Sample Email to Project Members to invite them to the Project Website

Dear Project Administrators.  Feel free to use this email to invite your project members to the project's website.  You may modify the sample in any way you'd like.


Subject:  Come visit the --Project's New Website!

Our project has a new website, with all the old pages, and some new pages and new features.  If you haven't visited it, take a few minutes to look it over.  The url is the same:

Here are some of the new features:

  • A search box on every page of the website to help you find our website, or other surname projects of interest to you. 
  • A special navigation bar just for our project website, that includes a link to order tests and a link to post your pedigree.
  • New pages for our project website, including an mtDNA page, a "help" page, a discussion page, a "join project' link, as well as the important Patriarchs' Page and the Results Page. 
  • You don't need to be registered or logged in to view any of the project pages, or any other pages of the entire website.  You only need to log in to post on the forum, or to use the "Track Project" feature.
  • "Track Project" allows you to click a button at our project's website, and a link will appear each time you return to and log in.  You can track multiple projects.
  • A wealth of information on each project page, including "Notes on Pedigrees" on the Patriarch Page, and "Notes for Understanding Results Table" on the Results Page. 
  • "DNA the Smart Way"--a step-by-step guide to getting most out of your DNA testing.
  • "Tell a Friend" feature lets you invite others to see the website.

While you are visiting our project's website:

  • Take a few moments to post your pedigree if you haven't yet. (Pedigree link on right on project navigation bar.  You must register and/or log in to post)
  • Post any questions, answers, or comments on the Family Boards (link is second from right on project navigation bar)
  • Look at the Results Page to see if there have been new developments in the project. 
  • Click the "Track Project" button while you are logged in.
  • Decide if you need to upgrade your test markers by taking a look at this page:

You can always email me by clicking on my name at the bottom of any project page.