Sample Welcome Message for Project Members Who Have Taken the mtDNA Test

Welcome to the Surname Project! DNA testing is a great way to further your research - we hope it works well for you. 
You are very welcome to participate in this surname project.  Please be aware, however, that almost everything we do at present in a surname DNA project is focused on the yDNA test results, as yDNA and the family surname is passed from father to son.  We hope the mtDNA results will become more useful in genealogy as the database grows. Many projects are including an mtDNA page just for mtDNA results and information. In addition, once your test results are returned to you and you learn your haplogroup, you can join a Haplogroup Project in addition to this surname project.

Here are a few key things that you need to know:

    • Your code identity is xxx . We will post your code with your resultsi and pedigree. (We do not identify you by name at our site, but do identify the researcher listed with the pedigree. who could be you)

    • We have a website dedicated to this project. The project pages navigation is in the light gray menu across the top. You’ll find the Patriarch and y-Results pages to be most important over time, but will want to look at all of the pages to see what is there. (There is also a lot of reference information in the left side bar)

    • The most important thing we do is to correlate genealogies to DNA results   We encourage everyone who tests to also post their pedigree at the Pedigree Forum, so that participants and researchers can compare pedigrees as well as test results. Click on the link “Pedigrees” in the project navigation bar to post. Your administrator will post your pedigree on the project's Patriarch Page. 
      (Help for posting your pedigree: )  
    • Please take the time while you are at the website to register (or log in if you have registered at the WFN Forum in the past.) at the home page
      •  To register:  Click on "Create new account" just below the log in box and follow the instructions.  Please make a note of your user name and password. 
      • After you have logged into the site, you can click on the "Track Project!" button at your project's website.  You can use this feature to track multiple projects.
    • Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make sure you get the most out of your DNA testing and surname project: 

DNA the Smart Way: