Your Project's Website at WFN

To find your Surname Project's website, go to the Surname Projects Page.  Look for the project in the alphabetical list and follow the link to the website.  Some websites are at World and others are at FTDNA or on a personal website. 
There is sometimes confusion about using the Family Tree DNA website and the Project website that is located at World Families.  These are two separate websites that have information about your DNA testing for genealogy and your surname project. 
  • Your PERSONAL PAGE (myFTDNA page) is located at Family Tree DNA (
  • The PROJECT WEBSITE is hosted at World Families Network (
    • You DO NOT need to be registered or logged in to view any page on the website.
    • You can find your project's website by typing the surname in the search box in the top left corner and then following the link to the project's homepage.
    • You will need to register and log in to post on any of the forums.  (To find your project's forums, click on the link "Forums" in the right side of the black bar near the top of the project's webpages.)
    • When you register and log in, you can click on “Make this a Favorite Project” in the left sidebar at the project website, and a link to the project website will appear under “Favorite Projects” each time you return to and log in. You can track several projects. 
    • Navigate to all the pages of the website by using the menu bar across the top of the project page.
Using Your Project’s Website at offers free websites to any project at FTDNA. 
  • sets up project websites for all the FTDNA Projects we administer.
  • co-administers projects with Admin from the family.
  • Project Administrators can choose to use a  website instead of or in addition to the FTDNA Project Public websites.
Why the project's website is important: 
  • It is the only place where you can see your results and your pedigree lined up with all the other results and pedigrees in the project. 
  • It is also the place where the Project Administrator can present information about the project and its findings. 
  • The project forums provide a place for project members to post information and ask questions. 
  • You can join the Surname Community for the Surname by logging in and clicking "Track" on the project's webpage left sidebar. (other great features coming soon)
Find a link to your project’s website in any of these ways:
Things you need to know about the Project's website at WFN:
  • To return to the Home Page, click the logo
    in the upper left corner.
  • Project Menu Bar at the top of the project website pages contains links to any of the project webpages. (Note: Project Administrators can choose to display all or some of these links)
  • Make this a Favorite Project-- 
    • By clicking this link and clicking "Join" you are joining a WFN Surname Community (Group) of users who are researching this surname.
    • Joining a WFN Surname Community (Group) does NOT make you a member of the Surname DNA Project at FTDNA--you have to be tested at FTDNA for that. 
    • Joining a WFN Surname Community (Group) gives
      you a link to that project under "Favorite Projects"
      whenever you sign in.
    • Coming soon--other great features

Use the menu bar across the top of your project's website to navigate to each page of the website.  Patriarchs and y-Results pages will be of most interest right away, but take a look at all the pages to learn more about the project.
  • Project Home-tells the purpose of the project, or can be special information from the Project Administrator, specific to this project.
  • Patriarchs --the page showing submitted pedigrees (at present, not limited to project members). 
    • These are usually posted in chronological order, linked when possible. 
    • Some project administrators show pedigrees by lineages
    • Look for names and places that link to your own pedigree.
    • To contact the submitter of the pedigree, use the contact information at the end of the first line (change the AT to @ and remove the spaces). 
    • The kit numbers are shown in red at the end of the pedigree, so that you can correlate the pedigree to the yDNA results on the Results Page
  • y-Results -- the page where the yDNA test results for project participants are displayed in a table, grouped by haplogroups and lineages. 
  • Forum --the forum boards for the project let any interested researcher post any information or questions about the surname, the dna project or dna testing. 
  • Pedigree -- the Pedigree forum to post your pedigree.
    • You must be logged in to post.
    • If you ARE A MEMBER of this Surname DNA Project Project at Family Tree DNA, click here to send your pedigree by EMAIL to  The pedigree will then be posted on the Patriarchs Page by or sent to the Project’s Administrator.

    • If you ARE NOT A MEMBER of this Surname DNA Project Project at Family Tree DNA, you are welcome to post your pedigree on the PEDIGREE FORUM by clicking on the link “Pedigrees” on any page of this project's website. (You will need to log in to post.)

  • Order --the project order page at FTDNA.  This will give you the project price for yDNA tests, which is less than ordering as an individual.
  • Disc --the discussion page for your project--Project Administrator can use this as a newsletter or information board.
  • Join Project -- explains how to join the project, either by ordering a test through the project, transferring into the project, or re-testing through FTDNA.
  • "Help" --where to look for the information you seek, Allows you to email us directly.
  • mtDNA" --a page with more information about mtDNA testing.  While mtDNA tests are not useful for surname projects, some projects display project members' mtDNA test results here.  More information about mtDNA