Understand Your DNA Results and Your Matches

Y-DNA test results can be seen in two places:

Family Finder and mtDNA test Results appear only on your myFTDNA Page 
  • Results pages for Surname Projects display on yDNA test results for comparison and matching.  Surname Projects use only yDNA test results to find matches, as yDNA is passed down from father to son, just as the surname is passed down.
  • Those who have Family Finder Tests and mtDNA tests are usually welcome in Surname Projects, but will not have these results displayed on the project's website.  
Understand Your Results and Matches
Family Tree DNA will send you an email when your results are ready.  (If you have ordered 37 or 67 markers, the results will probably come in as panels, not all on the same day.) 
You can follow the results through the lab and get an estimated time for the results to be ready by clicking “Waiting for Results” on your personal page at FTDNA.
Here is some information to help you understand what you are seeing
  • The Project's Results Page--the page of the project's website where your yDNA results are shown with all the others.
    • Within a few days, your Project Administrator will probably post your yDNA results on the project's y-Results Page
    • You should receive an email whenever new results are posted on the project's y-Results Page at World Families. 
    • Take a look at the project's y-Results Page to see your results, or to see any new results that have been posted. 
    • To find the project website for your surname, type the name in the search box at the top of the page.
      (Or, go to the Surname Projects page of the World Families website to search.)
    • To understand your results as posted on the project's Results page, go to Understand Your Results on a WFN Results Page.