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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Richard Bowden, Sr., b c1795 Stockport Parish, Eng, m Martha Hough - Diane M Swenson [dmswenson AT]
    • Richard Bowden, Jr., b c1827 Manchester, Eng, m Mary Smith
      • Martha Arabela "Della" Bowden, Sr., b. 9 Mar 1858 Flushing Township. Michigan, m James Fee B-1
  • Elias BOWDEN  b. circa 1822 place unknown -Karen Stewart [stewarte At tpgcomau]
    • William BOWDEN  b. 1 Dec 1850 Pinner, Middlesex, England  m. Jane HOWARD
      • Thomas John BOWDEN  b. 1854 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia m. (1) Martha KNIGHT and (2) Charlotte LEAH
        • Abraham Percy BOWDEN  b.n 1908
      • Charles Elias BOWDEN  b. 23 Dec 1855 Auckland, New Zealand  m. Elizabeth Jane JENNINGS
        • Elias Philip BOWDEN  b. 1884 m. Gladys Nadine CHESTER
      • Abraham BOWDEN  b. 18 Sep 1857 Auckland, New Zealand  m. (1) Rose MCILROY and (2) Louisa Mary WALKER
        • Edward Martin BOWDEN  b. 17 Jun 1860 Auckland, New Zealand  m. Clara METTAM
          • Edward Frederick BOWDEN  b. 23 Jan 1884 Auckland, New Zealand m. Margaret Ann Josephine TOBIN
            • Cyril BOWDEN  b. 1906  m. Doris Christina Margaret REDMAN
              • Edward BOWDEN  b. 2 Oct 1909 New Zealand  m. Annie Mary HARRIMAN
          • Thomas BOWDEN  b. 19 Jun 1886 Auckland, New Zealand 476933
  • Miles Bowden b c1832 Ireland d 1884 m1 Margaret Tobin m2 Susannah Arp - Blake Bowden [bsbowden AT]
    • John Bowden b 17 Feb 1882 Roane, TN d 3 Jun 1967 Van Wert, OH m Margaret Miller
      • William Wesley Bowden b 17 Jun 1915 Allen Co., OH d 24 Jun 1994 Allen Co., IN m Nellie Fae Armstrong B1108

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