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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Peter Blount, b 1688  Clockmaker of Cleobury Mortimer SAL ENG.- Cyril D Blount [CyBlount AT]
    • Charles Blount, b 1715  Papermaker of Claverley SAL ENG
      • Peter Blount, b 1752 Agricultural Worker of Claverley SAL ENG
        • John Blount, b 1797  Agricultural Worker of Spoonley Gate, Rudge Heath SAL ENG
          • Edwin Blount, b 1853 Coal miner of Smethwick STS ENG.
            • Abraham Blount, b 1878 Iron Moulder of Crewe CHS ENG
              • Albert Donovan Blount, b 1901, d 1967 B-1
  • William Blunk b 1735 Allegheny, PA d 1788 Robinson, Washington, PA m Rachel Blunk - tskokowski [tskokowski AT]
    • William Blount b 1756 PA d 1833 Delaware, IN m Mary McCoy
      • Rachel Blount b 1791 PA d 1834 IN or IA m Thomas C. Crawford
  • James (Blount) Blunt b c1740 NC d aft 1811St. Helena Parish (?), LA - Mary Blunt [maryblunt207 AT]
    • Elias Blunt b c1760 NC(?) d 1844 Caddo Parish, LA
      • Lawrence Carol Blunt b 1832 Rapides Parish, LA d 1902 DeSoto Parish, LA
        • John Tatum Blunt b 1869 DeSoto Parish, LA d 1949 DeSoto Parish, LA
          • Lawrence C. Blunt II b 1902 DeSoto Parish, LA d 1983 DeSoto Parish, LA 246637
  • Samuel Blount b 1784 PA d 1842 IN m Polly Tipps - Richard I. Blount, Carolyn Fix Blount [cblount AT]
    •  Isaac Blunt b 3 Aug 1828 Little York, Washington Co., IN d 1 Nov 1884 Washington Co., IN m Margaret Moon
      • John Wesley Blunt b 5 Apr 1850 Washington Co, IN d 17 Apr 1930, Scott, IN m Margaret M. Follick 
        • James Harvey Blunt, b 7 Oct 1874 Zoah, Scott, IN d 1 Mar 1952 LaGrande, Union, OR m Carrie Elena Belch 
          • Gilbert Martin Blount, b 19 May 1906 Scottsburg, Scott Co., IN m Winifred Sage 82175 (B-10)
  • William Blount b c1790 St. Lawrence Co., NY m Polly Mixer - DNACousins [DNACousins AT]
    • Royal Mixer Blount b 14 Aug 1829 Cayugo Co., NY m Cordelia Davis
      • Edwin Royal Blount b 29 Jun 1860 PA m Isabelle Hislop
        • Albert Royal Blount b 14 Jul 1890 Decorah, IA m Vera Henderson B-15
  • Lewis Temple Blunt b. Aug 15 1797 in Hanover Co. VA m. Mary Cole Mallory - bazboll
    • Temple James Blunt b. Jan 8 1831 in Hanover Co. VA m. Harriet Thornton
      • Walter Cowles Blunt b. Mar 6 1861 in Hanover Co. VA m. Nancy Rebecca Tucker
        • Temple Hoge Blunt b. Sep 16 1888 in Hanover Co. VA m. Mary Mitchell Cross
  • Charles Blount/Blunt, b:10-23-1814, Bthplace unk, lived SC then FL, Annie E Owens(SC)- robred99 [robred99 AT]
    • Charles W. Blount, b:10-10-1864, Gadsden County FL, Fannie Black
      • Ide Nelson Blount, b:02-18-1902, Gadsden County FL, Lottie Mae Lanier(Duplin NC) 362285
  • Alexander Strother (proven name change from Blount) b 1829 d 1864/5 Rapides Parish, LA m Martha "Patsy" Willis - Pam Downs [pamelasdowns AT]
    • John Strother b 1852 d 1926 LA m Carolyn Willis
      • Willie Strother b 1879 d 1962 LA m Effie Tatum 73377
    • Alexander Asaria Strother Jr. b 1854 d 1941 m Mary Ann West - Lisa F. Franklin [lisafranklin2004 AT]
      • Oscar Strother Sr. b 1891 d 1965 m Ellie Mae Johnson 198897
  • Pleasant Blount, b 1872, m Sallie Hays (SC) - Yvette Lerma [findtt AT]
    • Dianna, Wanzor
    • Julia
    • Mary
    • Martha
    • Pleasant Jr. B-7 

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