Start Project provides a website to any project who uses FTDNA as their testing company at absolutely no charge. These project pages have been created from the learning from more than 7 years of project administration, applied to hundreds of projects, serving thousands of participants. The site can be used as a stand-alone system, or can be used in conjunction with the project pages provided by FTDNA or coordinated with another site which already supports your project.

Click here to open an email to send to us to request a project or a project website.

Or send us an email providing the following information:

Name of project at FTDNA
Name to be listed on project pages
Name and email address of lead admin
Name(s) and email address(es) of additional admins
Option chosen (much choose 1 or 2 - explanation below)
Spelling Variations
Reason for request
Options for Free Website at

1. You can become one of the projects, which brings our direct support to your project (sending welcome messages, posting pedigrees at the Patriarch page, posting results, etc. - until you are ready to take them over). In this scenario, we'll help you get things running smoothly and be on call when you need. (This will mean that we will have access to the Group Admin page)

2. You are completely independent and have the use of the project sites that we furnish. In this scenario, we simply ask you to use the link that we put on the pages to order at FTDNA.


We gain a small commission on any orders that are placed through our links to FTDNA. We hope to recover our cost of providing the Free Sites through these commissions.
You and your participants will still have exactly the same relationship with FTDNA as you will have if you set up the project on your own and will pay exactly the same as you will pay if you are totally unconnected to us.
Click here to see the Project Administrator's Guide.