Retesting at Family Tree DNA

If you tested at another company, you probably were asking - "What now?" as soon as you received your results.  And - then, you were told - "Join your surname project!".  And - you probably found that your surname project is based at FTDNA.
Family Tree DNA has most of the DNA results for those focused on genealogy and nearly all of the projects supporting genealogy research.   They also have the best tools - by far - for you to understand more about your own results. 
FTDNA now allows people who tested at other companies to join FTDNA's database for a modest amount.  In addition, for a slightly higher fee, FTDNA offers a package that upgrades your results to more markers, allows you to upload your results to the FTDNA database (the largest in genetic genealogy) and receive access to your matches and other tools at FTDNA.

To learn more about transferring yDNA results: 
To learn more about transferring autosomal results: 
Once you have transferred your results, you can join the project through your personal page at FTDNA.  Click "Join" under "Projects" near the top of the page.  When you have joined the project, the Project Administrator will be notified and will be given access to your results for posting on the project's Results Page.  (Please note:  only yDNA results are posted in Surname Projects at present.)
Why should I join a project?
  • The most important aspect of using yDNA in genealogy is to compare with others who have tested - as the true learning about our ancestry comes from those whom we match.
  • The best way to find your yDNA matches is through your own surname project.
Why should I retest at FTDNA instead of simply providing my results to add to the project Results table"?
  • Full privileges in your Surname Project
    • Direct comparison to all in your surname project
    • Only way to be included in the results when the project uses FTDNA's project site
  • Only way to be included in FTDNA’s internal database
    • Largest genealogy database – by far – as FTDNA has been providing over 90% of genealogy tests
    • Allows you direct comparison to all results in your project(s)
    • Allows you to “opt-in” and directly compare your results with all who also opted-in
    • Allows those who “opt-in” to compare their results with you
    • Provides direct email access for you to anyone that is identified as your genetic match
    • Covers both yDNA and mtDNA
  • Facilitates membership in multiple projects
    • You have direct comparison in each - with no additional testing and at no extra charge.
    • You are allowed to be in as many Surname projects, geographic projects, y-haplogroup projects (if you are yDNA tested) and mt-haplogroup projects (if you are mtDNA tested) as you see fit. 
    • However - please don't join projects where your dna is not relevant to that study
  • Guaranteed retention of your test sample for 25 years
    • Order additional tests, using your initial sample
    • Ability to test the most yDNA markers available at one company.
    • Ability to order additional SNP tests to get even more precision
    • Ability to order the most complete set of options for mtDNA testing offered anywhere, including the Full Genetic Sequence test.
    • Ability to order the newest Genetic Genealogy test - for autosomal block DNA - called "Family Finder"
  • Important Features:
    • Only company to offer the SNP Assurance Program: if no backbone Haplogroup can be estimated with 100% certainty, FTDNA will SNP test your sample for free
    • Automated upload (if you choose) to the largest public dna database at
    • Ability to upload your gedcom – which is only available to those who match you
    • Insight into the recent ancestral origins of those you match (and nearly match) – both yDNA & mtDNA
    • Pay for your test when you return the kit (free replacement kits if lost)