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       Family Groups and Lineages of the Britton DNA Project      


There are an undetermined number of Britton families living in the world today.  

Although all of these families share a form of the same surname, each  descends from a different patriarch with a unique Y-DNA signature which has been passed from father to son with little change from one generation to the next.  For this reason, Britton men from the same male line will show similar DNA results when tested, while those from other lines will not.  Britton men from different male lines are usually said to be unrelated  because they do not share a common ancestor who lived within a genealogical or historical time period.


The majority of these Britton families belong to the Celtic  Haplogroup R1b, but several are of Germanic or Norse origin (Haplogroups I1 and R1a) and are presumed to have arrived in Britain from Scandinavia or Jutland during the Dark Ages between c 400AD and the Norman Conquest.   Other Haplogroups represented in the project include  E1b1b1b2, which is the third most common Haplogroup in Europe,  although it is only sparsely represented in the British Isles, and Haplogroup G, which  occurs at  low frequencies in Britain and is more often found in Wales than in other areas.  


                    BRITTON DNA RESULTS                       


Our project’s database is drawn from these sources:


1. Britton International DNA Project at Family Tree DNA/World Families Network

2. Family Tree’s Database at Y-search

3. Ancestry DNA database

4. Oxford Ancestry


The following lineages have either been tested by the Britton International DNA Project or have entered DNA results and pedigrees in one of the online databases listed above.


Please note that the Britton DNA project is no longer posting pedigrees for men who have not yet been tested.





Please use this link for the database at Family Tree DNA:







This database includes men tested by Ancestry, Oxford Ancestors, and other testing companies. Each participant has been assigned a special code consisting of a letter or letters followed by a number, thus enabling researchers to match pedigrees on this page with DNA results on the Y-results page.  A indicates test results from Ancestry, B from Family Tree, SMGF from Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, DNAH from DNAHeritage (purchased by Family Tree in 2011), and OA from Oxford Ancestors.   A code consisting of five letters and/or numbers represents data gathered from Y-Search.  Kit numbers are also included for members tested by Family Tree.




Family Group 1: –Haplogroup I1-L1275:

John Britton bc 1672/3, probably in the London area, is the earliest known progenitor of this family.  Although born in England, John was living in Henrico Co., VA by 1684, was married before c 1700, and had several sons:  William b by 1701 d Chesterfield Co., VA 1770 ; John b before April, 1705, d before August 1786, Henrico Co., VA (no male issue); James b by c 1711, d 1798, Henrico Co., VA. Henry bc 1715 d after 1771, Henrico Co., Va.?

Write to britton@one.name.org for more information.


Lineage for B-39/#H1192, B-40/#H1193 & B-41/#H1194:

John Britton bc 1672/3 ENG or VA & living in Henrico Co in 1684
Son of John Britton
William Britton d 1793, Chesterfield Co., VA. M Ann________
John Britton b 1761, m Martha Eanes
John Britton c 1800-1852, Chesterfield Co., VA. M Elizabeth (Dyson) Simonson

Lineage for B-42/#H1195:

John Britton bc 1672/3 ENG or VA. and living in Henrico Co., VA in 1684
William Britton bc 1700 Henrico d 1770, Chesterfield Co., VA. m Mary Owens
William Britton bc 1723, Henrico Co. VA. d 1798, Halifax Co., VA. m Mildred______
William E. Britton c 1776-1847, Halifax Co. VA. m Elizabeth Thweatt
Isham Henry Britton c 1798-1851, Halifax Co., VA. m Mary W. Toot
John Bacon Britton b 1830 Halifax Co., VA. D 1884 Mapleton, Bourbon Co. Kansas m 2nd Elizabeth Blackmore

Lineage for B-45/#H1611:

John Britton bc 1672/3 ENG or VA. and living in Henrico Co., VA in 1684
Son of John Britton
William Britton d 1793, Chesterfield Co., VA. M Ann________
John Britton b 1761, m Martha Eanes
James Britton c 1800, Chesterfield Co., VA. D 1879 Panola Co., MS m Mary W._____

Lineage for A-10:

John Britton bc 1672/3 ENG or VA & living in Henrico Co in 1684
Son of John Britton
William Britton d 1793, Chesterfield Co., VA. M Ann________
John Britton b 1761, m Martha Eanes
William Britton b 1785 m Pamela K Wells
Richard Oscar Britton b 1810 d 1859 m 1st Margaret Eliza Spivey
Stephen Wells Britton b 1841, Bertine Co., NC dc 1894 m 2nd Richardetta Marles Mason
Stephen Willoughby b 1870
Mason W. Hugh Britton

Lineage for B-10/#122425:
John Britton bc 1672/3 ENG or VA and living in Henrico in 1684
Son of John Britton
William Britton 1769-1839, Chesterfield Co., VA m Sarah Dance
William Britton 1805-1881, Chesterfield CO., VA.
John Webster Britton 1893-1907, Chesterfield CO., VA.
John Webster Britton Jr. 1876-1946, Chesterfield Co., VA.
Roland Edward Britton 1908-1994

Family Group 2: Haplogroup I1—L22 subgroup: This Britton Family which is first found in southside Virginia is said by tradition to descend from Henry Britton who came either from northern VA or MD.  We know that George Britton Sr and John Britton (believed to be brothers) were living in southside VA counties (Halifax, Mechlenburg, etc) by the late 18th century and that both men left VA and settled in Georgia around the turn of the century.  Records for Lunenburg Co., VA from the 1750’s mention a Henry Britton, but we have found nothing so far to connect him to George Sr. or John Britton.


Lineages for B-43/#H1246:

John Britton b 1768 VA. D Butts Co, GA. M Mary (Edwards?)
James Britton b 1812 Jasper Co.,GA d 1863 Tallapoosa Co., AL. m Seletha Holloway
John Albert Britton b 1845 GA d 1909 Eastland Co., Texas

Lineage for A-8:

George Brittain Sr. bc 1742 VA or MD d 1825 Oglethorpe Co., GA.
Little Berry Britain b 1783 VA. D 1850-60 Calhoun Co, AL. m Mary Winnifred Biggs

Lineage for B-6/#47149:

Henry Britton b before 1740 died 1784 [this generation not proven]

John Britton b. 6/25/1768 VA died 1838 married Mary Baker

Emmanuel b. 4/11/1810 GA died 1874 GA married Jane Smith

James Wain b. 4/15/1842 GA died 1914 married Rebecca Whatley

Orrin Davis b. 8/26/1862 died 1943 married Annie Wretha Ward

Olin Ward b. 5/30/1888 died 1975 married Vera E, Roger

Curtis Elbert b. 8/30/1915 died 2004 married Mada Lee Brasuell


Lineage for B-9/#N58711:

John Britton b 1768 VA d Butts Co, GA 1838 m Mary (Edwards?)
George Brittain b. abt 1800 d. Mar 1860
James M. Britton b. 1832 d. 1900
Madison Henry Britton b. Dec 1867 d. 3 Feb 1927

Lineage for B-11/#125423:
John B. Britton, b 25 June 1768 VA, d 1 Oct 1838 Butts Co, GA m Mary Edwards? - cbrittain [cbrit AT cox.net
Emanuel Brittain, b 11 April 1810 Jasper or Butts Co., GA, d 9 Dec 1874 Coweta Co., GA m Jane L. Smith
William Berry Columbus Brittain, b 28 Oct 1844 Troup Co GA, d 24 Nov 1900 Heard Co., GA m Francis Carmichael
William Thomas Brittain, b 24 Aug 1870 AR, d 14 Oct 1959 Bibb Co., GA m Fanny E. Huff
Ralph Lee Brittain, b 8 Dec 1899 Culman AL, d 21 Feb 1979 Bibb Co., GA m Gladys I. Lassetter

Lineage for B-12/#N30567:

George Brittain Sr. bc 1742 VA or MD d 1825 Ogelthorpe Co., GA.
Henry Britain b 1791 d 1867 Oglethorpe Co., GA m 1) Nancy Lansford 2) Louisa Booker

Lineage for B-16/#147245:

George BRITTAIN Sr.: prob VA; married about 1770; died on 8 Jul 1825 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. m

Judith/Judea [maiden name unknown]: born about 1754 in prob VA; died about 16 Jan 1837 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.

George BRITTAIN Jr.: born c1778 in VA; married on 23 Jul 1800 in Oglethorpe Co., GA; died bet 1824 and 1830.m Nancy BREWER: born about 1780 in NC; died after 1851.

Thomas Jefferson BRITAIN: born on 5 May 1825 in Perry Co., AL; married on 15 Nov 1850 in Perry Co., AL; died on 10 Jul 1880 in Nacogdoches Co., TX. m Susan OAKES: born on 18 Jan 1832 in Perry Co., AL; died on 20 Dec 1922 in Martinsville, Nacogdoches Co., TX.

 Burrell Mosley "Burl" BRITAIN: born on 16 Apr 1857 in Claiborne Parish, LA; married on 24 Dec 1877 in Nacogdoches Co., TX; died on 30 Apr 1896 in Nacogdoches Co., TX. m. Martha Elvina DILLARD: born on 11 Jun 1861 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX; died on 30 Nov 1901.

Joseph Lewis BRITAIN: born on 18 Mar 1884 in San Augustine Co., TX; died on 18 Feb 1969 in Taft, San Patricio Co., TX.; married Laura Sidney Burgess 24 Sep 1902. She was born 15 Dec 1884 San Augustine Co., TX and d 6 Aug 1956 in Taft, San Patricio, TX.


 Lineage for B-28/#182943:

George Brittain Sr.(1742-1825) VA-GA wife Judith

George Brittain Jr.(1787-1824) VA-AL wife Nancy Brewer

William Americus Brittain (1826-1900) AL-LA wife Arminda A. Barnett

Walter Americus Brittain (1882-1966) LA wife Alice Louiza Eubanks

Wilburn Claude Brittain (1907-1989) LA-MI wife Emma Roseltha Powers


Family group 3---Britton of Jersey, CI; France &South Carolina; and Norfolk & Henrico Co., VA-

We have identified three branches of this family:

1) Trinity Parish, Jersey, Channel Islands 2) France & Britton’s Neck, SC; and 3) Portsmouth Parish, Norfolk, VA. and Henrico Co., VA.


Lineage for B-5/#N37006:

Alexander Hamilton Britton b 1859, Waynesboro, MS., m Mary Louisa Carquot b 1875, Biloxi, MS


Lineage for B-19/#152798:

Jean Britton bc 1635 France

Captain Francis Bretagne b 1660 England d 1731 SC

Moses Britton b1702 SC d 1750SC m 1st Hester Jolly

Daniel Britton b 1741SC d 1781 SC

John Graham Britton bc 1765 SC d 1840 Wayne, MI m Rachel Blalock

Frank Britton b 1810 South Carolina d 1881 m Lydia May Smith

Little John Britton b 1837 Waynesboro, MS d 1876 m

L.John G. Britton b 1865, ALA m Fannie Mae Price

Edward Lamar Britton bc 1904 d 1963, MS


Lineage for B-51 (Kit#241884)

Bennett Britton Sr. bc 1720 or before, d 1773 Portsmouth Parish, Norfolk, VA.

Bennett Britton Jr. served in the Revolution, m 2nd Delphia Wood 1815, Henrico

Jesse Britton bc 1774 Norfolk? , m Sally Franklin, 1802, Henrico, d 1850 Henrico

Andrew Turpin Britton bc 1825, Henrico m Lavinia Burnette d1898

Joseph W. Britton b 1850 Henrico Co. m Mary Claytor d 1920

William J. Britton b 1874 Henrico m Lula Burkert d1950

John B. Britton b 1900, Henrico m Pauline Griffith d 1980


Lineage for B-54/Kit 310384:

Jean Le Breton b. 1520 Channel Islands married Helierre Godel

Rogier Le Breton bc 1551 Channel Islands m Peronelle De La Haye 

Estienne Le Breton b. about 1588 Channel Islands married Jeanne Le Sueur

Jacques Le Breton b.1631 Channel Island married Catherine Gallichan

Jean Le Breton b. about 1668 Channel Islands married Elizabeth Boutillier

Jean Le Breton b. 1703 Channel Islands married Marie De Louche

Benjamin Le Breton b. 1740 Channel Islands married Francoise Cabot

Pierre Le Breton b. 1776 Channel Island married Anne Hamon

Francis Le Breton b. 1822 Channels Islands married Marie Luce

Francis Philip Le Breton b. 1847 Channel Islands married Susan Everett

Alfred Charles Le Breton b. 1891 New Zealand married Freda Jane Wehner


B-74 also descends in the female line from:

Thomas Le Breton b. 1450

Jean Le Breton b. 1486 Channel Islands

Servais Le Breton b. about 1519 Channel Islands married Helene Le Sueur His daughter was

Marguerite Le Breton b 1547 m De La  Haye and had

Peronelle who m Rogier Le Breton (above)


Family group 4-- Britton of Kelston & Corston, SOMERSET: Haplogroup R1a:

B-27 has traced his line back to William Britton of Kelston, Somerset who was disclaimed in 1623.  B-27 has good circumstantial evidence indicating that William Britton descends from John Britton bc 1500 who lived in Corston, Somerset.


A-13--waiting for pedigree


Lineage for B-27/#183137:

John Britton, bc 1500, prob Corston, Somerset, England, m Unknown may have been the father of:

John Britton, bc 1525, Kelston, Somerset, England, m Elizabeth  (1)

William Britton, bc 1557, Kelston, Somerset, England, m Mary

William Britton, b 1592, Kelston, Somerset, England, m Edith Ward (2)

John Britton, b 1629, Corston, Somerset, England, m Frances Fisher

John Britton, b 1650, Corston, Somerset, England, m Joan Hicks nee Higginbottome

Joseph Britton, b 1679, Corston, Somerset, England, m Mary Fletcher

William Britton, bc 1707, Corston, Somerset, England, m Christian Phelps (3)

Joseph Britton, b 1745, Kingsdon, Somerset, England, m Elizabeth Smith

Joseph Britton, bc 1786, Kingsdon, Somerset, England, m Unity Davis (4)

William Smith Britton, bc 1806, Butleigh, Somerset, England, m Sebra Vincent (5)

Sydney John Britton, bc 1849, Butleigh, Somerset, England, m Adah Dyer

Reginald Britton, bc 1881, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, m Janette Grace Evans

Gerald Percy Britton, b 1911, Southend, Essex, England, m Elsie Eleanor Pratt


(1) Descent inferred from will, burial to be at Caston, date and Kelston property.

(2) Birth date from IGI, J. Goulstone has later date.

(3) Burnett history gives late father of Corston, minor son implied, probable error in IGI/Goulstone birth attribution.

(4) No birth record at Kingsdon but father's burial about then and Samuel probably renamed for him.  Mother buried at Butleigh.

(5) Birth probably before and baptism 4 mo. after parents’ marriage; middle name Smith probably from grandmother


Lineage for B-67 Kit# 350521 (formerly A-26):

William Washington Brittain b 20 Aug 1835 Indiana, d 29 May 1889 Tabor, Iowa.

William Brittain, b 1784, Lee, Virginia, d March 1822 Shelby Co., Kentucky, m Elizabeth Field

James Brittain, b 22 Aug 1804 Virginia, d 17 Aug 1890 Talent, Oregon, m Mary Ann Banks

William Washington Fields Brittain, b 20 August 1835, Indiana, d 29 May 1889 Tabor, Fremont, Iowa, m Malissa Thompson

Lester Dean Brittain, b 8 May 1874 Fremont, Iowa, d 2 Dec 1917 Spokane, Washington, m Nellie Hodgin

Lester Paul Brittain, b 9 Nov 1897 Mills, Iowa, d 13 March 1952 Everett, Washington, m Olga Emilia Joyce



FAMILY GROUP 5: Britton of Batcombe, SOMERSET--Haplogroup R-L20 subgroup.  Several members of Group 5B trace desent from  Richard Britton of Batcombe, Somerset, bc 1585 whose sons Nathaniel and William settled on Staten Island New York while son Cananuel settled in Chester Co., PA.


Group 5 divides into two subgroups based on results for DYS 388. Several members of 5A trace descent from James Britton bc 1704, who moved from Chester CO, PA to Orange Co, VA in the 1730’s and from VA to Rowan Co, NC in 1754.  All members of 5A have a value of 11 at DYS 388, whereas members of 5B have the modal value of 12.  No one in 5B appears to descend from James Britton. 


The common ancestor of subgroups 5A and 5B has not been identified.


Line Leaders for Group 5:  B-17 of Subgroup A and B-13 of  Subgroup B.


Subgroup  5A:

Group 5A members with proof of descent from James & Mary Witty Britton:

Lineage for DNAH-5:

James bc 1709 m Mary Witty
Daniel bc 1747 Orange Co. VA m Ann
James bc 1773 Guilford Co., NC m Jane Gass
William b 22 Dec 1799 Greene Co.TN m Sarah M.Gates
Noble Rufas b 30 Mar 1828 Franklin Co,AL m Susanna A. McDermitt
George Almont b 5 Feb 1860 Franklin Co. AL m Melia Jane Moore
Willie Ross b 25 May 1901 Belgreen AL m Sallie V. Bennett

Lineage for A-9:

James Britton bc 1709 m Mary Witty
Daniel bc 1747, Frederick Co., VA m Ann
James bc 1773 Guilford Co., NC m Jane Gass
John Britton bc 1795


Lineage for B-17/#150819:

James Britton b c 1705 m 1726, Mary Witty, Somerset, PA d 17 Oct 1776, Guilford, NC

Nathaniel Brittain b 1734 VA m 1751, Rachel Wall   m 1760, Elizabeth Parks

Levi Britton b1768 Wythe VA m Nancy Daniel, Knox County, KY

William Britton b 4 Apr 1808, Harlan Co, KY              m 26 Apr 1830, Mary Ann Lewis, Clay Co, KY      d 27 Sep 1870, Clay Co, KY

Carlo Britton  b 15 Feb 1849, Big Creek, Clay Co, KY         m 3 Apr 1873, Adeline Marcum, Clay Co, KY d 15 Mar 1933, Clay Co, KY

Taylor Britton b 24 Jan 1880, Clay Co, KY  m 6 Dec 1900, Flora Marcum, Clay Co, KY d 18 Nov 1930, Clay Co, KY


Family web site: http://www.brittonplaces.com/



Lineage for B-32/#187523:

James Britton bc 1705 or before, living in Chester CO, PA in 1726 m Mary Witty & moved to Orange Co VA in the 1730's and to Rowan CO, NC in 1754

Daniel Britton m Ann & moved to TN c 1788

William Britton Sr bc1770 m Mary Hannah

William Britton Jr m Margaret Gass

George Gass Britton m Margaret Dodd

William Nathan Britton m Laura Maiden

Julius Alvin Britton m Margaret Overman


Lineage for B-37/#209250

James bc 1709 m Mary Witty

Daniel bc 1747 Orange Co. VA m Ann

William Britton, Sr. b 1770 Rowan Co, NC m Dec. 10, 1791 Mary Hannah in Greene Co., TN

Thomas Britton b 1805 Greene Co, TN m 1st Malinda Hankins, Greene Co, TN; 2nd Mary Ann Whitaker moved to Clay, Missouri in 1871

Archer Register Britton

Edwin Eben Britton


Lineage for Kit #255820—B-52:

James Britton b c 1705 m 1726, Mary Witty, Somerset, PA d 17 Oct 1776, Guilford, NC

Nathaniel Brittain b 1734 VA m 1751, Rachel Wall   m 1760, Elizabeth Parks

James Brittain m Nancy Chadwell, lived in Lee Co., VA

David Chadwell Britain, lived in Lee Co., VA.

Henry Washington Britain

David Earl Britain

Earl Lee Britain

Henry W. Britain


The relationship of the following families to James and Mary (Witty) Britton has not been determined.


B-21/#162849 waiting for pedigree


A-12 waiting for pedigree


Lineage for A-14:

According to family legend, name changed from Britton to Ewton (possibly Jessie or James Britton/Ewton, pre-1780 NC, 1780 Campbell Co VA; 1790’s Knox TN)
James Ewton b NC & Rebecca Parker b VA m 1800, Knox Co.,TN.
Albin Buchanan Ewton Sr. b 1810, Sparta, White Co., TN
Albin Buchanan Ewton Jr. b 1847, Sequatchie Co., TN
Martin VanBuren Ewton b 1870, Sequatchie Co., TN
Andrew Jackson Ewton b 1905 d 1983 Yell Co., AR


Lineage for B-1/N8107:

James Britton c 1770-1836, Mobile Alabama


Lineage for SMGF-2:

Nathaniel Brittain b. 1804/1805 Knox County, Kentucky, USA M Emeline Faught b. 1810 Franklin, Kentucky, USA
Jabez L. Brittain b 29 Nov. 1833, Putnam, Indiana m Julia Caroline Posey
Frank L. Britain b 26 Dec 1874, Georgetown, W. Texas
Frank L. Brittain, Jr. b 10 Aug 1898, Georgetown W. Texas


Lineage for B-31/#183925:

Joseph B Brittain, b.1729 (NC) d.1773 (NC), m. Mary James "Jemima" Brittain

Joseph Brittain, b.1756 (NC) d.1823 (TN), m. Dorothy "Dolley" Horner

Joseph H. "Little Joe" Brittain b.1810 - d.1848 (TN), m. Mary "Polly" James Williams

Joseph Fulton Brittain, Sr. b.1831 (TN) - d.1917 (TN), m. Elizabeth C. (Betty) Reynolds

Joseph Fulton Brittain, Jr, b.1860 (TN) - d.1927 (TN), m. Josie Holt

Reynolds Womack Brittain, Sr., b.1893 - d.~1935, m. Myrtle Edna Edsall


Lineage for B-34/#9260:

Elizabeth Woods bc ? living in Bunscombe Co., NC in 1830 and _______Britton who are presumed to be the parents of:

Henry J. Woods bc 1824, NC, etc.


Lineage for B-35/#25915

Thomas B. Williams b c 1837 GA d bef. 1880 m Nancy Jane Pratt

Thomas Abijah Williams b 01 Aug 1868 Sanford County, AL d 26 Jun 1939 m Martha Emily Moore
Earnest David Williams b 30 Jun 1906 AL d 15 Feb 1987 m Ressie Wilson

Williams Y-DNA submitted; this family’s relationship to the Brittons has not been determined.


Lineage for B-69 (Kit # 359811)

James Britton bc 1705 or Before m Mary Witty

William Sr. Brittain 1738-1794  Buncombe County, North Carolina  married-Rebecca Ballinger

William Jr. Brittain  1775-1845  born Guilford, North Carolina  married-Mary Polley Gooch; Rachel Clayton; Rosanna Wright

John Gooch Brittain  1796-1853  born Guilford, North Carolina  married-Sarah Lindsey lived in Haysville, Dubois, Indiana

Sidney Smith Brittain  1846-1912 born Dubois County, Indiana  married-Elizabeth M. Woods  lived in Tillman Count, Oklahoma

William Frank Brittain  1875-1956  born Dubois, Dubois, Indiana married Alma Bessie Adkinson  lived Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma


Lineage for B-71 (Kit364626):

William Britton b 1799 m Sarah Gates


Lineage for B-89 Kit# 433707

James Brittain bc 1705 m Mary Witty

Nathaniel Brittain 1740-1776 m Elizabeth Parks

Parks Brittain 1771-1846 m Sarah Price 1771-1843

Milton Price Brittain 1822-1898 m Nancy Garriott 1828-1912

Frederick H. Brittain 1859-1921 m Mary Jane Rooks 1862-1904

Ruben F. Brittain 1893-1967 m {hyllis Hazel Cline 1898-1989

Noel Howard Brittain 1918-1981


Subgroup 5B:


AO-1 is the ID# for Michael Britton, who was born in England and whose most distant Britton ancestor was born in England.  He was tested some years ago by Oxford ancestors and matches members of Group 5B on 10 markers tested, indicating that he probably shares a Britton ancestor with Group 5.  Please note, however, that additional markers and/or a well-researched pedigree would be needed for proof of common ancestry.


The following families descend from Brittons who settled in Staten Island, NY & trace descent from Richard Britton of Batcombe, Somerset:


Lineage for B-22/#165534:

Richard b1585 Batcombe, Somerset, England

William Britton b1635 Batcombe Eng

Daniel Britton b1675 Staten Isl

Daniel Britton b1705 Middlesex, NJ

Nicholas Britton b1733 d abt1766 Middlesex NJ

Daniel Britton, born c.1755--settled in NJ----had a brother John Britton who

died in Onondaga County, NY—Daniel’s widow (probably 2nd wife) Charlotte Teeter Britton applied for a pension in the early 1840s.

Son Charlton, born in 1799 in New York m 2nd? Julia Pettypool

Son Joseph born 1838 in Indiana. m 2nd Bertha Hirsbrunner Britton

Edgar Britton b1891 IN, MI


Lineage for B-47/#216792 (also A-19):

Richard Britton of Batcombe, Somerset., bc 1585

William Britton (~1630-1683) m. Mary Stillwell

Joseph Britton (1669-~1720) m. Elizabeth

Joseph Britton (~1691-1756) m. Anne Mount, Benjamin Britton (~1715-?) m. ?,

Richard  c 1745?-  1820? M Lydia________   All members of this family lived in Monmouth Co. NJ,, which became Ocean Co. after 1850.

James Britton  c 1770-1775 to 1840-1850  mar Clarissa Stimetz or Stymax c 1778-1856

John Britton (1822-1897) m. Jane H. Fisher (1829-1900)

Jackson Britton  (1873-1940) m. Sarah E. Branson (1882-1947)

Edward H. Britton (1903-1982) m  Margaret A. Anderson (1908-1989)


Lineage for B-38/#200325: 

Richard Britton bc 1585 Batcombe, Somerset, England

Nathaniel Britton of Staten Island, NY, d 1684, m Ann Stillwell

Judge Nathaniel Britton of Staten Island, 1666-1729 m Elizabeth Garritson

Abraham Britton b 18 September 1729 m Rebecca Van Sandt

Joseph Britton Sr. b 1753, Bux Co, PA m Margaret Jones

Joseph Britton Jr. 1788-1881, Washington Co., NC  m Mary__________

Joseph Britton III 1826-1883, Hawkins Co., TN,  m Eleanore Morrison  Morelock

Henry Britton 1880-1908, Hawkins Coi, TN m Malinda Rosa Arnold


Lineage for B-55—Kit#276802

Richard Britton 1585-1655 Batcombe, Somerset, England Christiana Reymers

Nathaniel Britton 1635, Glo., Eng. D 1683 Staten Island, NY m Anne Stillwell

Nathaniel Britton c 1666-1729 Staten Island, NY 1st ??? 2nd Elizabeth Gerritson

Nicholas Britton c 1695--after 1770 Staten Island, NY Christina

Nicholas c1725-1783

Isaac Britton 1756-1841 Hightstown, NJ m Elizabeth Snapp

Orson Britton 1803-1891 NewJersey, USA m Marie M L’Hommedieu


Lineage for B-57--Kit # 310326 

Richard Britton, Sr. b. 1585 Lived Batcombe, Somerset, England m. Christian Reymes

Nathaniel Britton of Staten Island, NY, d 1684, m Ann Stillwell

Judge Nathaniel Britton of Staten Island, 1666-1729 m Elizabeth Garritson

Abraham Britton b 18 September 1729 m Rebecca Van Sandt

Joseph Britton b. 1753 Pennsylvania m. Margaret Jones

Charles Britton b. 1785 Baltimore Co. m. ??????

David E. Britton b 1818 Hawkins Co. TN. m. Lucinda Moore

George W. Britton b 1842 Hawkins Co, TN. m. Adaline Jane Wagner

George Thomas Britton b. 1882 Robertson Co. TN. m. Thady Elizabeth Cox


Lineage for B-66 (Kit# N114019)

Richard Brittain bc 1585, lived at Batcombe, Somerset, England

Nathanial Brittain born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England and who died in Gravesend, Brooklyn, NY (1628-1684).

Richard Brittain or Britton born in Gravesend, Brooklyn, NY and who died in Fort Monmouth, Monmouth, NJ (1667-1732.

John Brittain born in Bucks, Pa and who died in Plumstead, Bucks, PA (1695-1784).

Nathan Brittin, Sr. From PA (1724-1778.

Elijah Brittin born in Hilltown, Bucks, PA and who died in Ross, OH (about. 1755-about 1816).

Evans Brittin born in Bucks County, PA (1791-about 1860).

Henry Brittin born and died in Sangamon County, IL (1835-1899).

William A. Brittin (1852-1940).

William Sidney Brittin (my grandfather) born in Sterling, Burleigh, ND and died in Williamsville, Sangamon, IL (1892-1985)

Willard Don Brittin (my father) born in Sherman, Sangamon, IL and who died in Des Moines, Polk, IA (1919-2007).



The relationship between the following families and the Brittons of Batcombe, Somerset & Staten Island, NY has not yet been determined:


Lineage for A-17:

John Britton

William Britten, b. 1791 in Pa. Married in 1822, NY,  to Margaret A. Dama; moved to Michigan in 1840. Died circa 1865 in Atlas twp, Gennesee Co. Mich.

John Britten, b.Dec.20, 1815 in NY m. Sophia Blocker  in NY; died Dec 5, 1900 Orchard Lake, Mich

Azell B. Britten, b. Nov 19, 1872 in Ortonville, Groveland twp, Oakland co. Mich.; m Amy Ann Henderson Dec. 15, 1894 in Danville, IL.; died April 19, 1913 in Provo, Utah


Lineage for A-20:

James M. Britton m 1769 Clarke Co., MO d 1840 Steelville, MO


Lineage for B-63 (Kit#B10426):

Abraham Britton 1780-1829 m Sarah Thompson 1790-1843

John Britton 1808-1880 m Ann Rulon 1808-1901

John M. Britton 1836-1919 m Katherine Gaspanol ~1841-before 1919

Charles Britton 1862 New Jersey m Elizabeth Vickers

John Britton 1895-1990 Hamilton Township, NJ m Jane E. Todd 1901-1959

John Albert Britton 1921-1986 Hamilton Township, NJ m Dorothea Schneider 1926-1962


Lineage for B-13/#132267:

Samuel Britton b 26 October 1713, Staten Island m Mary (Alburtis) Worthington b 1703, Burlington, NJ

Jonathan Britton bc  1739 in Frederick County VA m Elizabeth Crow bc 1743.

William M. Britton (2nd son) bc 1770 VA m Jane Cunningham
John W. Britton b 1812 in Berkeley Co, WVA m Sarah Virginia Hart
David Taylor Britton 2nd son  b 1842, Frederick Co., VA


Lineage for B-14/#144548:

James Britton Sr. m Lydia_____________ and lived in Hancock Co., GA in 1793

James M. Britton abt 1775 (we do not know where he was born and none of his sons lived to 1880 to record their father's birthplace, but we know that he was married and signed an administration for his father-in-law’s estate in Green Co GA in 1797.) His wife was Frances Pound.

Newman Britton b. June 13, 1818 in Crawford Co MO. His wife's name was Jane.

Joseph Wesley Britton b. January 1, 1862 in Crawford Co MO. His wife's name was Mary.

Rufus Thomas Britton b. August 8, 1894 in Benton County, Arkansas. His wife's name was Bertie.


Lineage for B-60 (Kit#H2294):

Joseph M. Britton bc 1799 in VA by family story lived to be 103 years and out lived three wives and had children by all three.
Martin W. Britton b April 18, 1821, Adams County, OH; d btw Census 1900 & 1910 and is buried in the Lenoxburg Cemetery, Lenoxburg, Bracken County, KY (had several half-brothers)
Reginald Emmett Britton b October 23, 1854 in Huntington Twp, Brown County, OH; d July 14, 1944 in Navarro County, TX  (6 brothers)
Alva Arma Britton b February 22, 1888 in Milford, Ellis County, TX; d February 26, 1956 in Corsicana, Navarro County, TX  (2 brothers)


Lineage for B-44/#H1594:

Nicholas Britton born 26 Jan 1730 in Baltimore Co. and died 1 Aug 1792 in Baltimore Co. Married Alethia Kidd

Richard Nicholas Britton II married Temperance Talbott Died 11 Feb 1818 MD

Edward Talbott Britton Married Ariel Hutchins Born 1798 MD Died 1823 MD

Richard Nicholas Britton IV Married Mary Jane Smith Born 5 Sep 1821 MD Died 22 Mar 1893 MD

Edward Talbott Britton Married Henrietta Morfoot Born 22 Jun 1874 MD Died 23 Feb 1953 MD

Edward Talbott Britton, Jr. Married Hilda Shipley Born 12 Dec 1906 MD Died 16 Mar 1989 MD


Lineage for A-29:

Abraham Britton 1780-1829 married Sarah Thompson (1790-1843)

John Britton (1808-1880) married Ann Rulon (1808-1901)

John M. Britton (1836-1919) married Katarina Gaspanol (~1841-bef1919)

Charles G. Britton (1862-1902) married Elizabeth Vickers or Vicken (1872-aft1948)

John Britton (1895-1990) married Elizabeth Todd (1901-1959).

All these Brittons lived generally in the Trenton, NJ area.


Lineage for B-56-Kit # 274935

Wilson Britton 1766-1851


Lineage for B-58(Kit # 320709):

Richard Britten b. 1730 in New York or New Jersey, d. 1776; m. to Eva Lisk

John Britten b. 15 Jul 1758 in New York, d. 27 May 1834 in Tyrone Twp, Steuben Co, NY; m. to Hannah Lott

Peter Britten b. 22 Oct 1799 in Onondaga, NY, d. 10 Dec 1874 in Eaton Co, MI; m. to Elizabeth "Betsey" DeVoe

Jacob A. Britten b. 25 Jul 1840 in Superior Twp, Washtenaw Co, MI, d. 4 Jul 1907 in Eaton Co, MI; m. to Mariah A. Hemminger or Heminger

Peter Willis Britten b. 2 Oct 1871 in Washington Twp, Gratiot Co, MI, d. 4 Aug 1963 in Seville Twp, Gratiot Co, MI; m. to Effie L. Bowen

Basil Fred Britten b. 11 Oct 1903 in Seville Twp, Gratiot Co, MI, d. 21 Jan 1992 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co, MI; m. to Violet R. VanBuskirk

Gale Homer Britten b. 2 Nov 1926 in Seville Twp, Gratiot Co, MI, d. 7 Jan 1984 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co, MI; m. to Lorraine Joy Hudson


Wallace B-77 (Kit# 305305):

William Wallace  > 1814* (family Bible) - 1886 in Chesterfield County, SC .....  Effie McDuffie  (William Wallace's DOB on his tombstone is 1818)

George Cornwell Wallace > 1851 - 1919 in Chesterfield County, SC ..... Icyann Henretta Brown

William Bogan Wallace  >1886 - 1950 in Chesterfield County, SC ...... Flora



B-80 (Kit# 383344):

Richard Brittain 1585-1655Batcombe, Somerset, England

Nathaniel Brittain bc 1630Birmingham, Warwick,, England d Old Town, Staten Island, NY m Anne Stillwell

Nathaniel Brittain or Britton b 14 July 1665Dongan Hills, Staten Island, NY dd11 November 1729, Staten Island, NY m Elizabeth Gerritsen

Samuel Brittain or Britton bc 1715 Dongon Hills, Staten Island, NY d 27 October 1777 Staten Island m Mary Alburtis

Jonathan Brittain b1743 , Frederick CO. , Virginia d Berkeley, VA m Elizabeth Crow

James Britton bc 1758Frederick, Virginia dc 1832, Washington, Ohio m Elizabeth Skiver


Lineage for B-88 (Kit 442274):

Philip Britton (b. 1800 in Monongalia Co., VA --  now Preston Co., WV; d. 1856 in Bridgeport, Harrison Co., VA – now WV) married Margaret Cary.

Martin Cary Britton (b. 1829) married Susan E. Sheid.  In 1870 he lived in Kanawha Co., WV.

Thomas Britton (b. 1851; d. 1924 in Kanawha Co., WV) married Melissa Ann Persinger

William David (aka David William) Britton (b. 1877 in Kanawha Co., WV; d. 1944 in Kanawha Co., WV) married Cora Jane Frontz.

Thomas William Britton (b. 1914 in Kanawha Co., WV; d. 1975 in Kanawha Co., WV) married Freda Mae Parsons. 


Lineage for B-96 (Kit 415287):

Uriah Britton 1812-1896 Ontario, Canada m Ann Miller

William Jennings Britton b 1836 Ontario d 1905 Butte, Nebraska m Lena Martz

Lester George Britton b 1899 Butte d 1983 Seattle, Washington m Hazel Marguerite Stellman


Lineage for B-97(Kit 506914):

Benjamin Britton b 1771 Monmouth, NJ d 1840-50 Huntington, Ohio

Joseph M Britton b 1799 W VA d 1885 Donnesville, Ohio m Mary Ann Watson

Martin Watson Britton b 1821 Adams, Ohio d 1903 Pendleton, Kentucky m Lucretia Ann Frame

Albert G. Britton b 1852 Brown, Ohiod 1884 Pendleton, Kentucky m Luch Sharp

Albert Eugene Britton b 1873 Pendleton, Kentucky d 1951 Gaylon, Montana m Mollie Bell Northcutt





Family group 6:

Lineage for Kit# 349837 B-65:

John Britton b. Approx 1690 in Alwington, Devon, England  Married Joan Walter.

John Britton b. 17th April 1720 in Alwington. Married Elisabeth Tamlyn.

William Britton b. 27th April 1759 in Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England.  Married Alice Hatherley.

William Britton b.  29th June 1794 in Hartland, Devon, England  Married Mary Vincent

Thomas Britton b. 18th April 1837 in Woolfardisworthy, .  Married Mary Ann Petherick.

Daniel Britton b. 3rd Feb 1874 in Hartland.  Married Alice Martin


Family web site: http://thebrittonfamilysite.wix.com/thebrittons


Lineage for B-70- Kit 361333:

John Britton b. Approx 1690 in Alwington, Devon, England  Married Joan Walter.

John Britton b. 17th April 1720 in Alwington. Married Elisabeth Tamlyn.

William Britton b. 27th April 1759 in Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England.  Married Alice Hatherley.

William Britton b.  29th June 1794 in Hartland, Devon, England  Married Mary Vincent

Thomas Britton b. 18th April 1837 in Woolfardisworthy, .  Married Mary Ann Petherick.

Daniel Britton b. 3rd Feb 1874 in Hartland.  Married Alice Martin


Family group 7: Brittons of Bitton, GLOUCESTERSHIRE,  Haplogroup R-L21 subgroup.  This family line begins c 1520 with Thomas Britton and Agnes Horsington:

Lineage for B-3/#2016:

William Britton b 1794 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England, married Elizabeth
Henry Britton b. about 1837 Bitton, Glo., England, m Sara Ann Shepherd
William Britton b 23 May 1884 Lower Soundwell m Polly Monk
Kenneth William Britton b 12 Oct 1905 Keynsham, Kingswood, unmarried


Lineage for B-33/#191679:

Thomas Britton b abt 1520, Gloucestershire m Agnes Horsington

Jasper Britton b abt 1550, Bitton, Gloucestershire m Joan Swinford

John Britton abt 1576  m Elizabeth Cutt

John Britton abt 1604  m Elizabeth Deane

Morris Britton abt 1642  m Margaret

Stephen  Britton abt 1686 m Mary Hall abt 1690

Morris Britton abt 1701 m Betty Robbins

Sampson Britton abt 1727 Bitton, Glos m Elizabeth (Betty) Node

Sampson Britton abt 1750 Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire m Nancy Garland

George Britton abt 1773 Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire m Hannah Tippet

Isaac Britton abt 1807 Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire m Ann Lines

Lineage for B-76/Kit#382928:

Samuel Britton bc 1791 m Martha_____bc 1789

Arthur Brittton b 1818 St. George, Bedminster, Somerset, ENG ch 1819 Hanham, Bitton, Gloucestershire m Louisa Isles b 1820 Kingswood Hill, Somerset at Keynsham in 1840

Arthur Britton b 1859 St. George Bedminster, d 1923 Greenwich, Kent, ENG. m Isabel Coxhead (1860-1934, Greenwich) at Deptford, Kent in 1883

Oliver James Britton b 1884 Greenwich, d 1951 Greenwich m Adeline Rosetta Hazeldine  (1890-1954) at Deptford in 1920 (grandparents of candidate)


Lineage for SMGF-3:
Henry BRITTON b.c 1837 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England

 m Sara Ann SHEPHERD b.c 1839 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England

William Britton b 23 May 1884 Lower Sound well m Polly Monk


Lineage for SMGF-4:

Robert Britton bc 1751 Gloucestershire, England m Elizabeth PINKNEY
William Britton b 1794 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England, married Elizabeth
Henry Britton b. about 1837 Bitton, Glo., England, m Sara Ann Shepherd

William Britton b 23 May 1884 Lower Sound well m Polly Monk

Family group 8: Britton of Corby Glenn, LINCOLNSHIRE.  The DNA match between A-27 and B-50 confirms the Y-DNA signature of their common ancestor, John Bartel Britton who was born in Corby Glen in 1786. Haplogroup E-M-84:


Lineage for A-27:

John Bartel Britton 1786-1847, Corby Glen, Lincolnshire



Lineage for B-50

John Bartel Britton 1786-1847, Corby Glen, Lincolnshire

Luke Britton


Family Group 9—Believed to have come from SCOTLAND to IRELAND c 1630—Haplogroup R-L21:


Lineage for B-25/#130052 (also A-18)

George Britton bc 1860 Donegal, Ireland


Lineage for B-73 Kit# 372724

Daniel M Britton (1822-?)Ireland Jane A

John A Britton  (1855-?) MAwife:  Florence Eastland

Vanleer Eastland Britton I  (1880-?) Birth: CA wife:  Florence Wanzer

Vanleer Eastland Britton II  (1912-1993) Oakland, CA wife:  Ruth M. Butler


These men have two matches in Family Tree’s database, one to George W. Britton 37/37(no information) and R.H. Britton (36/37) who descends from Robert BRATTIN (1798-1880) Ballagh, Donegal, Ireland  


Family group 10:


Lineage for B-53-Kit # 258335:

John W. Britain b 1802CT d 1840MO m Catherine Hensley

George Washington Britain b 1827TN d 1909MO m Elizabeth Ann Bailey

John Wesley Britain b 1856MO d 1932MO m Lucy Ann Cox

George Washington Britain b 1877 MO d 1959 MO m Barbara Ann Garrison

William Christopher Britain b 1909 Kansas d 1955MO m Marian Elizabeth Broom


Lineage for B-72  Kit # 364991:

John Britain  b1800 Tn, d 1840 MO  Married Catherine Hensley

GWBritain b 1825 Tn D 1909 Mo, Married Elizabeth Ann Bailey ( common to Kit# 258355 )

James Alexander Britain b 1861 MO, d 1938 MO

Vern W Britain

Keith Britain


Family Group 11: Devonshire & Nottinghamshire


Lineage for B-18/#118335:

Adam Britton  bc 1570 or before???? m.  __________

Balthazar (Ballazier) Britton   b 1590 m.   Mary _________

Adam Britton  b.15 Jul 1615 (Illfracombe, Devon) m    Elinor Keene (m. 20 Jun 1643

Humphrey Britton b. 14 May 1650 (Illfracombe, Devon)  m  Anne ___________

Adam Britton b. 1683   m.   Elizabeth Knight b. 1687

John Britton  b. 1715 m. Joan Parminter

John Britton and Elizabeth Harton. married 1788, Parracombe parish, DEVONSHIRE, England

John Adam Britton b. 1788 (Lyton, North Devon, England) –

       d. 10 May, 1862 m. Dorothy Mary Chugg, twelve children

Lived at Grange Farm*, Bratton Fleming, Devon, England. occupation: Farmer

*location: 7 miles east of Barnstable.

John Edward Britton b 2 Jul 1820,  Bratton Fleming, Devon, England,  d. 9 Aug 1893, Pulaski Co, Il; emigrated to Virginia, moved on to Ohio, then to Pulaski Co, Il.

m. Harriet Hannah Beeney , 4 Mar 1854 Knox Co, Ohio, eight children

(Rev.) Joseph Walter Britton b.15 Jan1856, Mt Vernon, Knox Co, Ohio d. 30 Mar.1925 Bone Gap, Edwards Co, Il          m. Lucretia Ada Morgan  10 Dec 1885.

six children 


Lineage for Kit B83216/B-B-91:

John Britton Sr 1780-1830 b Papplewisk, Nottinghamshire, England m Catherine Hickey

William Britton  1806-1877 b Lancashire, England m Catherine Ann Adcock

John Britton 1853 England-1915 m Minnie Marie Myers

William James Britton 1897 Great Falls, Montana-1967 m Minnna Lena Neiman


Pedigree for B-90/B67462:

Alexander H. Britton b Kentucky 1841 d Harrison, Boone, Arkansas m Clarissa Hendrick

Wiley Sampson Britton b VA 1863 d Arkansas 1899 m Frances Wood

Earl W. Britton b Arkansas 1897 d Trumann, Arkansas m Monnie James

Willie T. Britton b Senath, Dunkin Missouir d West Helena, Phillips Co., m Geneva Louisa Knowlton


Pedigree for B-99/Kit #561092:

James Britton - no info on birth or death dates - Occ: Mason (listed as occupation on son's marriage cert)

James Britton - abt 1799 Fremington, Devon - 4 Nov 1865 Reading, Berkshire - Occ: Painter     m. Mary Widgery - 16 Aug 1819 Barnstaple, Devon     m.2nd  Mary Ann Rose - 6 Jul 1837 Barnstaple, Devon

William Bourchier Britton - 11 Dec 1841 Barnstaple, Devon - 30 Apr 1913 Kingston, Surrey - Occ: portrait & landscape painter    m. Lucy Squire - 30 Dec 1865 Barnstaple, Devon
  m.2nd  Lucy Dibley - 24 Mar 1897 Kingston, Surrey

Frederick Dibley Britton - 12 Mar 1898 Wimbledon, Surrey - 29 Aug 1974 Edinburgh

    m. Isabella Mitchell 20 Nov 1924 Edinburgh

Possible Group 12—Normandy, France:


Kit N13160 B-4: France, no further information


Pedigree for Kit N124330-B-102:

Philippe BRETON (the "Le" was not part of his name) born around 1635-1693 lived in Louviers (Normandy, France) married to Marie Monton

Philippe Mathieu Eustache born in 1699 born in Louviers (Normandy, France) married to Marie Picard

Guillaume Le Breton 1736-1803 born in Louviers (Normandy, France) married to Marie Lasnon 

Guillaume Le Breton 1775-1850 born in Louviers (Normandy, France) married to Marie Riquet

-Felix Le Breton 1812-1871 born in Louviers (Normandy, France) married to Caroline Cogery

Leon Le Breton 1850-1912 born in Paris, married to Claudine Daubannay

Charles Henri Jules Le Breton 1881-1950 born in Paris married to Therese Perraudin

Alain Le Breton 1935-1991 born in Paris, France married to Hugette Marteau


Family Group A from Ancestry:


 A-22 waiting for pedigree

Lineage for SMGF-6:

William Britton 1805 , NC Death Barnesville, Tishomingo, Ms M Melissa Hendrix c 1831

Jerome Britton b 7 April 1831, Tennessee d Marnesville, MS m Sarah Catherine Glover

William Daniel b 5 Feb 1855, Hardin Co. TN d Paris, Lamar, Texas m Nargaret Joanna Arnold

Emerson Sherrill Britton b 16 March 1888, Newbern, Dyer, TN d 16 April 19566, Hayti, Pemiscet. MO m Jeannette Lackey



UK ANCESTRY KNOWN: Ungrouped Lineages from Family Tree Ancestry & SMGF:



Lineage for B-62, Kit 344471:

William Britton bc 1690-1710 m Sarah________ d 1745 Newbury, Berkshire

William Britton b 1732 d 1798 Newbury (will dated 1798, proved 1825) m Mary______

William Britton b 21 Feb 1762 Newbury (brother Anthony born 1770) m Mary______

William Samuel Britton bc 1820 Greenham, Berkshire m Louisa Irene Weekes in Middlesex  2nd Ellen Henson 1865, Susses d 1877 Middlesex

William Arthur Britton born 7 September 1868 Marylebone d 1935 New Zealand



Lineage for B-74/ Kit # 373709:

William Britton bc 1770 or before Essex or Suffolk?, England m Sarah Mayes

James Britton bc 1791 Bentley, Suffolk, England m Sarah Wade 20 Oct 1812m Wix, Essex bur 14 Dec 1862, Wix

James Britton bc 1814 m 1st Mary Carrington 29 Oct 1835, Wix

James Britton bc 1842/3 Little Oakley, Essex, bapt. Great Oakley 11 June 1843 s/o James & Mary, m Mary Ann Harris 25 July 1864, Favesham, Kent

James W. Britton b Q4 1866 Favesham d 18 April 1906, Kent

Gilbert Britton b 1895 Sittingbourne, Kent (father of B-74)


SMGF: Lineage for SMGF 5:

James Britton m. 3 Jul 1746 m Mary Bailey

Richard Henry Britton b. 23 Jan 1763, d 23 Nov. 1837, Great Bardfield, Essex, England m. Sarah Ketley

James Britton b 11 March 1791, Great Bardfield, Essex, England m Sarah Rumsey

Thomas Britton b Apr. 1826, Great Bardfield, Essex, England d 16 April 1908, Victoria, Australia m Jane Turner

Charles Thomas Britton 1856-1928, Victoria, Australia m Louisa Gallear

Eric Turner Britton b 4 Aug 1899 m Laura F. Chick


Lineage for B-81-Kit 387263: Halstead to Portsmouth:

Unknown Britton bc 1800  m ? Mary_________, widow age 75 in 1881 at Halstead, Essex

William Britton b Q3, 1837 Sible Hedingham, Essex

William Albert Britton, age 22 in 1881 m Emily Goodey at Halstead, March, 1881

Frederick George Britton b July 1895 m Edith Harriet Potter b Sept 1893

Donald Frederick Britton m Winifred Eileen Street


Lineage for B-83,  Kit# 399005:

John Britton bc 1800 or before (identified as Daniel's father in an online pedigree--may be the same John Britton, Butcher who died testate in Stebbing, Essex in 1837) 

Daniel Britton b 1819, Stebbing, Essex  m 1st Elizabeth __________  2nd Susan Hockley at Dunmow in 1863 d before 1881? in______

Augustus Thomas Britton ch 10 Feb 1856, Thaxted, Essex m___________ d 1916 Oldham,Lancashire--moved from  Essex to Cheshire to Oldham . 

Augustus Britton b 22 February 1889 in Barnton, Cheshire  m _________ r Oldham, Lancs in 1901 d Ulverston, Lancs in 1973



DNAH: Lineage for DNAH-8:

Isaac Britton b 1827, Bristol, England; had eight siblings and was living in England in 1840; came to the U.S. around 1847; died in Baraboo, Wisconsin in 1887.



Lineage for Kit#335772, B-59:

Henry Britton bc 1760-1775 m Mary ______ before August 1795--3 known sons: Henry (b1795), Robert(b1797) and:

William Britton ch 2 Feb 1800, St Mary's Portsea, Hampshire, England,  m Elizabeth Andrews 7 Dec 1818, St Mary's,

    Portsea;  age 50, b Portsea,  on 1851 Census; age 60 b Portsea on 1861 Census; Reg. District Westhampnett, Boxgrove

   Adlingham,  Sussex in 1871--William age 71 b Landport, Hampshire, Elizabeth age 70 b Landport Reg District;

   Westhampnett, Boxgrove, Parish Owing;    Died 1876

William Henry Britton s/o William & Elizabeth Britton ch 7 Sept 1826, Ewhurst, Sussex, m Elizabeth___________, d Q2, 1871,

        age 45,    Westhampnett District, Sussex  

 William Henry Britton ch 16 April 1856 Sidleham [ie about 3 miles south of Chichester], Sussex, s/o WIlliam Henry & Elizabeth 

      Britton m  Ann or Annie_________ D 1921, Aldingham, Sussex;    Aldingham, Sussex;   1861 census son age 5 born

      Chichester, Reg.     District  Alderbury,Sub Downton, Downton Parish on 1881 Census,     Excavator, age 26 on 1881 census, 

      Address:  6 East St. Place, Portslade,    Sussex , spouse Ann Britton

Sydney Charles Britton ch 22 July 1888, South Bersted, Sussex, s/o William Henry and Annie Britton, m Christina F. Coleman       Q 1918   Westhampnett, Sussex , d 1927 residence Bognor Regis, Sussex

Sidney Kent Britton b November 1919 Chichester, d 2004,residence Bognor Regis, Sussex, mother's maiden name Coleman



Lineage for A-21:

John Britton died 1876, Nottinghamshire, England 



Lineage for B-85, Kit# 416606:

William Britton bc 1720 or before a daughter Mary buried on 20 July 1743 and a daughter Anna christened on 30 July 1743, both at Downhead, Somerset         

William Britton ch 2 May 1754, Downhead, s/o William,  m Nancy Spear 15 June 1783, Downhead--two sons named William one ch 4 April 1784 s/o Wm and Ann and a second ch 2 Sept 1787, s/o Wm & Nanney--we assume the first William died young.                

William Britton ch 2 Sept 1787, Downhead d Q4 1879 Downhead mm. Elizabeth Elless b.1784 d. 1854 m 28th October 1813 Stoke lane Parish Somerset. 

Joseph Britton b 1826 d. 1905 m. Lydia Treasure b.1827 d. 1904 m 30th August 1853 Doulting Somerset 

Frederick Britton b. 1859 d. 1921 m. Elizabeth Cornish b 1860 d. ? m Shepton Mallet Somerset 1881   

Sidney Arthur Britton b. 1893 d. 1959 m. Mary Elias b. 1894 d. 1947 m 1920 Cardiff.



Lineage for B- 103, Kit# 731544:

Robert Britton b 1803 Leatheringham, Suffolk, England m Charlotte Smith

Eli Britton b 1847 Hoo Plomesgate, Suffolk m Louisa Hannah Asplin 1874

Stanley George Britton b 1885 Shepherds Bush, London m Hilder Marianne Hawkins

Stanley Rupert Britton b 1919 Shepherds Bush m Dorothy Gertrude Stephenson



Ancestry: Lineage for A-15:

Jonathan Brittain 1730-1823 (or possibly 1718-1762) Wiltshire, England. Wife Ann Unknown

Joseph Brittain 1754-1808 born Bremhill, Wiltshire, England. Wife Sarah Blisset

Isaac Brittain 1777-1857 born Calne, Wiltshire, England. Wife Sarah Bailey

John Brittain 1813-1883 born Calne, Wiltshire, England. Wife Hannah Greenaway

John Brittain 1841-1901 born Calne, Wiltshire, England. Wife Sarah Packer

Walter George Brittain 1872 - ? born Camberwell, Surrey, England. Wife Alice Wheeler.

Walter George Brittain 1901-1971 born Wandsworth, London, England. Wife Elsie May Christopher




Lineage for B-61, Kit #342612—North Riding:

JOHN BRITTON Sr. b.1780 about d.?? ~ Tockwith m. Ann Dickinson   b1784 m.1805 d.1843 ~ Bilton

 JOHN BRITTON Jr. b.1806  1876 ~ Tockwith& Michigan m.Sarah Ann Coates b1806 m.1825 d.1892 Bilbrough & Michigan

 JOHN BRITTON b.1833 d.1919 Long Marston & Michigan m.Sarah Ann Osterhout b.1836 .1855. d.1910 ~ Michigan

 WILLIAM E. BRITTON b.1855 m,.1876. d.1921 ~  Michigan m.Sarah Elisabeth Curtiss b.1855.m.1876 d.1926 ~ Michigan

 LEE ROY J.  BRITTON b.1882 d.1956 ~ Michigan m.Mary Eugena Stowell b.1887 m.1905d.d.1956


Lineage for B-84, Kit # 410136:

Joseph Britton  bc 1791 Fulford, Yorkshire m Mary

William Britton b 1809 Fulford, Yorkshire m Elizabeth Cawood in 1815

Joseph Britton b 1851 Haxby, Yorkshire m Hannah

Harold Britton b 1886 Haxby, Yorkshire  d 1945 m Clara English 1915



Lineage for B-104/Kit 792518:

John Brittain, ~1816 - 1897, Birthplace: England, Wife: Catherine Roberts

David Martin Brittain, 1867 - 1951, Birthplace: Ontario Canada, Wife: Emma May Furguson

William David Brittain, 1899 - 1969, Birthplace: Ontario, Canada, Wife: Ida Woodford Tygard




Lineage for B-26/#N88231:

James Britain, b. 1788 d. 14 Apr 1849, Tullyholvin, Boho, Fermanagh, Northern IRELAND, m Mary Laird

William Britton, b. abt 1820, Tullyholvin, Boho, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, m Eliza

James Britton, b. 6 Jan 1841 d. 27 Nov 1890, Tullyholvin, Boho, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, m Eliza Ann Buchanan

John Christopher Britton, b. 22 Nov 1881, Tullyholvin Lower, Boho, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, d. 25 Sep 1961, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, m Lucy Anna Johnston


SMGF:Lineage for SMGF-7:

John BRITTON b. 15 Feb 1801 Ireland m. Mary______ c 1832 Virginia, USA d. 13 Apr 1875

James W, H. Britton bc 1850, Whitney, Nebraska m Mary Ann Bernard

George William b 6 June 1871 Chadron, Davis, Neb., d. 9 May 1937 Goodling, Idaho m Livia Levilla Hearn


Lineage for #KJGV5

Robert Bratton b 1712 IRELAND d 1785--left Ireland with three brothers James (settled in VA0; Samuel (settled in PA), William (settled in SC)

Robert served as a Captain in the French & Indian War & owned land in Augusta CO, VA--He had a grandson Robert (1776-1833) and a grandson William who served in Lewis& Clark Expedition & settled in Indiana

In Donegal , Ireland there are records of Brittons from Donaghmore & Ballyshannon.



Lineage for # 393073-B-92:

Henry Britton bc 1839/40 Northern Ireland m Laetitia ____

Henry b1872 Scotland m Agnes_____

Henry b 1907 Scotland m Margaret_______


UK Ancestry Unknown:


B-2 waiting for pedigree


B-4/#N16130 matches the Atlantic Modal Haplotype—only 12 markers--no pedigree



Lineage for B-7/#N53466

Wilson Britton (ca. 1790-1851) m Jane Wade

Horatio Britton (1820-1897) m Elizabeth Husk

John Wilson Britton (1843-1912) m Mary Baker

Benjamin Hayes Britton (1877-1952) m Sarah Eleyne Bird

Gaylord Francis Britton (1910-1990) m Ruth May Henry


For more information on this line, please see: http://www.doddridgecountyroots.com/register/britton.htm


Lineage for B-15/#146297: Britton of Green Co. , TN

Thomas Britton b 1805 Greene Co, TN m 1st Malinda Hankins, Greene Co, TN; 2nd Mary Ann Whitaker moved to Clay, Missouri in 1871

William Harvey Britton b Nov. 1834 in Greene Co, TN m Nov 11, 1858 Louisa Peters

Daniel Napoleon Britton born July 5, 1879 in Greene Co, TN m Clyde Belle Downey

Sidney William Britton b March 1, 1909 m 1st Avis Elizabeth Marion 2nd Eva Ruth Smith


Lineage for B-24/#175191

John Britton bc 1730 d 1803 Bertie Co, VA. M Elizabeth________________


B-29/# 181385—no lineage, but most distant male-line ancestor is Claude Britton


Lineage for B-30/#185376

Adam Britton, b. PA 1797 d. ? - lived Cincinnatti OH, Maysville, KY m Sarah b1810NY

William L. Britton, b. Cincinnatti, OH 1832 d. 9 April 1892, Dayton, OH

wife Catherine Milburne b. 23 July 1832, Maysville, KY

William S. Britton b. Maysville, KY 8 April 1852, d. 5 May, 1907, Maysville, KY

wife Katherine Williams

Jesse Martin Britton B. Maysville, KY 13 Jan. 1885, d. 29 Nov., 1944 San Francisco, CA, wife Anna Lee Jacobson nee Anna Pedersdatter Lied, Stordal, Norway


Lineage for B-36/#197483:

Jesse Britton bc 1751, probably in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia—m Susannah_______ & moved to Northampton Co., NC about 1781 where he died in 1841—will dated 6 April 1840—served in the Revolution


Lineage for B-46/ #199528:

George Washington Brittain Sr.  b c. 1808 VA m. Rachel Gabbert 1831 (2nd m.

Charlotte Manes 1847_)

George Washington Brittain b 1832 IN m. Minerva Jane Maners 1850 IN

James Thomas Brittain b 1851 IN m. Sarah Jane Trout 1873 IN

William Dolph Brittain b 1883 IN m. Janet Walkenshaw 1904 MO



Lineage for B-75, Kit#374139:

Edward Britton b 1851 d 1938


Lineage for SMGF-1

Hiram BRITTAIN married Mary Jane HEINEMANN b. 11 Jun 1846;

William B. BRITTAIN b. 28 Dec 1869 Champaign, Illinois, USA;

Rollie Floyd Britton b 19 Aug 1897, Antelope, Neb., m Marie Blanch Walmer


Lineage for A-11:

William Briton m Polly Gooch

Joshua Britton (1803-1880) Born in North Carolina, married in Hardin County, Tennessee in 1825 to Frances Payne (1806-1876), and migrated to Illinois in 1831. Had a sister Charity Britton (1809-1876) and brothers William and Thomas

William L. Britton (Jesse Payne Britton’s younger brother)

John Clark Britton

Thomas Neal Britton


A-16—no pedigree


A-24--no pedigree


A-25--no pedigree


Pedigree for B-98/Kit# 555930:

Mark Britton b.1845 Alabama, USA  d.  May 2, 1922 Ashland, Alabama USA.  Married to Dorothy Ann (Dottie) Britton

Charles Henry Austin Britton b Nov. 24, 1880 Alabama, USA  d. May 9, 1914 Goldville, Alabama, USA  Married to Martha Jane Jones Britton

William Arthur Britton  b. Oct. 6, 1908 Poplar Spring, Tallapoosa, Alabama, USA  d.  Jan 8, 1965 Alexander City, Alabama, USA.  Married to Minnie Belle Fuller Britton