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            FTDNA Project                                                          Interest Page
A A Project Aiyana
Haplogroup A
B B2 Project Ina
C - -
D D4 Project -
F - Haplogroup F
H H Project Helena
Haplogroup H

H1 Project
H1* Project
H1 Project
H2 Project
H3 Project
H4 Project
H5 Project
H6 Project
H7 Project
H8 Project
H9 Project
H10 Project
H11 Project
H12 Project
H13 Project
H14 Project
H15 Project

H16 Project
H35 Project

HV Project
HV1 Project
Haplogroup V & HV
I I Project Iris
J J1 Project
J* Project
J2 Project
Haplogroup J
K K Project K Survey - 1000

K/K3 Charts

L L3 Project Haplogroup L2a
M M* Project  
N N2 Project Haplogroup N
T T Project
T1 Project
T2 Project
Haplogroup T
U U2 Project
U3 Project
U4 Project
U5 Project
U5a Project
U7 Project
Haplogroup U6b
V V Project Velda
Haplogroup V & HV
W W Project  
X X Project Haplogroup X
Haplogroup X
Z Z  Project  

Diagram courtesy of Whit Athey




FTDNA's mtDNA Migrations Map (used with permission)