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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Peter Albright b. PA c1798- Michael Ablbright [michaelkalbright AT]
    • William Edward Albright b. WV 14 Feb 1840 d. 16 Mar 1924
      • George Luther Albright b. WV 03 Sep 1863 d. 19 Jun 1938 136134
  • Michael Albright, born 1799 in Pa., died c1890 Centre County, Pa.  m Kathryn Uptagraph - Bernard Baughman [bjbaughman310g AT
    • William Henry Albright b1846 Patton Twp., Centre Co., Pa. d 30Jan1923 Woodward Twp., Clearfield Co., Pa. m (1) Sarah Longwell, (2) Annie Ganoe
      • Curtis Forrest Albright born29Jul1894 Boggs Twp.,Clearfield Co., Pa.  d 6May1962
        • George Albright born 11Jan1921 Woodward Twp., Clearfield Co., Pa. died June2005 Homer City, Pa.  349258

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