Privacy Policy supports Family Tree DNA's Privacy Policy and respects the privacy decisions of the test participants and researchers.  We use the generally accepted approaches practiced by experienced project administrators and look to the International Society of Genetic Genealogy for guidance.

We quote this paragraph of FTDNA"s privacy policy for emphasis - as everything we do supports group projects and we often are working in the role of Group Administrator - using this same philosophy as our guide:

"Family Tree DNA also provides the option to participate in a group project in order to try to learn more by working with others who may share similar ancestry. If you choose to participate in a project the group administrator will be able to view your results and contact information so that he or she may best help members of the project learn about their ancestry. So that members can share information more easily a public website displaying member results is often created. The free website that Family Tree DNA provides to projects allows results to be listed by kit number, computer generated number, oldest known ancestor, or surname. It does not list personally identifying information. You may join or leave projects at any time after your results are posted at no charge."

We respect the privacy of our project participants and work to keep the focus where we believe it belongs - on the ancestry and the active researcher.  We post the results of each project participant on our results page - identified by the FTDNA kit number, assigned project number, or both and by the earliest known ancestor - when provided.  ( When the earliest known ancestor is not provided, we will state "Not Provided".) 

We provide Forums for researchers to share their family pedigrees and contact information.  We will list the researcher who provides the family pedigree and their email address on the Patriarch page.  When we can, we connect the pedigree and project number - to make the DNA results meaningful. 

We do not provide a participant's name or contact information to other researchers - but will pass on a query or request for contact.  

We do not sell any information and only share it for the purposes as intended - for genealogy research. 

We will not share with others your email address or your friend's email address when you use the "Tell a Friend" feature.

If you have any concerns about our approach or have special concerns or needs, you can contact us and we'll find a way to address your concerns and needs.