Sample Bulk Email: New results posted on results page

Bulk-Email Notifications to Project Members
Sending bulk emails whenever there is anything new on the website is an excellent way to bring members back to the project website, allow members to see new developments in the project, and perhaps post a pedigree if they have not done so.   You will also want to send a bulk email to project members whenever there is a sale or a new product offered at FTDNA. 
You can access the "Bulk Email" tool at FTDNA through your GAP, under the heading "Project Administration" in the top menu bar. 
“New Results Posted” Bulk Email.  Make sure you let everyone in the project know whenever new results are posted on the project website.
  • You can access the "Bulk Email" tool at FTDNA through your GAP, under the heading "Project Administration" in the top menu bar. 
  • Try to interpret the new results as they are meaningful to the project, if you can, and suggest what steps might be called for now. 
  • Ask members who have not provided an Earliest Known Ancestor or pedigree to do so.
  • Here is a sample "new results" email.  Feel free to use it or modify it as you wish. 
Subject: New Results Posted for the __ DNA Project 
This is a bulk email for all members of the Surname Project. 
New test results have recently been added to the Results Page of the Project's website. 

Project’s RESULTS Page :

Please take a moment to take a look at the page and see if you have a new match, or if the results help define the branches of the family tree.
Correlating pedigrees (paper trails) to DNA results is an important goal of our project.  .
Results are posted on the Results Page using the participant’s earliest known ancestor whenever possible.   

If you have not submitted your Earliest Known Ancestor, please send it to me by hitting "reply" and filling in the information below.  I will then add it to the Results Page. 
Earliest Known Male ancestor of this line:
Wife’s name. 
(Or another piece of specific and identifying identification)
If you have not submitted a pedigree for the Patriarch Page, you can either post your family’s pedigree on the Pedigree Forum, or you can send it to me by email.   I’ll then post it on the project’s Patriarch page. [Please follow directions:]
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