By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
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Breretons of Norfolk
Ralph, of Brereton c 1100- Contact Michael Sandford [m.sandford AT]
William, of Brereton, c 1125
William, of Brereton
Sir Ralph, of Brereton =Ciclie St George
Sir William, of Brereton, c. 1215 =Margery de Thornton
Sir Ralph, of Brereton = (said to have married Princess Ada of Scotland)
Sir William, of Brereton =Cicilie de Sandbach
Sir William, of Brereton, c.1301 = Rose de Vernon
William, of Brereton, c. 1342 =Margery de Bosley
Sir William, of Brereton, c. 1390 (2)= Margaret Done
Sir Randle of Ipstone = Alice de Ipstones
Sir Randle, of Malpas = Katherine Bulkeley
Randle of Ipstone = Emma Carrington
Sir Randle of Malpas c. 1460 = Eleanor Dutton
John, Revd, c. 1480 = Alicia
William, of Hoxne, c.1510 = Elizabeth Green
Cuthbert, of Norwich, c. 1540 (2)= Joan Howse
John, Revd, of St Peter Mancroft, b.1571 = Margaret Abbot
John, of Shottesham = Mary
John, of Brinton, b.1642 = Cicely Cooke
William, of Brinton, b.1688 = Anne Shorting
John, of Brinton, b.1723 = Bridget Brett
John, of Brinton, b.1752 = Anna Margaretta Lloyd
Charles David, Revd, of Little Massingham, b.1790 = Frances Wilson
Joseph Lloyd, Revd, of Little Massingham, b.1822 = Frances Martin
Breretons of Bunbury and Harthill, Cheshire
John Brereton b.1596 (Bunbury, Cheshire) m. Anne Gardener - Contact Clarence Brereton [gbrereton56 AT]
Richard Brereton b. 1635 (Acton, Nantwich, Cheshire) m. Elizabeth Kendrick
Jonathan Brereton b. 1663 m. Maria Sandforde
Sandford Brereton b. 1685 m.Lydia Turner
Sandford Brereton b. 1711 m. Elizabeth Dale
William Brereton b.1742 (Bunbury, Cheshire) m.Mary Ledsham
Richard Brereton b. 1770 (Harthill, Cheshire) m. Elizabeth Haywood
Richard Brereton b. 1802  (Harthill, Cheshire) m.Elizabeth Lea
Richard Brereton b. 1835 m. Elizabeth Carr
Richard Walter Brereton b. 1855 (Provo, Utah) m. Florence Reidhead
Clarence Hugo Brereton b. 1895 (Provo, Utah) m. Emma Turner
Breretons of Trinidad
John Francis Brereton, b. 1820’s, West Indies= Elsie - Contact Ashton Brereton [ashtons AT]
Edward Brereton, b. 1850’s, West Indies = Hannah Silverthorne
John Edward Brereton, b. 1873, Trinidad = Rose “Kitty” Williams
Fitzroy Brereton, b. 1914, Trinidad = Angelina Richardson
Brewertons of Harwarden, Flintshire
William Brewerton of Harwarden, b 1765 = Mary Pierce, Contact Jeanie Atkins [brewerton1949 AT]
Benjamin Brewerton of Bistree b 1799 = Ann Edwards
Daniel Brewerton of Harwarden, b 1840 = Mary Broughton
Frank Oswald Brewerton of Birmingham, b 1895 = Ethel May Wilkes
David Brewerton of Tonbridge, Kent, b1924.
Breretons of Walgherton, Wybunbury and Liverpool
William Brereton of Walgherton, living 1773, Contact Alyn Brereton [alynbrereton AT]
William Brereton of Wybunbury, b. 1781 m. Jane
Josiah Brereton of Liverpool, b. c.1828 m. Emily Moore
William Brereton of Liverpool & Leeds, b. 1856 m. Jessie Large
William Large Brereton of Wavertree, Liverpool emig. to USA, b. 1883.
Breretons of Ireland
Arthur Brereton b.1792 Ireland = Jane Whitford - Contact Bruce Brereton [brucebre AT]
Thomas Brereton b. 1839(app) Montreal = Jane Mossgrove
Henry Arthur Brereton b.1860 Vermont = Georgina Marion Louise Cameron
Henry Arthur Brereton b.1883 Ontario = Corena Cecelia McDermott
Donald Stuart Brereton b.1925 = Marian Joy Crockett
‚ÄčDavid Brereton of Killurin (1732 - ?) - in Wexford - Murray Brereton [murray AT]
David Brereton 1768(3?) -1831 Killurin
John Brereton b c 1810- 1888 Grogan Hill near Tullarmore
William Brereton b 1840 d 1890 m. Anne Bridge 
Allen Brereton b 1870s m E Beatson  born  in New Zealand
Hector Beatson Brereton b 1918 m M Fleming. Born Nelson area NZ (my father) 346512
Breretons of County Down
Thomas Brereton d.1679 Lisburn, Down, Ireland - Contact  Pam Cox [pac54 AT]
Robert Brereton b.1677 Lisburn, Down, Ireland
William Brereton b.1715, Lisburn, Down, Ireland
John William Henry Brereton b. 1760, Hillsborough, Down, Ireland
Henry Brereton b. 1806, Hillsborough, Down, Ireland
Henry Edwin Brereton b. 1834, Hillsborough, Down, Ireland
William Henry Brereton b. 1856, Hillsborough, Down, Ireland
Wesley Caldwell Brereton b. 1886, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
Breretons of County Tipperary & Tasmania
Martin Brereton b.1828(app), Tipperary, Ireland = Jane Heal(e)y  - Contact  Penny Brereton [jpb29 AT]
Martin Joseph Brereton b. 1868, Cygnet, Tasmania = Maria Ellen Dwyer
Joseph Matthew Brereton b. 1914, Cygnet Tasmania = Olive Jean Quarrell

Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family.