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Reference materials are difficult to compile and keep manageable in size and scope.  Please see the website and the FamilyTreeDNA website for more information.
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National Geographic's Genographic Project
Testing, Understanding Results & Basic Info
A great selection of genetic genealogy books & papers
A well-thought set of answers to frequent questions
FTDNA Information Links to all the information pages at FTDNA
Answers we prepared from our "repetive questions" list
International Society of Genetic Genealogy
Journal of Genetic Genealogy
Georgia Kinney Bopp
Doug McDonald's Maps - distribution of Y & mtDNA
Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Provided by Church of Latter Day Saints
Richard A Pence
Dennis O'Neil
Reference Info on Palindromes (recLOH)
recLOH (Krahn's Presentation on line)
Thomas Krahn
recLOH (Krahn's Explanation)
Thomas Krahn
Thomas Krahn
Thomas Krahn
Thomas Krahn
Genealogy-DNA-L Archives - started by Andrew
Genealogy-DNA-L Archives - started by Adrian Williams
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Understanding DNA Testing
Your DNA Tools at and FTDNA
Understand your results
Project Administrator's Guide
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FAQs—DNA Testing
FAQ's--Project Administration
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