Understanding the Results Page

To view the table in a full screen
  • To open the results table to full screen, click the link above the table: 
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  • Use the scroll bars to see the entire table:
    • Use the right scroll bar to scroll up and down to see all the project members results.
    • Use the bottom scroll bar to scroll all the way to the right.
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To find your results
  • Find your results by looking for your kit number.  Scroll all the way down using the right scroll bar.
  • Results are grouped first by Haplogroup--each haplogroup has been assigned a color by WFN.
  • Results are grouped within the Haplogroup into 3 categories (Look for the heading above the group in which your results are posted.  All the men listed under that heading fit that category):
    • Lineage --Men who match at 23/25, 33/37,  62/67 or 100/111 (or better) share a common ancestor and are grouped into a Lineage, and the Lineages are numbered within each haplogroup. 
    • Probable Lineage--Men who match the LIneage closely enough at 12 markers are "Probable Lineage' members, as 12 markers is considered too few to confirm a common ancestor.  Men with more than 12 markers, who are just outside the range of what we consider a match may be included here, as it is possible they would match the lineage if they upgraded to more markers.
    • No Matches in the Project As Yet--Members of the project whose results do not match anyone else in the project as yet are grouped together with other project members who share the same haplogroup and also have no matches.
    • Explanation of Mutation Colors - We use color-coding to mark the mutations from the Haplogroup Profile.  Markers that match the Haplogroup Profile are shown in the Haplogroup Profile color, while the mutations are marked using our color-coding: 

      Using this coding for mutations, a number that is 5 less than the Haplogroup Profile number at that marker would be colored yellow, 4 less would be orange, 3 less would be hot pink, and so on. 
How to provide your Earliest Known Ancestor for the Results Page:
  • You will need your kit number and a password to log in at www.familytreedna.com
  • Click "Most Distant Ancestor" in the drop-down menu under "My Account" in the dark blue menu bar across the top of your personal page at FTDNA, and post under Paternal Ancestor.
Contacting your matches
    • Check the Patriarchs Page to see if your match has posted a pedigree.
    • Ask your Project Administrator if the others in your Lineage already appear on your "Matches" page at FTDNA.
    • Ask your Project Administrator to forward an email to your matches in the Lineage.
    • Project Administer's email appears at the bottom of the Project's webpages.