Request Project or Website (WFN)grew out of Terry's experience as a pioneer in genetic genealogy and in administering DNA projects. helps projects get going and helps admininstrators learn their way.  All project websites and help with administration are free through an arrangement with FTDNA.  We'll be glad to extend that service to you and your project. We can set up a project where none exists at Family Tree DNA, or we can provide a website and/or administrative support to an existing FTDNA project.

For EXISTING Surname Projects at FTDNA: will provide a website to any project that operates at FTDNA at absolutely no charge when requested by the project administrator.  Our project approach has evolved through over 10 years of project administration, applied to hundreds of projects, serving thousands of participants. (For more information about the relationship between and Family Tree DNA.)
  • The free website can be used as a stand-alone system (Your project's only website.)
  • The free website can be used in conjunction with the project pages provided by FTDNA
  • Or it can be coordinated with another site which already supports your project. 
WFN provides support to existing Projects when
  • Administrators feel the WFN website provides a better way to display and update project information.
  • Administrators feel they are beyond their capabilities (due to health, other committments or technology)
  • Administrators would rather puts their energies into the parts of the project where they get the most impact and we provide the remaining support.  In that ideal case - the net effort goes up. 
  • A project's admin dies or retires. If we take over a project from an active admin, then the net effort may diminish, as we don't recruit or initiate contact.  However, our support allows a project to continue when it would other wise stop.  Ideally, another family admin soon steps up.
    Click here to open an email to request a project website for an
How do I request a WFN website for my existing FTDNA project?
  • Use the link above to send Terry an email to request that a project website be set up for your surname.
Here's what happens then:
  • WFN will create a website for the project.
  • You will receive an email from WFN with all the information you need to get started as Project Administrator for the new project website.
  • If you are using Option 1, with WFN involvement in the Project Administration, we ask that you confirm that you are handling Tasks 1, 2 & 3.
  • If you are using Option 2, with no WFN involvement in the Project Administration, we will turn the Project, the website, and the Project Administration over to you.

There are 2 Options for a Free Website at

You become one of the projects, which brings our direct support to your project
You will do some of the Project Administration tasks and WFN will do some.  Here's how it works:
  • We'll help you get things running smoothly and be on call when you need.
  • This will mean that we will have access to the Group Admin page (GAP) at FTDNA)
  • You'll be able to count on us if you need a second set of eyes or technical insight.
  • There is absolutely no cost to you or your project for this website or our services.   
  • The project site at WFN will be linked to the "Project ordering page" at FTDNA. 
  • Project Members will have a link to the WFN Project Site on their myFTDNA page. and the Project Admin will share the Administrative Tasks for the Project:
  • All Project Administrators will handle Tasks 1, 2 and 3.  (We can provide help to get you started and whenever you have a question.)
  • WFN can handle Task 4  In fact, we encourage you to have us handle this task until you are up to speed on handling your project.
Click here to let WFN know if there is a change in the tasks you are performing.

You are completely independent as project administrator and have the use of  the free project sites that we furnish.

Here's how it works:
  • The project will get a free website at World Families.
  • The Project Administer does all the administrative work on the project and edits the website pages
  • The Project Administer can ask for help from World Families if circumstances arise when he/she needs some assistance.
  • In this scenario, we ask that you and your project participants use the link that we put on the project pages to order at FTDNA.
  • WorldFamilies has a business relationship with Family Tree DNA that allows us to provide this service. The price of the tests remains the same for your project members, with or without our help.
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  • Home page can be customized with links and information
  • Patriarchs displays pedigrees for project members, along with kit numbers
  • yDNA Results page for marker results, grouped by “Lineage” or “Haplotype”
  • Join Projects page tells interested visitors how to join your project.
  • mtDNA page for posting mtDNA results and related discussion
  • Discussion page for the Administrator’s Analysis or other thoughts
  • Help page if you can’t figure out what to do next
  • Order Test – a link to the FTDNA order page
  • Forum for interactive discussion about your surname and the project, 
  • Pedigrees—the forum where researchers post their pedigrees
*You can choose which pages to display on your project’s website, you can rename pages and you can use the HTML File upload feature on some pages. 
Why Option 1 may be the best choice for you.

Along with the free website we offer:
  • The basic services needed for project administration:
    • Posting Results
    • Posting Pedigrees
  • Help and support as you undertake the tasks of administration
  • Project Administrators Guide to help edit your website and administer your project.
  • Sample emails to use for Welcomes and Updates
  • Ability to name their project site, choose which pages to display and re-name some of the pages.
  • Easier ways to recruit and test new project members
  • "Invite friend” on your project site helps bring people to your project website
  • New recruits--a link on your project's website takes users to the order page for your project, making them members of your project.
  • To help new members fully participate: our guide:”DNA the Smart Way
  • A family forum for project members to offer information and ask questions.
  • Resources to help you become a better administrator
  • Project Admin Forum” to communicate with and learn from other admin
  • Reference pages with links to more information
  • Link to The Journal of Genetic Genealogy, which Terry helped found.
  • You can administer several projects, using the same tools
  • You can make plans to assure continuity in the project if you ever need help administering the project, either short term or long term.
An explanation of the policies of
We provide this site as a service to you, the Surname DNA Project and to the whole Genetic Genealogy community. We expect it to be used only to support the project and any group(s) that are engaged in supporting the project. You may list books or other articles for sale that relate directly to this Surname Project and solicit donations to support this Surname Project. No other commercial activity is allowed without prior written permission. We ask that you be responsible and honest in all your postings and that you respect the expectations of privacy of your project members, or specifically obtain their okay to divulge their personal information. As a reference, FTDNA lists kit number, last name and marker results in their public site. We consider it okay to post that information without approval. World Families Network has a business arrangement with Family Tree DNA and we request that you respect both WFN and FTDNA in whatever you post. It is perfectly ok to post results of men tested at other testing companies. We ask that you not place links to other testing companies. Please let us know if you reach the point where you will no longer be involved, so we can find a replacement.
We reserve the right to edit offending material and/or to suspend or terminate your use of this site for failing to honor these expectations.
We hope that leading your surname dna project will be personally rewarding for you and that it will further research and cooperation within your surname families. And – we hope that all of the participants in your project make new friends and learn more about their ancestry.