Success Stories

    DNA Testing is a wonderful tool for genealogists!

    Sometimes it can help make that connection that gives you additional generations for your family tree. 

    Sometimes it can prove a family legend or resolve a family mystery.

    Sometimes it can tell you where or with what family you should be researching. 

    The excitement when you make that connection is well known to genealogists!

    Here are a few of the success stories that have been made possible through DNA testing:

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Mark had worked for years to push his pedigree beyond the early 1900’s.  Through DNA testing, he has now confirmed his line back to 1755, and continues to find connections that may take his line back further.

Phil only had dates and names for his family until he found a match to his DNA results who was able to fill in his family pedigree, give him a written record of his family’s travels, and provide him with a photo of his great-great-grandfather.

Clyde’s great-grandfather ran away from home as a teenager.  When two generations of descendents failed to find his family in TN, they doubted the runaway had kept his surname.  His DNA matches confirm his surname and  direct research toward South Carolina in America and County  Kent in  England

Dolores wondered where her mother’s family came from in Germany.  DNA testing showed that her family shared common ancestry with another family who had lived nearby in SC in the mid 1700’s and who traced their ancestry to Wilheim in Wuerttemburg, Germany.

Louise always suspected that her older “brother” was actually her father, and that the parents who raised her were actually her grandparents.  An mtDNA test compared with a test of her sister’s child showed that she and her sister had the same mother, proving her brother really was her brother.

Terry and Richard had never met until they both participated in a DNA surname test.  They found they share a common ancestor born before 1620.  Although they have not yet connected their paper trails, they have shared their research skills, interest in DNA testing for genealogy, and have become partners in World Families Network.

Marie thought that her maternal line (mother's mother's ... mother's line) was French until she did a mtDNA test and found that her maternal heritage was Native American.  Click here to read her story.

Bob couldn't find out anything about his earliest paternal ancestor until he took a yDNA test and his result matched another surname.  Click here to read how he found his heritage and an unrecorded name change.

Roger Pike had wondered for years whether he was related to Zebulon Montgomery Pike, as in Pikes Peak, and now he knows.  Click here to read his story.

Vaughn wondered if his Shawnee Indian chief ancestor, named Blue Jacket was really a white man, as local legends contended - or if he was an American Indian.  Click here to read how he proved with yDNA that Blue Jacket really was a Native American.

Helen found, through DNA testing a male relative, that her family was an exact match to another family who had lived nearby in VA in the mid 1700’s.  Those two families now work together searching for their common ancestor.   


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