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From "The Bondurants of Genolhac, France" by Mary Bondurant Warren, published in 2000 for the French ancestry of our immigrant ancestor, Jean Pierre Bondurant, which also contains information on his maternal ancestors, the French families of Amat, Belcastel & Barjon. (see more Bondurant publications at )

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(1) JEHAN or JEAN BONDURANT les Maliheyres – wife's name not known at this time; owned the property at Malihieres near Belle Poile; died leaving son:
(2) JEHAN BONDURANT (II) – d. 1472 leaving the Malihieres property to his only son:
(3) JEHAN BONDURANT (III) – whose son was:
(4) ANTHONIE or ANTOINE BONDURANT - who moved 10 miles away to Genolhac; d. 1558; was an innkeeper in Genolhac and inherited the Malihieres property as well. His son was:
(5) JEHAN BONDURANT (IV) – m. Gabrielle Brunet, dau. of Anthonie Brunet & Maricette Bondurante (we don’t know her lineage, maybe a cousin). Their oldest son was:
(6) ANTOINE BONDURANT (II) – m. in 1558 Gilette Amade, dau. of Pierre Amat & Jeanne Jaussalde (whose home was at Donarel & downhill from the Malihieres property). They had 7 children of whom the 2nd was:
(7) JEAN BONDURANT, second son, was physician, merchant, hotelkeeper, & Counselor at Genolhac, inherited the Donarel property from grandparents. He m. 4 Oct. 1602 Suzanne Quarante, dau. of Anthony Quarante & Jean Polge; Suzanne’s 2nd marriage. They had 6 children (she had 1 by her 1st m.), of whom the 1st was:
(8) PIERRE DE BONDURANT – physician & attorney at Genolhac, m. 1st 3 March 1632 to Demoiselle Francoise de Joyeuse, dau. of Noble Ambrose de Joyeuse, Seigneur of l’Aribal and wife Demoiselle Charlotte de Retz of Bressoles. She d. ca. 1651, leaving 6 children of whom the 1st was:
[Pierre m. 2nd Demoiselle Francoise de Brion & had 1 dau. Dr. Pierre d. in 1688 and wife Francoise de Brion d. 4 July 1694]
Note: Dr. Pierre Bondurant, his 2nd wife Francoise de Brion, and daughter-in-law Gabrielle Barjon signed oath of renunciation of the Huguenot faith October 1685, Jean Pierre abjured a few days later; their son Jean Pierre was baptized Catholic in 1684 when only 7 years old.
Parents & Gabrielle died as “Nouveau Converti” or New Converts and were given Catholic burial in Catholic cemetery in Genolhac – no markers have been found.]
(9) JEAN PIERRE BONDURANT, Seigneur de Cougoussac, inherited from father including house on la Grand Rue in Genolhac, the mill l’Aribal in addition to the mill & 3 story house and land at Cougoussac – He was 40 when he m. at the Huguenot Temple in Barre-de-Cevennes 18 Dec. 1686 to Gabrielle Barjon (age 34 & sister of Pastor Guillaume Barjon). She d. 23 May 1695 in Genolhac & buried in Catholic Cemetery there. She was b. at St.-Etienne-de-Vallee-Francaise, Gard, 18 Jan. 1643, the 3rd child of Huguenot Pastor Pierre Barjon and Demoiselle Jeanne de Belcastel. There were four children of whom only names of two are known: Francoise (b. 12 Apr. 1681) and our ancestor:
(10) JEAN PIERRE BONDURANT dit [called] Cougousset – b. 18 Sept. 1677 in Genolhac. He was first baptized in the Huguenot Temple and then rebaptized a Catholic 13 Feb. 1684. He left Genolhac at age 20; arrived at his uncle Guillaume Barjon’s church in Aarau, Switzerland, and professed his sin of conversion and renounced Catholicism 3 Oct. 1697. He moved on to Germany then to England to be part of the 2nd ship of Huguenot refugees sent to Virginia. He married Ann Tanner after he had been in Virginia a time. Their children all were born in Henrico County, Virginia:
(11) JOHN BONDURANT - b. ca. 1711, m. Sarah Rachel Taylor 
(11) ANN BONDURANT - b. 1712, m. James Ford Sr. [Jacque Faure]
(11) FRANCOISE/ FRANCES BONDURANT - b. ca. 1712, m. Peter Sallee
(11) PETER BONDURANT - b. ca 1715, m. Amy ?
(11) JOSEPH BONDURANT - b. ca. 1718, m. Agnes Elizabeth Radford. He was M.D. like his father.
Only Francoise & Peter Sallee remained in the Manakin area, all the others moved elsewhere to live.