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Reference materials are difficult to compile and keep manageable in size and scope.  Our approach is to put all of the materials relating specifically to Y-Haplogroups on the Y-Haplogroup Page and all materials relating specifically to mtDNA on the mtDNA Haplogroup page.  This page becomes the "catch-all".  We used to call this page the "Tools" Page.

General Information

Atlas of the Human Journey National Geographic's Genographic Project
FTDNA Tutorial Links Testing, Understanding Results & Basic Info
FTDNA Library A great selection of genetic genealogy  papers
FTDNA's FAQs A well-thought set of answers to frequent questions's FAQs Answers we prepared from our "repetive questions" list
ISOGG International Society of Genetic Genealogy
JoGG Journal of Genetic Genealogy
Timeline of DNA in Genealogy Georgia Kinney Bopp
Haplogroups: World & Europe Doug McDonald's Maps - distribution of Y & mtDNA
World Genetic Map Ugo A. Perego, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Free Genealogy Software - PAF Provided by Church of Latter Day Saints
Authorization_for_DNA_Consent_Template Provided by Roberta Estes
DNA Testing Advisor Richard Hill’s site for genealogists and adoptees
Numbering Systems in Genealogy Richard A Pence
WebRing - DNA Surname Projects Pieter J. Cramwinckel
Distribution of Blood Types Dennis O'Neil
Flyer at DNALIST Prepared by the DNA Task Force
Specified Domain Search Engines Chuck Reber

Reference Info on Palindromes (recLOH)

recLOH (Krahn's Presentation on line) Thomas Krahn
recLOH (Krahn's Explanation) Thomas Krahn
Download Krahn's Presentation Thomas Krahn
464x Thomas Krahn
Palindromic Map Thomas Krahn
Advanced YDNA Results FTDNA
Definitions Wikipedia
recLOH discussion thread Genealogy-DNA-L Archives - started by Andrew
DNA Conference recLOH thread Genealogy-DNA-L Archives - started by Adrian Williams

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mtDNA Testing
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Forum Sites at -  Provided by
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Register your Data and Compare to Others Compare with their data
Family Tree DNA's   - Y-Search Sorenson's                            - SMGF Database
DNA Heritage's         - Y-Base Institute of Legal Medicine's - Y-HRD Database
Family Tree DNA's    - mitoSearch

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