul 1889 Cedartown, Polk Co., GA, d. 1 Dec 1961 Bremen, Haralson Co., GA, m. Alice Lee Head 136507 FF & 285551 FFF, 541597 FF

o   Glenn Richard Harrison b. 1 Apr 1892 GA, d. 12 Apr 1956 Carroll Co., GA, m. Annie M Howard

o   George Franklin Harrison b. 13 Jun 1893 GA, d. 12 Sep 1956 Haralson Co., GA, m. Mammie

o   Swillie Everett Harrison b. 25 Feb 1898 GA, d. 1971 Carroll Co., GA, m. Clemmie S.

o   Chester Horace Harrison b. 10 Jul 1899, d. 28 Feb 1970 Haralson Co., GA, m. Monica Malecki


There is a 36/37 marker match between kit# 428903 and kit# 136507 and there is a 99.38% chance of a common male ancestor within the last 16 generations.  Test kit# 136507 has a 66/67 marker match with another Brothers who is not a member of this project.  It is interesting to note the   Harrison matches that do not directly descend from this Harrison line came from Ireland and settled in New York and Canada; and the only matches in the  United States is with the Brothers surname.  This Harrison family came from Virginia, and settled in Georgia and research was provided by Stephanie Ray. This family is haplogroup R-M269


Lineage 2 – Haplogroup R1b - No matches in the project

Brothers – No information provided 484479 FF


Lineage 3 - Haplogroup R1b - No matches in the project

Brotherton, William  – b 23 Feb 1794, Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland, d. 23 Nov 1834, Canada m Margaret 253Kyle b 10 Dec 1797, St Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland, d 14 Dec 1860, St Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland – mapletreelodge  at

·         William Brotherton, b. 6 Jul 1820, St Boswells, Roxboroughshire, Scotland, d. 11 Aug 1900, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada, m Ann Young, b

25 Mar 1820, Scotland, d. 15 Mar 1898, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

o   Andrew Brotherton b abt 1858, Otonabee Tsp, Ontario, Canada, d. 24 Jan 1934, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, m Agnes S Richardson b 22 Oct 1858, Ontario, Canada, d 29 Nov 1936 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

§  William Brotherston b. abt 1883, Otanabee, Canada, d.1956, Canada, m. Olivia Beatrice Douglas b. 5 May 1900, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada, d 29 Nov 1980, Niagara Falls, NY 497223 FF

There is a 34/37 and a 62/67 marker match with the Herriott/Harriott surname.   There is a 90% chance this Brotherton line shares a common ancestor with the Herriott/Harriott surname within the past 12 generations.  Research information from this line was provided by Karen Brotherston.

Lineage 4 - Haplogroup R1b - No matches in the project

Joshua Brothers b. abt 1765 Wales, d 1855 Clay County, IN, m. Mary Martin 268141 - tbrothers1961 at

·         Abner Brothers b. abt 1798 NC, d abt 1876 Indiana, m Mary Dalton

o   Thomas Brothers b. 1 Jan 1837, Orleans, Orange County, IN, d. 12 Jan 1915 Clay County, IN, m Dorothy Yost b abt 1840

o   William F Brothers b. 1868

§  Charles Nelson Brothers, b 4 Mar 1873, d. 1941, m Cora L “Dode” Brown

It is reported that Joshua Brothers was a native of England.  Joshua Brothers was the only member of his immediate family to come to the United States.  He first lived in North Carolina but removed to Orange County, IN and then moved to Clay County, IN.  Abner Brothers was born and raised in Pasquotank County, NC before coming to Orange County, IN with his parents. Research from this line was provided by Tom Brothers.

(The source for this information is Source Citation Description Section: Vol. II. History of Clay County Source Information A history of Clay County, Indiana: closing of the first century's history of the county, and showing the growth of its people [database on-line]. Provo, UT: Operations Inc, 2005.Original data: Travis, William, A history of Clay County, Indiana: closing of the first century's history of the county, and showing the growth of its people, institutions, industries and wealth. New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1909.Source Description)


Family Finder Tested Lines

These lineages do not have a Y-DNA test but have connections to the surnames in this project


 Alexander Brotherstanes, b. abt  1632, Peeblesshire, Scotland m. Allison Tunwell b. abt 1632 Peeblesshire, Scotland – twbroton at

·         Alexander Brotherstones b. 1656, d. 1658, Peeblesshire, Scotland

·         William Brotherstains, b. 1662 Peeblesshire, Scotland, m. Bessie Caldwals b. abt 1664

o   Adam Brotherstains b. 1696 Peebles, Scotland

§  Adam Brotherstains b. 1721 Peebles, Scotland, d. 1767 Peebles, Peebleshire, Scotland

·         Alexander Brotherstains b. 7 Jul 1749, Peeblesshire, Scotland, d. 19 Oct 1821, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada

§  John Alexander Brotherton b. 1789, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada, d. 8 Aug 1861, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada, m. Esther Duguay b. abt 1789

·         Solomon Brotherton b. 22 Sep 1833, Paspebiac, Bonaventure, PQ, Canada, d. 22 May 1905, Duluth, St. Louis, MN, m. Mary Ann Robinson b. 28 Dec 1837 Paspebiac, Bonaventure, PQ, Canada, d. 13 May 1902 Duluth, St. Louis, MN B79859 FF and B105253 FF


Research for this line was provided by Terry Brotherton.


John Brotherton, Sr – b. 1737 Donegal, Ireland, d. 1807 Iredell County, NC, m. Nancy Boyd  - catlynn at

·         William Brotherton b. 18 Sep 1759, d 31 Jan 1838, m. Esther Bone b. 1759 Lancaster,

                Chester County, PA, d. 1 Aug 1822, Greene County, TN 361313 FFF

o   Benjamin Brotherton b. 1 Jan 1790 Iredell County, NC, d. 1850  

o   John F Brotherton b 27 Oct 1794, d. 27 Oct 1828, m. Martha Patsy Smith b.

                                1793, VA, d. 1 Jan 1844, Washington, AR

o   Bayless Brotherton b. 1820 Greene County, TN, d. 1847 Washington, AR

§  John James Brotherton b. 1 Jan 1826, Greene County, TN, d. 4 Jul 1870

                                                Fannin, Texas, m. Elizabeth Stiles, 10 Jan 1827 Choctow Nation, Red

                                                River, TX, d. 3 Nov 1907 Alton, Oregon County, Missouri

§  James Monroe Brotherton b 7 Mar 1850, d 11 Mar 1850, Deming, Luna Co., NM

§  John S Brotherton b. 1856 Texas

§  Robert R Brotherton b. 1868, Fannin County, TX, d. 1900

·         Henry Brotherton b 1798 Greene County, TN, d. 1838

·         George Brotherton b 1807 Greene County, TN d. 1838


Joseph Brotherton b. abt 1782 Pennsylvania, d. abt 1855 Tippah County, MS, m. Polly Duncan, b. North Carolina - nbatesp at

·         John Lane Brotherton b. 6 Jan 1807 Lincoln Co, NC, d. 28 Feb 1895 Tippah County, NC, m. Eliza Morris, b. 14 Oct 1822, Hardeman Co, TN, d. Tippah County, MS

o   Thomas Hughey Brotherton b. 26 Jan 1866, d. 1 Nov 1958 Saulsbury,

                                Hardeman County, TN, m. Mary Ida McAlister b. 4 Jun 1875, d. 5 Mar

                                Saulsbury, Hardeman County, TN –  360353 FFF




·         John William Brotherton b. 30 Aug 1827, Jefferson County, VA, m. Mariah Scott Dorsey – judithlfrench at FF Kit 93952

o   Lee White Brotherton b. 20 Mar 1862, Jackson County, WV, m. Nancy Alice Fogelsong

§  William Holly Brotheron b 25 Jun 1882, Jackson County WV, m. Gertrude Hazel Barnett

·         Macel Pearl Brotherton b 18 Jul 1905, Kanawha Co, WV, m. Foster Oren French